Saif and Kareena: Marriage and Religions

Saif Ali Khan’s first Hindu wife converted to Islam for marriage and raised two Muslim children. Still, Saif was miserable with her and ultimately gave her talaak, talaak, talaak. Instead of that, Kareena Kapoor never converted for marriage and both are happy. This is something to learn from Kareena for all non-Muslims in love with a Muslim boy friend.

These days, Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan’s romance is a hot subject for Bollywood (see updates about their marriage below). Saif’s mother and a very renowned actress Sharmila Tagore converted to Islam for her marriage to Mansoor Ali Khan, changed her name to Begum Ayesha Sultana, gave Muslim names to all their 3 kids and children were raised as Muslims only. Saif’s first wife, Amrita Singh, had also the same religious fate, gave Abrahamic names to their kids, and later got talaak (divorce). Considering Islam played a major role in Saif’s upbringing1, will Kareena have the similar religious fate as Sharmila and Amrita or will Kareena have the choice to remain a proud Hindu to enjoy her interfaith marriage with equality?

Sharmila Tagore started her Bollywood career as a Bengali Indian film actress. She was also the head of the Indian film censorship board. Sharmila was born in a Bengali family in Hyderabad, India to Gitindranath Tagore who was then Dy. General Manager of the British India Company owner of Elgin Mills. She is the great-granddaughter of Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. On 27 December 1969, Sharmila Tagore married to Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, Nawab of Pataudi and converted to Islam.

Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, nicknamed Tiger, is a former captain of the Indian cricket team. He was the 9th and last Nawab of Pataudi until 1971, when India abolished royal entitlements through the 26th Amendment to the Constitution of India. Their son, Saif, was born about 8 months after the wedding, on 16 August 1970. They are the parents of three children: Saif Ali Khan, a Bollywood actor; Soha Ali Khan, a Bollywood actress and Saba Ali Khan a jewellery designer. In June 2005, Mansoor Ali Khan was arrested for poaching an endangered Blackbuck, a type of Indian deer, also known as Krishna Mriga in Kannada and Krishna Jinka in the Telugu language.

Saif grew up in Bhopal at the family estate at Pataudi. Since his mother had converted to Islam, his childhood was spent in a Muslim atmosphere. Even with his maternal Hindu grandparents he never discussed religion. His paternal grandmother was the centre for all his religious education and theological experience. She made him read the Quran in his childhood. Their servants were all devout Muslims. When Saif went to study in England at Winchester College, his grandmother was worried that he would become a Christian. At the school he had to go to chapel for half–an–hour before he went to class. Saif went to the headmaster and said that he is a Muslim, so he won’t go to chapel. The headmaster organized a Maulvi Saheb for the two Muslims in the school. Apparently, Saif Ali Khan is a proud Muslim.

In 1991, Saif Ali Khan had nikaah, Islamic wedding, with a 12 years older actress Amrita Singh2. For his marriage preference, it has been quoted3, “Saif had clearly told Amrita that she had to fall in line and go through only a nikaah. Very nawabi when it comes to the crux.” A nikaah for a Hindu or Sikh means religious conversion to Islam by Shahadah oath and given a Muslim name (Amrita’s Muslim name is not known). In 2004 Amrita and Saif decided to separate, and eventually had a talaak. The children with Middle Eastern names, Sara and Ibrahim, are now with their mother, while Saif started courting with an Italian girlfriend Rosa Catalano. It is not clear if religion played any role in disagreements for this couple leading to their divorce.

Kareena Randhir Kapoor was born to Sindhi-speaking Babita and Punjabi-speaking Randhir Kapoor on September 21, 1977 in Mumbai, India. She has an elder sister, Karishma. She is born in a family that have been actors for generations, including her paternal great-grandfather, Prithviraj Kapoor; her grandfather, Raj Kapoor; her paternal uncles, Shammi, Shashi, Rishi, and Rajiv; as well as aunt, Neetu Singh, & Jennifer Kendall, the wives of Rishi and Shashi respectively. Prithviraj Kapoor, Raj Kapoor, Randhir Kapoor and her mother Babita Shivdasani – all of them – had been driven from Islamic Pakistan at the time of partition because they were Hindus4.

Randhir Kapoor was very protective of his daughters and wanted both of them to keep away from acting, get married, and settle down, as per the Kapoor family tradition. This led to irreconcilable differences between her parents, ultimately leading to a divorce, with both sisters leaving their dad to live with their mom5.

For her man, Kareena said “I want a man I can keep for myself. I wouldn’t ever share my man with anyone else. If I found out that my man is unfaithful, there’d be no tears, no shor-sharaba, I’d just slaughter him.” Apparently, Kareena is a person with high self esteem and personal pride. She has lived secretly with Saif and at the Lakme Fashion Awards in October 2007 they made their liaison official.

Kareena, raised in a proud Hindu family, is mostly a vegetarian and enjoys yoga. Though, Kareena has been quoted saying6 “I have no religion, and God does not exist.” Does Saif carry a different belief for God? The Holly Koran repeatedly states that a non-believer in Allah (Kaafir) will get the fire of Hell. To save Kareena form the Day of Judgment (Resurrection), will Saif, being a good Muslim, spare some of his romantic time with Kareena preaching her about Allah?

Inter-religious differences are very complex. The ‘Dharmic’ religions (Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists) are not normally accepted or tolerated by the Muslims, Christians and Jews (Abrahamic or “People of the Book”) in a marriage. Hindus believe in one Supreme God, but they are free to worship the same God in many forms. However, this practice is forbidden in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam and poses a serious issue when it comes to ‘Puja’ of various Hindu forms of God. According to the Ten Commandments: “I am the Lord your God. You shall have no other gods (e.g. Ganesh) before me. You shall not make for yourself an idol, whether in the form of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is on the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I the Lord your God am a jealous God … punishing children for the inequity of parents, to the third and fourth generations of those who reject me.”

