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Jew-Hindu Relationships

If you have Jew-Hindu relationship experience, please share it here. Some relevant articles are also listed here.

BOOK – Interfaith Marriage: Share & Respect with Equality

This book is all you wish to know about your love relationship. This book is written after 12 years of research and with experience of consulting 1200 youths on this web site. This guidebook “Interfaith Marriage” covers different perspectives on God, religious scriptures, nations’ marriage laws, pre-nuptial agreements, and dealing with parents & children about […]

Jew cannot Marry a Hindu

Arjit says: December 30, 2015 at 7:53 am Myself Arjit. I am from India. I love a girl, living in the united states and she is belonging to a Jewish family. She also loves me but we couldn’t marry because i am Hindu. Our hearts are connected each other but We couldn’t -Arjit View videos: […]

Muslim Singaporean with non-Muslim Israeli

Wani says: July 8, 2015 at 12:51 am (Edit) Hi Admin, I am a Muslim Singaporean, and my partner is a non-Muslim Israeli. We would like to know how we can work this out without any legal/conversion changes (other than the “married” status) and yet, make both families happy by doing a “spiritually-Muslim” wedding/solemnization. Meaning, […]

Jew-Christian Marriage with Equality

Source: Samira K. Mehta On September 24, 2014, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky was born, and Chelsea Clinton (former President Bill Clinton and Presidential hopeful Hillary’s daughter) and Marc Mezvinsky became parents. They became something else as well: interfaith parents. The couple has not made any announcement about their plans for Charlotte’s religious upbringing, and, because she […]

Video: Interfaith Marriage with Equality

About 40% of Hindus, Muslims, Jews and Christians marry outside their faith in America. However, interfaith dating youths face hardships from parents and religious institutions. Information in this video will help you make “informed” decision for your planned married life. We hope for your happy and ever lasting married life, even that is an inter-faith […]

Ten Points of Dating a Hindu

This message is for Christian, Jew and Muslim (Abrahamic) youths considering dating a Hindu. It is hoped that you will make an “informed” decision for your happy and long lasting marriage, even that is an interfaith marriage. About 38% of Hindus marry to an Abrahamic in America. In general, Hindus are pluralist and thus may […]

Ketubah: Jewish Marriage Contract

A ketubah (Hebrew: כְּתוּבָּה ; “written thing”; pl. ketubot) is a Jewish prenuptial agreement. It is considered an integral part of a traditional Jewish marriage, and outlines the rights and responsibilities of the groom, in relation to the bride. The following is the text of a traditional Orthodox ketubah. However, most Jewish couples are signing […]

Torah on Hindus?

The Torah, the first five chapters of the Bible, is the holiest scripture of Jews. The Torah covers revelations from God to different apostles up to Moses. Later, many other apostles, including Jesus and Muhammad, also received revelations from the same God. Though Jews, Christians and Muslims believe in the same God, they are at […]

Jew-Hindu Marriage with Equality possible?

Is Jew-Hindu marriage with Equality possible? Are Jews any different than Christians and Muslims when comes to interfaith marriages? Source: IM IN LOVE WITH A NON-JEW Q: Dear Rabbi, I am in love with a Catholic woman. I want to marry her. She loves me as much but religious beliefs are getting in the way. […]

Bar Mitzvah for Hindus?

It is Jewish traditions to have their children Bris and Bar Mitzvah ceremonies. The Bris (circumcision) is a religious ceremony performed on 8th day of childbirth. The Bar- (or Bat- for a girl) Mitzvah is a religious ritual performed at age of 12-13 to announce the child an adult Jew. The child has to commit […]

Ten Points of Interfaith Dating

More and more young adults are making friends and engaging in interfaith relationships leading to marriage, sometimes without realizing the complexities associated with their decision. No one is perfect, but one could improve chances of a happy and long lasting marriage by making an informed decision, even when that decision is to engage in an […]

FAQ on Interfaith Marriage

More and more young adults are engaging in interfaith relationships leading to marriage, many times without realizing the complexities associated with their decision. This information is prepared with the objective of educating people of ALL faiths to help them make more informed decision for marriage. **What is the main message here? Interfaith relationships should be […]

After conversion what I become, exactly?

Vicky Asked: 
 May 25, 2012 at 4:41 am I’m in love with a Muslim girl. When I ask her, she tells me to convert, why? 
What I get after conversion and what she loses if I don’t? Can any one tell me after conversion (to Islam) what I become, exactly? Admin says: Excellent questions. […]

Idol Worshipper: Who is and who is not?

Some religions have strict codes against idol-worshipping, however it is not clear what is idol-worshipping and what is not. This article is written to stimulate discussion on this topic.

Bible on Hindus?

