Media Coverage of the Book: Interfaith Marriage

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India Abroad: Interreligious Marriage: Do not Impose One’s Religious Beliefs on Partner (Dec 1, 2107)

Hinduism and Other Religions : Opinion on Matrimony. Bharatiya Temple, PA on Nov 11, 2017. View on Facebook and Youtube.

IndiaFacts: Book Review (Oct 28, 2017)

BeliefNet: Interfaith Marriages Are Part of Our New Life: A message to new Immigrants. (Oct 27, 2017)

India Abroad: Love in the Time of Polarization (Sept 30, 2017)
India Abroad: From Frying Pan to Fire? Where is Rationalism? (Oct 20, 2017)
India Abroad: On the Run for Love: Let a Rose be a Rose (Nov 5, 2017)

Being different: A lecture at Sacred Heart High School, San Francisco (Facebook, Youtube; Sept 27, 2017)

Silent Holocaust of Hindus: HMEC meeting, Sept 16, 2017 (Youtube)
Mandir Vani: Meera Versus Margaret: Discrimination of Own Type (Sept 2017)
Mandir Vani: Interfaith Marriages are Part of Our New Life (Sept 2017)

Swarajya: Dod and Mom, I am dating Julia (Sept 15, 2017) – “Dr Amin’s book, with its many real-life anecdotes and examples, and a clear, simple list of matters to know and ideas to consider about others’ ways of life and belief in God, should be in everyone’s home, and every young boy and girl of dating age and/or in love or planning to get betrothed should have this book as mandatory reading

Rajiv Malhotra (Aug 7, 2017): Youtube and Facebook (with more than 70K hits).

IndoAmerican News (Aug 3, 2017) Full article

India Herald (Aug 1, 2017) Full article

Houston Sanatan Hinduism RADIO show (July 30, 2017): Facebook and Youtube

Houston: Interfaith marriages of Hindus: All that you want to know (Full 70 min video message; July 29, 2017).
Intro (8 min); Who is God? (19 min), interfaith marriages (14 min), Islamic class system (1 min), anti-Jihadi mantra (4 min), mechanism of love-Jihad (4 min), sympathy game (9 min), On the day (5 min), before marriage (4 min), after marriage (5 min), role of community (2 min), role of mandirs (5 min).

IndoAmerican News: Managing the Stresses of Complicated Interfaith Relationships (July 28, 2017)

India Herald: Interfaith marriages (Jul 19, 2017)

Hindu Press International: Interfaith Marriage: Share & Respect with Equality (Jun 29, 2017)
Sanatan Radio Houston (July 22, 2017)

Voice of America (VoA): Indian Laws, Culture Boost Inter-Faith Marriages (Apr 12, 2012)

Pittsburg Pattrika: Interfaith Marriages is Part of Our Life Here — Let Us Accept it! (Dec 23, 2011)

Patheos: Hindus, Abrahamics, and Intolerants (Aug 25, 2010)

Patheos: Dharmic Plus Abrahamic? (Apr 27, 2010)

Stephen Knapp: Interfaith Marriages: What Young Dharmists Should Know

Hindava Kerala: A message to Dharmic youths on Interfaith Marriages (Jun 17, 2010)

India Abroad: I Salute a Muslim (Letter; Dec 4, 2019)

PRLog: Changing Landscape of Muslims in America (Nov. 1, 2009)

Beliefnet: Hindus Find New Faiths In Marriage (Nov 2008)

PRLog: Changing Landscape of Hindus in America (Nov. 11, 2008)

Hinduism Today: In My Opinion. Inter-religious Marriage: What our youth should know about the potential stumbling blocks of multi-faith marriages (Jul 2008)

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