Koran teaches that a marriage must be “accepted” by Allah. For this reason, a Muslim would expect the non-Muslim spouse to convert to Islam before a Nikaah, the Islamic wedding ceremony. As per the Shahadah oath to convert to Islam for Nikaah, one accepts and declares that there is only one God (Allah) and Muhammad is his messenger. Further, one acknowledges that associating Allah with other Gods, like Jesus or Krishna, is the greatest of all sins. Further, the Islamic law requires that children of mixed marriages must have Sunat, religious circumcision to formally announce them as Muslims, and be raised in the Islamic faith only. After marriage, Koran60:11 recommends, “Do not maintain your marriage with unbelieving women.”

Not all Christians and Muslims impose their religious beliefs and practices on their spouse. Despite all the potential marital pitfalls, a successful and fulfilling inter-religious marriage is possible, ideally, by not imposing ones respective religious beliefs on the other partner7. A similar message has been given in the movies Jodhaa Akbarvideo, Gadarvideo and Namastey Londonvideo movies. Bollywood stars Hrithik Roshan (with Suzanne Khan)8, Fardeen Feroz Khan (with Natasha Madhvani)9  and Aamir Khan (with Kiran Rao)10 kept their and their spouses’ respective religions and got married by a civil wedding, and it is an admirable act. If Saif Ali Khan cannot show Kareena Kapoor this same respect and expects Kareena to forsake her birth religion for marriage, even just in name sake, the World will wonder why a proud Kareena is prepared to tolerate the intolerance being practiced against her.

Although Saif is a proud Muslim, he is “massively open–minded” about religious matters11. He has stated12, “I’ve been brought up to believe in the oneness of God. In some places, He is known as Jesus. In other places He is known as Bhagwan or Allah.”  Further, Saif said, “I would never want her (Kareena) to change her religion. That is the trouble with religion, really it expects conversion. I don’t buy or believe that any more. If and when we do get married no one has to change his or her religion13.” Though this is an admirable thought on Saif’s part, interfaith marriage is considered one amongst the most fundamental sinful actions in Islam after shrik or killing a person without any legal reason. This is the reason why Muslims wish to solve the interfaith marriage problem by conversion of the person from other faith to Islam.

Choice of a marriage ceremony is always a major issue for any interfaith marriage. To please Kareena, will Saif consider a Hindu wedding ceremony where different forms of Hindu Gods will be invoked from heaven, the earth and the water under the earth? Will Saif’s family and community tolerate such an act prohibited in Islam? Alternatively, will Kareena convert to Islam for a NIkaah? If she don’t want to become a Muslim, is it possible to have a Nikaah without Shahadah14 (religious conversion for non-believers in Allah)? No, it is impossible to have a Nikaah without Shahadah. Alternatively, will they consider a civil secular wedding registration and keep religions issue out? Will religions people consider married life after the civil wedding an act of adultery?

Religion of children is the most critical issue in any interfaith marriage15. Will Saif tolerate not having Sunat for his children to formally declare them Muslims by birth? This time, will he tolerate having at least one child a Hindu name? Inter-religious differences certainly put Saif and Kareena, actually to any interfaith couple, in a very difficult position.

Saif and Kareena have an opportunity to set a tone for new generation of young adults in India and around the World regarding interfaith marriages with equality. It remains to be seen if Saif Ali Khan will put religious tolerance in practice rather than preaching only on Bollywood screens.


Saif and Kareen are now married by court. If all Bollywood stars are marrying by secular way, why any one will “fake” convert to Islam just to marry their lover? Now it remain to be seen if they will raise secular children.


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If your daughter/sister is in Kareena’s position, what would you recommend?

If your son/brother is in Saif’s position, what would you recommend? – Express your views below.


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95 Responses to “Saif and Kareena: Marriage and Religions”

  1. Moin Parker says:

    Islam is the only religion acceptable in the eyes of Allah. The ONE and only. The story of Kareena and Saif both have to reply on the day of judgement. It is strictly prohibited to marry non faith girl or boy in Islam. I do personally advice this marriage will not be considered as marriage in front of Allah.
    And it is just loose of time he may enjoy his life in wrong ways doing Jinna and not married life pleasure.
    Allah may forgive them and show them the way to straight path and open their hearts to believe in Allah. Special to Kareena and others who got married muslim man or boys. I may pray Allah to forgive them and show them to come to right path.

    • asha pusha says:

      And what is the right path and who are you to make the judgment and
      decide if your Allah will accept them, What good is it anyway whether
      he accepts or not, Have you seen him and what good he has done to you
      Are Murkh! there is only one life to live and this the only time you make or break, You dittos, learn to respect other human life instead of killing or slaughtering others. You stupid, bunch of iddiots, only in this life you make the hell and heaven, so follow Mahatma Gandhi’s way instead killing to non Muslim just learn to respect other human beings and live and let live others too instead of hating them!

  2. Farhan says:

    The fornicator does not marry except a [female] fornicator or polytheist, and none marries her except a fornicator or a polytheist, and that has been made unlawful to the believers.

  3. Farhan says:

    The fornicator does not marry except a [female] fornicator or polytheist, and none marries her except a fornicator or a polytheist, and that has been made unlawful to the believers (Surah Nur)

  4. truth seeker says:

    long live the idea of Sanatan Dharma (hinduism)
    only that religion can be accepted today, which says all religions are equal and all Gods are same. if islam says only one God is true God, it’s bullshit. it was created more than 15 centuries back to discipline the barbaric tribal people. that has been somewhat achieved. now, embrace the rich idea of hinduism. no, you don’t have to perform any ritual to become a hindu, neither to change your name. you can visualize God in any form, male, female even there are transgender Gods (called Ardhanrishwar). you can enrich your knowledge reading the six schools of philosophy, not to mention the rich repertoire of Veda, Puaranas and Upanishads. you will find contradictory ideas co-existing peacefully. that’s the beauty of hinduism. come, let’s discover the concept of God, Goddess and religion ourselves.
    come, enrich the repertoire of hinduism by your knowledge and experience.