All religious scriptures have shortcomings. The Lord Shiva and Lord God are portrait as angry Gods, thought there may be justifications provided by believers. The Abrahamic (Christian, Jewish and Muslim) scriptures have spent good deal of efforts criticizing others’ (and each other’s) belief systems. Actually for an interfaith couple, it is not what is stated […]

Interfaith Marriage and Divorce Laws

Interfaith couples should seriously consider legality of your planned marriage(s) as per your country’s laws (see table below). The choice(s) of your marriage(s) (like Nikah, Hindu Vivaha and/or church marriage) have major implications for validity of your marriage, to your married life, and especially during divorce and child custody. You must seek legal advise. Country […]

Interfaith Marriages in Bollywood

Readers, here is a list of interfaith marriages of Bollywood celebrities. If you know of other couples, know how these listed couples got married and if a religious conversion for the marriage was involved, please comment it below (with published URL link for authenticity or reference). It is assumed here that Nikaah means conversion of […]

Parents are usually left with no options

In my Opinion, Observation or an Experience, we as Parents, are usually left with no options, but to Yield or Concede to our Children’s Choices, they have Chosen. I feel as a Parent, in such situations of Inter-Faith Marriages, the Children are looking at Today, aware of but not Concerned about Tomorrow, for example Children after Marriage…..

A Jealous and Angry God

Exodus 20:5 “You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me…”
JASON: In practical terms, I’m actually very comforted knowing my God is jealous-and for me!

Circumcision: Science or Superstition?

“There is my covenant, which you shall keep, between me and you and your descendants after you: Every male among you shall be circumcised,” God commands Abraham , the Jewish patriarch (Genesis 17:11). “Any uncircumcised male who is not circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin shall be cut off from his people; he has […]

Your experience: Jew-Hindu relationship

If you (a Hindu/Jain/Sikh/Buddhist) have any dating or marriage/divorce experience with a Jew, please share your experience here.  Please specify any expectations of Bris for your children. Keep in mind the objective……to help other young adults considering such relationships. Any comment on information on Hindu-Jew page of this web site? Back to Forum for Interfaith Relationships with Equality

Can Allah be the Father God?

Exclusivist monotheist faiths teach that there is only one way to the heaven and, of course, it is theirs own. Exclusivists claim non-believers will get the “hell of fire” or will not be “saved.” Such intolerant teachings about other faiths create many problems in interfaith relationships. Allah literally means god in the Arabic language. In […]

Similarities between Jews and Hindus

William Glick says: September 4, 2010 at 9:39 am From http://www.EqualSouls.org Historically Christian and Muslim faiths have their roots in Judaism, Abraham. So at their core concepts about the soul, creation and God are all the same. I would like to address certain linguistic and philosophical similarities common to both Jews and Hindus, which may […]

Hindus, Abrahamics and Intolerants

Tathagata Roy had serious objections to painting Muslims, Christians and Jews with the same coarse brush called “Abrahamic.” These three traditions are very different in some ways; for example: Jews do not proselytize, whereas Christians and Islamists do. Then again, Christians do it by persuasion (at least at present times), while Islamists do it by […]

Religious Conversion for Marriage

Summary: The proud Hindu parents and youths need to learn to simply say “NO” to a religious conversion request (Baptism, Bris, Shahadah/Sunat; BBS) for an interfaith marriage involving a Christian, Jew or Muslim. This is a true test to help identify a potential religious fanatic. By saying NO to the BBS request, one will increase […]

38% of Hindus Marry Outside Dharmic Faiths in America

The landmark 2008 Pew Forum survey found that only 10% of Hindus in America married outside their faith. Although the survey covered 257 Hindu families, 86% of them were immigrants and 58% between the ages of 30-49. Thus, it focused on the first generation Hindu immigrants from India and reflects the norms of interfaith marriages […]

Interfaith Marriages: A Message to Dharmics

Interfaith Marriages with Equality About 38% of Hindu, Jain and Sikh young adults in America are marrying to Christians, Jews or Muslims. Fundamental religious differences can bring unexpected complexities to marriage life. Here, objective is to increase awareness of interfaith complexities and help young adults better prepare for a happy and long lasting married life, […]

FAQ on Interfaith Marriage

More and more young adults are engaging in interfaith relationships leading to marriage, many times without realizing the complexities associated with their decision. This information is prepared with the objective of educating people of ALL faiths to help them make more informed decision for marriage. **What is the main message here? Interfaith relationships should be […]

Do I have to BBS?

Your views? Is it okay for a “proud” Hindu, Jain, Sikh or Buddhist (and/or for their children) to take the BBS labeling (conversion) oath to please the intended Christian/Jew/Muslim spouse or his/her family? Does the BBS means you are giving up more than 200 generations of your Dharmic heritage? Or, the BBS is just one […]