    • aasra says:

      well said. though i’m a muslim; i don’t mind your words about islam. you have spoken the truth. anything not changing as per present times will stagnate and decay. islam need reforms – polygamy, five time Adhan(with due respect to it) using loudspeakers which disturbs the sleep of many including many muslims, veil only for us women and many more issues. but, new generation can bring some hope and reforms. don’t worry, in coming days we might seems many reforms and your opinion about ‘tribalness’ will go away.
      I like the idea of hinduism. it respects all religion. never heard any such words like converting to hinduism coz it doesnot forces to do so.

    • mac says:

      here(Akaula) says there is nothing called hinduism where as you are advertising hinduism, LOL

    • mac says:

      So this is what VEDAS says:-


      ‘Yajur Ved (Taitriya Sanhita)- “Women code says that the women are without energy. They should not get a share in property. Even to the wicked they speak in feeble manner” [Yajur Ved 6/5/8/2]

      SEX WITH ANIMALS::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

      “All wife of the host reciting three mantras go round the horse. While praying, they say: ‘O horse, you are, protector of the community on the basis of good qualities, you are, protector or treasure of happiness. O horse, you become my husband.'” [Yajur Veda 23/19.]

      “O Horse, I extract the semen worth conception and you release the semen worth conception'” [Yajur Veda 23/20]

      The horse and principal wife spread two legs each. Then the Ardhvaryu (priest) orders to cover the oblation place, raise canopy etc. After this, the principal wife of the host pulls penis of the horse and puts it in her vagina and says: “This horse may release semen in me.” [Yajur Veda 23/20]

      “O horse, please throw semen on the upper part of the anus of my wife. Expand your penis and insert it in the vagina because after insertion, this penis makes women happy and lively” [23/21]

      IF YOUR HUSBAND DIES, VEDA SAYS YOU MUST ALSO DIE, ALSO IT SAYS YOU MUST MARRY YOUR HUSBAND`S BROTHER, IF YOU DON`T MARRY, THEN YOU MUST SHAVE OFF YOUR HEAD:::::::::::::thats why sathi daha pratha was there in india before muslims came.

      The Atharva Veda says:

      “O dead man following the religion and wishing to go to the husbands world, his women comes to you.”

      “O woman, get up and adopt the worldly life again. It is futile to lie with this dead man. Get up and become the wife of the man who is holding your hand and who loves you. [Rig Ved 10/18/8]

      If the women was not remarried, then her head was shaved. This is evident from Atharva Veda (14/2/60).

      YOU WOMEN, YOU SHOULDN`T BE BORN, THATS WHAT VEDA SAYS:::::thats why hindus kill female daughters

      ‘Rig Veda’ itself says that a women should beget sons. The newly married wife is blessed so that she could have 10 sons. So much so, that for begetting a son, ‘Vedas’ prescribe a special ritual
      called ‘Punsawan sanskar’ (a ceremony performed during third month of pregnancy). During the ceremony it is prayed:

      “Almighty God, you have created this womb. Women may be born somewhere else but sons should be born from this womb” – Atharva Ved 6/11/3

      “O Husband protect the son to be born. Do not make him a women” – Atharva Ved 2/3/23


      • mac says:

        Dear truth seeker, now read what PURANAS say

        Every woman must be loyal, faithful. obedient honorable to her husband even if he is blind, deaf, dumb, old, physically handicapped, debauchel or, gambler and neglects his wife and lives with his concubine(s). If the husband is unhappy, it would be the FAULT of his wife. If he cries, SHE should cry. If he laughs she should laugh. She can only answer humbly to his question. She should not on her OWN put any question. She should eat only AFTER her husband eats. If he is BEATING she should not react, but fall on his FEET and BEG him to pardon her, and kiss his hands and pacify him. If the husband DIES she should BURN herself to DEATH on his funeral pyre and go along with him to the other world and serve him there in this manner. (Padma Purana)

        actually the list is too long, but if you want I will provide it to you.

  5. That is an interest take on the matter!

  6. Man Made Religion says:

    I have wasted 20% of the time differentiating religions and finding which God is real and has truth on it. I was born as Hindu but ended up making Christian pals which lead me to believe that my parent’s gods are satanic and jesus is the only way. I was literally brainwashed.

    I started attending church because I felt that jesus is the only way and because of my positive mentality towards finding a real god I started to atrract happiness in my life due to bible. And, yes it is true. If you make something an object and believe it to be the creator of this universe then automatically you will feel positive as well as by following the laws you have created. You need god, written laws and followers. Thats called religions. Nobody will go to heaven through religions. Religions is just a kindergarten and PHD is not the end of education. There is a god not human made gods. Hinduism is the perfect example of this. These so called muslims and christians have copied the idea of sanatan dharma and made up a book called BIBLE AND KORAN to brainwash people for money and power.

    Hinduism accepts atheism as a way to find the reality. Reality is god in hinduism. Atheist don’t believe in God but believe in reality that they exist. Atheist people will get more treasures when they die because instead of debating and wasting about god. They have focused on how to help the poor.

    Christians and Muslim made up an idea called test. When a poor man is born, its a a test from god to be born poor. Shouting out loud its a test instead of feeding that poor and giving some weath to him.. Calling it a test………poors are there for us to see and give support to them..not a test from god…its reincarnation… life in bible and koran is not hell or heaven..its judgement for sometime and again back to heaven or earth…no one will go to hell forever..if i killed you, i will go to hell and suffer for 100 years in hell and come guessing according to our prison…Im 100% sure that hinduism applies to all religions and other non believers because when a person wakes up in the morning, he is thinking about doing something to fullfill desires self or others(kama) desire, thinking about future goals whether god/or no gods exist, should i be doctor or pilot(dharma)righteouness, thinking about how to get rid of that problem(mokhsha)liberation, artha(meaning of something) earning weath.

    • admin says:

      Can you elaborate more on “I was literally brainwashed”? How? What were you told? Why you think what you were told is not right? Were you baptized?

      Can you guide to Sumanth who wants to be Baptized?

      We have written enough about God, can you share your thoughts on these articles?

  7. sara says:

    she is just a greedy witch she has no religion no love she only wants money,this cannot be happened in islam,that a muslim could marry a hindu,they all bolly actors have their own religious faith,some actors says they half muslim half hindu,how could this possible that at the same time you belive in two religion,how pathetic life they lead,money money and money,and ,money is every thing for them religion and life.

  8. afd says:

    admin is a fool .

  9. David acharya says:

    If i wos in this condition of kaarina’s parent , i would force to daughter to break this relation & settle with hindu

    • ane says:

      you all are just fools .. who are fighting for religion. let saif and kereena enjot their life without your stupid thoughts. what should they is suppodes 2 b decided by their family , not by you fucking people. all i want to say is love has no religion . well done saif n karena

  10. udayaravi shastry says:

    kareena is a blemish in the Kapoor family.She is doing a grave mistake to herself and Hinduism. After all he is a third hand (or..)Were there no suitable Hindu boys for her? She has proved again that most filmstars have no brains. No sense of religion Particularly Hindus. When he is proud of being a muslim, why not she be proud of being a Hindu. She is setting a bad example to millions of Indian youth. I wish this marriage does not take place by some divine intervention. Why do these muslims always want hindu girls? Is it not a sort of love jihad? If we hindus have a strong pride and faith in our religion such things dont happen. I hate Karina. She is the ugliest women on earth for this reason.

  11. Sky Walker says:

    Many misinterpretations in this article.

    1. Author mentioned in some places that “Saif being a good muslim”, so i ll mentione that Saif is not a good muslim from the things i See. If he read the Quran in childhood and understood it then he should have followed it. Quran is the way to lead life on this earth.

    Alcohol/socializing with females outside mattiage/movies is not allowed in islam.

    So most of the non-muslims, see Saif Ali Khan, Salman Khan, Sharukh Khan, Aaamir Khan and think that they are really muslims. Alas, are they! No, they are just spoiled rich kids. Someone born in muslim or with muslim name doesn’t become a muslim

    Muslim means who submits his will and wish to the GOD ALIMIGHTY who created.

    So it doesn’t matter whether Kareen kapoor convert to islam or not. If she convert and she understood islam then she ll protect our body.

    Islam is very simple, have u ever seen Queen Elizabeth or any princess in bikini or vulgar dress…. i don’t think so. So every female in islam is like Queen Elizabeth and she only for husband.

    In one of the paragraphs regarding Saifs statement that Saif believes in Oneness of GOD. thats good to hear but in the next line Saif said that in some places GOD is called Jesus. I pitty saif for his poor knowledge even after reading quran. this proves whether he read the Quran or not. Quran clearly tells, Jesus is niether GOD nor son of GOD but just a prophet of GOD.

    • Man Made Religion says:

      Hey Mr…KORAN doesnt allow alcohol i know and we all know..I am a muslim and when a girl walks by I look at her sexy legs and i committ adultery according to Koran…We talk bullshit about Saif ali khan drinking….thats a sin too.. talking about others…

      MUSLIMS and CHRISTIANS are most fake people i have ever seen in my life…….judging others according to a book…

      • faith says:

        @Man made religion..
        its true….muslims are assholes…..
        “everything belongs to god” and “everything is god” both are same but how can we tell those idiot muslims…

        wat is infinity we can’t define it but in mathematics we gave it a symbol…thats wat we do in religion. we see god in everything, the whole universe is conscious…the whole consciousness , this cosmos is god and its everywhere….

    • faith says:

      And you are huge pain in Ass….


  12. khadijah says:

    I thnk saif is a disgrace 2 ISLAM.cos deres no ayyat dat claims a muslim should ve a social marriage just 2 please himself.And bout dis religious violence just 4 kareena and saif I dnt thnnk its important cos I bet you they r just livn dere lives the way they thnk is a pleasure.they are both matured enough 2 know wht s ryt and wht s not.So please 4gt religious violence! It does not help it only destroys!thnx

  13. aliza says:

    the feelings of love come from the bottom of the heart. the couple would self decide how they want to live peacefully.

    nobody never forgate his / her sole.

    by force nobody can bringout/pullout the actule feeling for god/goddess from sole.

    is islam like such a show pray for allah ?

    or am i think that islam is a devil ?

  14. aliza says:

    love is a deep feeling from heart. the couple must decide how they want to live peacefully together.

  15. aaa says:

    All of you are living in which world…………………..
    Oh man really you should only know one religion and that is the religion of love……….When two people want to marry it is their choice. I don’t know about the other countries but in India a boy age more than 21 and a girl age more than 18 can marry with a person whom they like……So please

  16. irfan mewati says:

    la illah illah mohammadur rassululla

  17. irfan mewati says:

    dear brothers duniya m sirf islam dharm hi sachha h. kya muje koi bata sakta h hindu naam ka dharm kisi holly book m likha h .

    • Proloy says:

      You are a fool& UNEDUCATED.Try to gather some knowledge from the great Hinduism .

    • mann says:

      Saare Hindu se hi Muslim hue hain.. n Hindu ki books bhi ye hi keh to hy bagwan ek hy bt Muslims have modified Hindu religion and added crap laws and rules … you need to get life everyone wants to live life in his own way not by the book which is written by a man.. you are following one men law not God’s law..

  18. Abdulsamadh says:

    Muhamadh peace and Blessing upon himself.

    Dear Non Muslim (Christians,Hindus,Jews,Sikhs,Jain ETC),
    Brothers and sistes Islam is the True religon
    and god also accept that religon in Quran. Brothers and Sisters first understand Allah is Arabic name means God. Supreme Power. he alone create the Holy universe and allthings like man, animals, Fary, devil, etc…..god has no mother, no son, no father. God is sustainer. no death, no sleep, not eat, he is infinte power.

    Islam is not terror religion it is only peacefull religion in the universe. But muslim not following our religion properly. If muslim person 100% follow the muhamadh peace and blessing upon him. then the non muslim need not fear, disturb etc… in the world heaven for all non muslim. but muslims heaven wait hearafter. so dnot worry muslim poor, no educated, no colour, blindness etc if the person can accept one supreme ALLAH. and Muhamadh peace and Blessing upon himself also messenger of God then only enter the heaven.

    So all accept islam and pray god 5 times, give zakkath for poor, do fasting in the month ramadhan. kareena not comple to convert islam. she married saif or others but he accept islam then only she enter paradise. insha ALLAH (God permets) give Iman for Non muslim brother and sisters. no one can go hell. we are all enter heaven hear and hearafter (God permits). Muhamadh peace and Blessing upon himself.

  19. Firdausi gwaggo says:

    Islam is d best religion in d world,even our way of live is d most easiest,especially here in nigeria we dont go out without covering our body’s unlyk oda faith,coz a christain girl can wear wat ever she wants to goin out nked which is d way of spreding rape,fornicatn which islam helps in reducing unlike oda faith and as for kareena kapoor if she wish to be saved from hell fire she should convert to islam and if she refuse to then on d day of jugdement everyone will know his or her position.and if she thinks killing of humanbeing is easy let her try it and see wat will happen,cos she wl be killed too nd as for saif jst continue to b a gud man nd dnt ever leave your religion.

  20. sadia says:

    Saif is Muslim. Kareena is Hindu. Muslim men can only marry women of the book, and these women are Christian, Jewish or Muslim. So this excludes wiccan, hindu, buddhist, jains, sikhs etc. If Saif marries Kareena this marriage will not be valid in the eyes of God or Islam.This marriage would be considered committing adultury, aka sex outside of marriage. But if they have been secretly living together, then I assume that is already going on.

    • deepak says:

      Islam is not about God, but a fraud that recruits for furthering its own primitive Arab agenda, be it thru terrorism, marriage, imposing jizya or beheading. Unless Muslims completely reject this dangerous doctrine, the world is in big trouble. As for Hindus, like Kareena, the problem with India and Hindus is total lack of pride in standing up to Islamic bigotry. througout England, Islamic gangs of young people in mosque payroll go about trapping white, Hindu and Sikh girls into dating and marriage. In Pakistan, forcibly abducting Hindu girls is now an epidemic. Yet, no one in India even speaks out against this dangerous religion.

  21. Universal Man says:

    To all Hindus of India
    Do remember Muslims are Terrorists, terrorists and they are complete terrorists. Muslims have killed millions of Hindus during their moghul rule in India. During Bangladesh Liberation war in 1971 the Pakistani Muslim army has tortured, killed and raped at least 10 million Hindus in Bangladesh. The Muslims are responsible to sub-divide the Indian continent into 3 separate nations namely India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. In Pakistan up until now Hindus are tortured, Hindu girls are forcibly raped converted to Islam. But WHY WHY and WHY I asking many times WHY all the North Indian (I am south Indian, Tamil speaking) still feel pity, have mercy or have mercy to marry a Muslim man who are the terrorists all over the world. They are the destroyer of Hindu religion from India and rest of the world. Have the North Indian forgotten the history of India. Please, please and please I am begging to all the Hindus in India to not to forget the one thousand year Muslim conquerer history in India and the sub-divided India into 3 nations. Remember just happened Mumbai Taj Hotel siege and Pakistani Muslim terrorists attacks on this prestigious hotel which eventually killed 170 innocent lifes. Why Why and Why still a Hindu woman and man in India still want to marry a Muslim man or Muslim woman. Is there something wrong with you people there in North India. MAY THE GOD SIVA SAVES INDIA AND ALL THE HINDUS OF INDIA. ONCE AGAIN LONG LIVE HINDUS. JAIHIND

    • Islam the true path says:

      Muslims are not terrorists ok Muslim people all over the world from young babies to elderly are being killed just for oil. Our religion forbids murder and killing it clearly states in the Quran since u know so much bout us that killing 1 human being is like killing the whole humanity and islam DOES NOT ACCEPT A MUSLIM MARRYING OUTSIDE THE RELIGION.and in my option we should not marry a person who does not have faith in allah

    • Sana Krishna Thomas says:

      Universal Man

      How come your name is universal if you are not tolerant for any other faith. Hinduism does not preach to hate the followers of any other faith, neither Hinduism prohibits to love and marry followers of other faith.

      If you are selfish, narrow-minded and intolerant, do not spread your own thought in the name of religion. Let all adult follow whatever they believe is the best for them and personally they will take advice from their parents, guardians and gurus/priests/imams.

      Universal man, first look at your own self, your sins and try to salvage them fast.

      May Lord Shiva bless all!

    • prasaad says:

      Bravo, well said bro these stupid north Indians can’t understand the greatness of Hinduism. further why they forget Muslim have spoiled our country for almost 1000 yrs or so. I m maharashtrian, have seen so many girls from maharashtra and up marrying Muslims .theses brainless girls dnt understand Islam is one way traffic unlike other religions. Getting reverted is not possible at all. revertees will be killed as per Koran laws. wake up Hindus. for sake of humanity!! Jay shree ram !! jay hind

    • Man Made Religion says:

      your are such an idiot…its not muslim its people like you who are terrorists…terrorist didnt started because of ISLAM. It started because of hatred by people like you…..if ISLAM comes to kill HINDUS..HINDUS will be extinct….so think twice about it….

    • Proloy says:

      Congratulation for writing the truth. I hate muslims. They can not be trusted. If they want to be good man, they should embrace Hinduism.

  22. cards says:

    check out these interesting cards

  23. Suleman says:

    I wish people never had to be in a situation like this..

  24. SP says:

    A muslim man can marry a muslim, christian or a jew but a muslim woman cannot marry any non muslim man. a muslim man is not allowed to marry a hindu. if kareena is a christian she need not need to convert to Islam for the wedding to be valid. also nikah is nothing but just a contract like any other business with the prenup agreements etc. becoz india is majority hindu and require priests etc for marraiges islam doesn’t require a priest or kazi.the moment a muslim man proposes and the girl accepts and her father accepts they are married from that moment. the man has to give the dowry to the woman as much as she thinks will secure her future and any other agreements. the wedding reception is the declaration of the man being married to a particular woman. this is a solid proof of marraige then pen and paper which can be denied and declared fake. people are witnesses. the man has to give the wedding reception not the girls family like all the muslim morons in india and pakistan islam the girl’s family are not at all required to spend even a dollar on the wedding. even the wedding dress the man has to buy. Shariah law should be brought in India if the Indian muslim woman wants her rights and freedom.
    marraige in islam is easy by saying a yes you are married and by saying a no your marraige dissolves. no unfair court date waits. both woman and man have rights to divorce. (talaq from man’s side and Khula from woman’s side, but bollywood nikaah film will not show the truth. bollywood’s illeterate research and stupidity of talaq talaq talaq in that film is demonstrated.
    and yes even if the non muslim converts to marry a muslim and rejects Islam in heart or later the wedding instantly becomes invalid and every moment the couple spends together is considered adultery and their kidz are considered to be out of wedlock and shame on shahrukh and salman khans sister and sanjay dutts wife who gave the illetimacy title to their poor kids.
    by the way arbaaz khans wedding to malaika is pure and valid as she is christian

  25. sam says:

    saif must convert kareena to islam otherwise she is hindu girl ( i mean kafir girl) islam cannot accept this.

    shahrukh khan and salman khan are the kafir

    • deepak says:

      Islam should be banned for the bigotted terror doctrine it is. Kareena needs to be educated, and it is time Hindus stand up against Islamic bigotry and conversion drives.

    • Sana Krishna Thomas says:


      Which faith u follow my dear and if you are so particular about what other people should or shouldn’t do then why did u adopt a name which is does not clarify which religion you follow?

      If you are a human being first and talk for humanity not against it. 🙂

    • Proloy says:

      Saif Should be converted to Hinduism

  26. Whocares says:

    Get your facts right. Kareena does not follow Hindu religion. She follows her mother’s adopted religion of Chritianity. Therefore the marriage is muslim christian marriage.

    • kaulicharan says:

      Islam is a religion of tribals, for tribals and for surviving the mankind in rough terrain of deserts . It is a foreign religion , not meant for a civilised society like India which has rich culture of thousands of years. it will be very disappointing if Kareena will convert to Islam and follow the religion of tribals.
      I will hate her forever and I know she will be hated by all Hindus including her uncles.

    • deepak says:

      Islamic gangs in Pakistan abducts Hindu and Christian girls and forcibly marries them off. STAND UP AGAINST ISLAMIC BULLYING AND TERROR IN THE NAME OF THEIR TRIBAL GOD ALLAH.

  27. waleed says:

    saif should not married to kareen unless she converted to muslim.easy solution 4 all greatest problem.kareen should see toward saif mom.if she want to live peaceful life.muslim life is peaceful life of all life of other religion.islam is peace.hindusum is evil.becoz they r not contented due to having different gods

    • People, spell check is a great invention. Use it.
      Kareena Kapoor should convert? Does reciting religous phrases make you change your heart? If so, the person is shallow. Do you think that Sharmila Tagore, after converting, forgot a life time of Hindu teachings.
      For all of you who think that Kareena should marry Shahid Kapoor. Shahid is my cousin (Neelima Azeems) son. He is half muslim, so Kareena will not be marrying a Hindu boy.

  28. lalitha says:

    It is better for kareena to marry an hindu especially to shahid kapoor who is her first love..let them leave their egoistic deifferences and come to terms as first love is true love…as for as saif concerned he is pakka muslim and cannot be trusted…he left amritha singh and dared so many women…muslims men are really dangerous as their marriage laws are different from our hindu law of maariage..

  29. Sayida says:

    and Bebo wants to continue acting after marriage… a bit difficult… unless she stops acting after marriage… to save the marriage with Saif. Saif is not trusting either.. Shahid is better.

  30. Sayida says:

    Kareena should go back with Shahid Kapoor. Both can’t forget each other. The truth is she is stuck because there is Saif. Shahid can’t forget her either… Bebo should Leave Saif (to Bebo) and Shahid should leave Priyanka. Leave their big ego aside and reconcile back.

    ….and Bebo wants to continue acting after marriage… a bit difficult… unless she stops acting after marriage… to save the marriage with Saif. Saif is not trusting either.. Shahid is better.

  31. Why are we debating Hindu-Muslim marriages using Saif and Kareena as role models? Most of the Bollywood actors are amoral (have no morals). Their religion is money and fame.
    For Kareena, becoming the next Begum Pataudi is worth the superficial mumblings of converting to Islam. She has her mother-in-law as her role model. The test of true character would be if no one converted and yet managed to live and bring their children up in harmony.
    Bollywood is not real life people.

  32. Babar says:

    Bhai jaan,kia yeh ghalat hai ke hum sab ki Maa behen parde mein rahein aur un ki izat mehfooz rahe. sirf islam mein hi aasani hai. aur islam kisi se koi mushkil cheez to nahi mangta. Muslim to sirf sab ko us aag se bachana chahte hain jis ka zikar Holy Quran mein hai aur Hazrat Muhammad PBUH ne kia hai.

  33. Secret says:

    TOTALLY WRONG to marry a muslim man…Kareena, you should not get married to this man…I am sure that it will not last long..I think if they were married, kareena have to change to Islam..wait and see.. the islam won’t let in their family without changing to their religion..

    • Sayida says:

      you are totally wrong. Islam is not such a religion. But Saif is not the man for Kareena. I think Shahid is.

      • admin says:

        You said Secret is totally wrong….including?….”if they were married, kareena have to change to Islam.”
        Is Nikaah possible without Shahadah?
        Explain to us, why this conversion business if the love is true?
        Love of conversion or love for a person important?
        Why Saif can’t tolerate a “Hindu” Kareena as a wife?
        Why Sharmila had to convert?
        You said Islam is not such a religion….. Explain, what type of religion Islam is?

  34. Ram Chandra says:

    Saif is a playboy. It will be wrong for Kareena to mary such a stupid being a hindu girl. Why not Kareena belief that all over the world Muslims are hated by other religious faith and branded them as terorist.

  35. Priyanka Karandikar says:

    In what way is this a topic for debate? Did Kareena ask us for our views?It is no one’s business but hers what she chooses to do. Let her become a begum or remain Hindu – being a savvy and mature individual she wd have thought through all these issues & also discussed with her beau a long time back.

    Can we please mind our own business and not poke our noses where it’s not required?

    • sushant says:

      i totally agree with you but she is an celebrity and idol for too many hindu girls thats ram chandra is right in his manner

  36. khadijah ikram says:

    The gods u pray to they dont exsist. God does so wait for the day of judgement, and you will all pay for believing in shit. Karenna should convert and relize that what shes got is thanks to god.

    • M ibrahim(mike) says:

      the true religion in the world is Islam because i was in my past a christian and after two year searching about religion i found the true religion now i am very happy and thankful from Allah. -khadijah ikram is 100 % right

    • diosvive says:

      lo que dices es la pura verdad, sin dios no somos nada, espero y declaro que kareena sea cristiana(nada de:mulsumanes,catolicos,hindus,etc sino la verdadera religion que es el evangelio,cristianismo) antes de que venga el juicio donde habra dolor enterno para los no-creyentes, tengo la fe que ella va ser una hija de dios….saludos=)

      Translation (using a web site): what you say is the pure truth, without god we are not at all, I hope and declare that kareena it is Christian (not at all these Muslims, Catholics, Hindus, etc but the real religion that is the gospel, Christianity) before there comes the Judgment Day where there will be pain for the non-believers, I have the faith that she goes to be a god’s daughter…. greetings :=)

    • Admin says:

      Dear Khadijian Ikram and Diosvive,

      Explain us THE JUDGMENT DAY.

      It is clear that all Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists will go to hell on the Judgment Day. This also mean Mahatma Gandhi will also go to the hell, while Baptized Hitler and a good Muslim Osama Bin Ladin will be go to Heaven. This is understood.

      How about all Jews who are not baptized nor are believer in the New Testament-Biblical or Koranic teachings?

      How about all Muslims who are not Baptized, do not follow Biblical commandments and do not believe Jesus as a son of God?

      How about all Christians who wrongfully believe that God could have a son (Koran 4:171, 19:34, 19:88) and do not follow Koranic teachings (that not to make friends with Christians and Jews; Koran 5:51)?

      Christians and Muslims, can you explain us, is Jesus a son of God or simply an apostle? Which one of you is a “believer?” Which one of you two will go to the Heaven on the Judgment Day?

  37. Sapna says:

    What do you espect from kareena when she grow up with her mother that left their Father just for the children to Act film. And for Saif Ali Khan, He is a disgrace to Islam and i wish he cheated on kareena so she can then Slaughter him.

    • Dear sapna,please do not forget that we are talking of love between the two stars,so why not advice our dear sister to convert to Islam for the sake of their love(marriage).remember the man is always the head of a family no matter what the circumstance l would love it much,if u could join hand with me to remind our dear sister(Kareena)that she is marrying to stay with the man she claim she loves but not any one else so the ball is now at her court,the decision is hers

  38. Sanjeev says:

    I am in full support of inter-faith marriages as long as no conversion out of Hinduism is involved and the children are brought up as Hindu, with Hindu names. Please visit this blog post quote below for a long list of Hindu-Muslim marriages. You will be amazed to see how a huge number of them have resulted in incorporation of the entire family into Islam.



  40. Sadeeq nigeria says:


  41. Sam Hindu says:

    All wise women should embrace Vedic Dharma and reject Islam if they value their dignity. All married women should force their husbands to convert or plan ways to take divorce and convert to Vedic Dharma. This may be difficult in short-term but would ensure a life of dignity and self-respect forever!

  42. MUKESH says:


  43. Ravindra says:

    The article that Akbar had no BBS is such a hogwash. None of his children had Hindu names, nor didi they follow Hinduism. The fact remains every Hindu who marries a Muslim and becomes Muslim may be his/her free will. But their children will consider Hindu Children as Kaffirs. And Quran has a well prescribed treatment for them. Hindus are completely blind to long term consequences for the rest of us through such marriages. Most recent Example is Kashmir, where the decedents of Hindus who became Muslims, have thrown out remaining Hindus. Every where conversions have happened the converted start secession movement. Their sacred places change, their heros change, their dress changes, their eating habits change. They look down upon the Kaafir.

  44. JK says:

    Is just fine for Kareena to marry whom ever she wants. But if she converts to Islam to Marry Saif Ali Khan then the Question will arise Why can’t Saif converts to Hinduism to Marry Kareena. So they will be better off marrying each other without conversion. That will be Indian wedding. But if Kareena converts to Islam Then all of us should boycott Kareena and Saif for ever. May be they should be banned and Indian citizenship removed.

    • M ibrahim(mike) says:

      because you dnt know the reality about religion .
      in my opinion Islam is one of the grateful religion in the world although i was a christian but after tow year searching about religion i convert to Islam .
      if you would come to reality you would never right such things .

    • Dear JK,remember u said kareena can decide to convert and marry saif or the vice versa,yes it’s true that love is heart desire and self oriented.please do not forget that whoever the curp fits wears it and what goes around comes around,look into this matter once again and ask urself,if l was in any of their shoes,what would have been my mind.but dont forget that the man is always the head of his family no matter the circumstance,even though there is gender equality

  45. Salman says:

    I don’t really think they are very religious to begin with, so I highly doubt that they think about religion when dwelling into relationships and marriages. Bollywood marriages are filled with actors and actresses from different backgrounds. I think it depends on the people in question, how religious they are, etc. Saif in my honest opinion is NOT someone who could settle down, even after his first wife Amrita he has dated but nothing serious. He’s a very rich guy, so for Kareena to date him is not a question of anything but money as well. I don’t think that they will even get to marriage, and if they do it won’t last.. not because they are from different backgrounds, as my wife and I are frm different faiths as well, but more because I think for both of them, their careers and independence comes first, more than their “relationship” or “marriage” (if it gets to that stage).

    Also, I want to add, not all of us Muslims are “jihadis”. My wife is not Muslim and I have never asked her to convert simply because I do not believe in it. I love her to death, and no one will ever ask her to compromise her identity. We are very happy and we don’t dwell into religion too much because we are compatible and she is my best friend. I do believe though that a woman, regardless to her faith, should marry someone who does not try to steal her identity by making her convert. I am liberal in my thoughts I know, but I want a future for my children that is not filled with hatred. I hope that can happen but first we have to change our outlooks, and I as a Muslim man am trying. If there is anything I do know, it is that God is found in loving others.

  46. Jay says:

    How ever good spirit a Hindu and a Muslim have decided to get married and say that their marriage will succeed, I believe 9 out of 10 cases it does not. The simple reason is that Muslims whether they understand or not their religion have an in-built thought from a young age that Islam is the only correct religion and that they will never change their religion but if their life partner is non-Muslim then they must change their religion. It is a very uncomnpromising one sided thought. People who are single minded, one can never come to a lasting compromised decision. That is the very reason, Hindus and Muslims will never get along with each other for lasting time. I wish people would recognise this thought and not to be brave and think that their interfaith marriage is different and where thousnads of marriages have failed, their’s will succeed. Please, forget it, it will not. Unfortunatley, the Muslims will never compromise with thier religion whether they understand it or not and most Muslims do not really understand their religion. I am not sure why Hindu’s try to marry a Muslim knowing that there is as much difference between the two religions as there is between north and south pole.

    Karina is not a cultured girl in my opinion and she is a carrer mided girl. I believe that she will finally not marry him and if she does then she will have his child very soon but then that quickly will be the divorce.

  47. Ancient Indian tradition has recognized that when a girl is married into a family, she adopts her new family in every which way, faith included. That’s the reason why girls’ families were very thoughtful before deciding where to give away their daughters [‘kanyaa daana’]. Among Muslims, they are very particular that the girl converts to Islam. On the contrary, Muslims do not seem to approve if their girls give up Islam and convert to other religions. They have been known strongly to disapprove of any conversion to any non-Islamic religion. In the past, the Hindu Rajput princess of ‘Amber’ [later Jaipur royalty] who was married to Akbar is believed to have retained her Hindu faith and culture. There is a paucity of historical evidence to support this observation. In recent past, Mahatma Gandhi is said to have suggested to Jawaharlal Nehru’s sister Vijaylakshmi to find out if her suitor loved her much enough to convert from Muslim to Hindu. He said no, and she married a Kashmiri pandit. I was deeply concerned that a great granddaughter of Gurudev Tagore converted to Islam. Kareena is a Khatri, and if she converts to Islam, it should not come as a big surprise or shock. Nawab or no nawab, our Indian Muslim brethren seem to have forgotten that their original ancestors were Hindus. It is their choice to follow the foreign religion and culture of the Arabs, and even be subservient to it. But it would be nice if they appreciate their Indian ancestry.

    • SP says:

      hello even the arabs were non muslims before they became muslims! you can keep going as far in ancestry as you can ca and your ancestors and mine will end on one single couple Adam and Eve (May Allah’s Peace and Blessings Be upon them) who by the way were muslims. So we all were muslims to begin with your Indian ancestors too!

      • May I inform you that while Islam is native to the Arabs, it was imposed on the rest of the world. Get real. As Seema Maheshwari put it so squarely and eloquently, “The test of true character is if no one converted.”

        • Amir says:

          There are many religions, but there are no followers except muslims.

          If islam has been imposed, it would not have put such impression to the hearts of believers.

  48. arish sahani says:

    Its shame Hindus have not learned from the history. Its shame our media is also letting Hindus down as they never educate or give you the facts about other religion, culture, ways of life or islamic nations. All Muslims living in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kashmir and Afganistan were once Hindu. After 2 and 3rd generation hindus who were brahnmin rich will end up in third generation unedcuted or jihadi calss like in islamic nations we see now. If Hindus need to be saved and Kareena wants her children to be jihadi and sucidal we can do nothing but let her know her future genration will end up some were in jail or honor killing her, may be one day her own children will kill her seeing her movies with other actors. Look Like Kapoor family future is doomed from now onwards. No Hindu will think of giving them daughters or sons after 1 , 2 generations.

  49. dinesh paliwal says:

    All Dharmas are root cause for conflicts around the world, as much as we talk about keeping them out of politics, which never happens. Out of all the Dharmas Rajneesh’s was the best philosophy, live, let live, enjoy when you can.

  50. Jay says:

    Kareena Kapoor does not seem to have any choice but to go the way Amrita Singh went. To put it in very positive way, for her freelance, carefree, art dedicated views it will be surprising if this marraige, if happens, may last as long as Amrita’s. Interfaith, equality etc. are foreign to Islam and possibly she knows very well. Being career oriented she might have made this choice in the same spirit!

    For normal people however, some ground work should be done before entering into interfaith alliance since down the road choices have to be made. Choices may seem very tough at a later stage since the entire belief system, personality has to be changed by force or compromised. Unfortunately, children may be the worst sufferers since they will grow in confusion and may turn away from either beliefs due to frustration.

    For those who can afford to ponder over marriage as a long term partnership, a means to fulfil inherent mundane desires (like having a nice family) and also pursue higher goals in life (like service to others, spirituality) faith may be an essential anchor of life. In this sense, it will be important whom one chooses as life partner. Not taking time now to THINK may cause major disturbances in married life at a later stage. Therefore, message from Gita to follow one’s own dharma is better than following someone else’s dharma, howsoever attractive it may seem”.

    • Oh Jay,u are right,what u have said is the bitter truth infact,what goes around comes around,yes the two of them knows it better than any other should follow the heart and make his/her choice.we for ourselves,God for us all

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