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If you are a Muslim girl in relationship with a Hindu, Sikh, Jain, or Buddhist guy, you are not alone. We have collected a wealth of information on this page that should help you. [If you are not a Muslim girl, visit Hindu girl, Hindu boy, Muslim boy for more relevant message for you]

Can you share love?

First, you are in a very difficult situation. As you know, in Islam, rules are very strict for girls vs. for boys. For a Muslim girl to marry a Hindu is absolutely no no. Are you ready to go against your parents, brother, sister, relatives, guardians (see video), imams and Koranic teachings? Further, are you familiar with the honour killing practice? Are all these issues worth facing to marry an idol-worshipper kafir Hindu lover? Read a great advice by Mr. Muhammad Mujtaba. Read why Sasha married to a Muslim after dating a Hindu.

We are not hear to discourage you from an interfaith marriage. You have rights to believe in what you want to believe and do what you wish, however it is important to understand realities of life.

By nature girls are innocent and emotional, whosoever respects them (even falsely), they get trapped. There are so many anti social elements in the society who are disguised as gentlemen but internally conspirator” –Abida

Lady God?

Are you really ready to marry a Hindu and be a part of a Hindu family? Are you going to be comfortable being a part of Hindu wedding ceremony where multiple idols (deities) are being worshipped? Someday, your new Hindu family will have a Satya Narayan Katha or Diwali pooja, are you going to keep at distance from those family activities? If you don’t be a part of such pooja and sit in a different room, how will you expect your Hindu relatives to respect you? Some day you will have to take your kids to a Hindu mandir to pray to multiple forms of Allah (God in Arabic), are you going to be comfortable giving God’s status to a lady and bowing to her?

Alternatively, are you going to decline all these deity pooja and keep insisting that God is only in (the direction of) Saudi Arabia, His (cannot be Her!) name is only Allah (not Isvar; God in Sanskrit) and further all Hindus (and Christians) are going to get Hell Fire on the Judgment Day? If you believe that all Hindus are Kaafir, why will you want to associate with them? So first make up your mind whether you want (this) or [that]. Are you ready to be like Nigar, Shamim, Seema, Salman and Shah Rukh Khan? Are you sure you will never turn out like Dee’s wife?

We are not pro- or against- interfaith marriages, but wish to help you make fully informed decision. Let’s do some more analyses of your situation.

Why the Hindu guy is great for you? One reason could be that Hindus are pluralist, meaning they believe in Isval Allah tero nam (Isvar and Allah are God’s names). If you marry to a Hindu, it is possible that “Hindu” husband may allow you to pray to Allah five times a day, join you for Ramadan fast, will join you for your Mosque visits (if Mosque allowed him to), and teach children from the Koran. There is nothing that stops a Hindu from doing all above; they are free to do what they wish. Holy Gita or other Hindu scriptures do not forbid praying to Allah and Jesus, or consider them the “other” gods.

Why not stick to Islam?

Why the Hindu is not good for you? As much as you like all above listed pluralistic characteristic in a boy friend, it is not what you will want in a husband. First, to please your parents, you will ask the Hindu to convert to Islam and take Shahadah oath before your Nikaah. You will stop him from singing Isvar Allah tero nam, and instead want him to chant “Only Allah tero nam” (meaning uttering Isvar or Jesus as a Son God is sin). Even though he will allow you to be 100% Muslim in his Hindu home, you will not be able to tolerate all their idol worships to their multiple gods in their own home. Though you will be happy for him to join you for Ramadan fast, you will not join him for Diwali pooja of multiple idols. Further, you will be happy that he teaches to your kids from the Koran, but you will not want to touch the Holy Gita. You will be happy to see him at your Mosque with a face covered, but you will be hesitant in wearing a sari and bindi and proudly go to a Hindu temple. May be you are open-minded and do all these behind the doors, but will feel shame to do in public, is it true?

Basically, your Islam is a monotheist exclusivist supremacist religion and a pluralist has no place in it. Then, why you are dating a pluralist?

Fake-conversion? If you are the ones who are hoping that your bf will convert to Islam by Shahadah before your Islamic Nikaah, you are nothing but a love-Jihadi. Do not ask a Hindu to convert to Islam for the heck of it! Do not try to love-proselytize him to make him a Muslim. How could you trust someone who can give up his religion as easily as changing his hat (read Vikas)? Those kinds of marriages involving religious conversion under lies, deceptions and love-pressure are not going to be happy on a long run.

Why not be proud of your traditions?

Is Islam everything for you? If yes, do not marry outside your faith. This Hindu may fake-convert just to get you, but after marriage he may hurt you in the end (read Madiha, Dee, Nirmla, Anita, Roma Roy, and many more). Do not try to convert a carnation into rose; instead go for a real rose. If you wish to remain a pure Muslim and please Allah, find a God fearing good Muslim boy who is praying 5 times a day, plenty around you.

We know you take pride in conversion of a Hindu, but you should also know of some other practical considerations. If after conversion to Islam, what if this former Hindu exercises all new Islamic perks; meaning, what if he lines up 3 other younger girls along with you and later gives you a taalak-taalak-taalak? Instead of that, if you are smart, marry a Hindu without converting; so legally a Hindu husband cannot marry to a second girl or give you an easy divorce.

So, first look into yourself for who are you? Are you a real open-minded, progressive thinker and want to see this world full of respect and toleration for each other? If so, don’t (fake) convert Hindu bf. Instead, marry him “exactly as he is”. Take Shamim as your role model (now she is pregnant with Rahul and happy!).

If you believe that only Islam is a true religion, why will you want to dilute it by adding an un-pure Hindu? Why not marry a real Muslim? On the Judgment Day, your Allah will give you paradise, while Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Barak Obama and rest of non-Muslims will get Hell-Fire. So, why are you concerned for hell in THIS life, when you are guaranteed an eternal happiness in the AFTER-life? If you have brain, courage and believe in THIS life, then start analyzing what “I’m Muslim girl” means to you.

There’s dogma and there’s life, it is time to pick one.

If you are 18-25 years old, the best option is – you both get good education and get good paying jobs, then move out to a different city and get married in a court. This is a more difficult and a long road, but in long run you both will be happy. Best wishes.

Please read the following posts and cross references in it:

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Girl Details Conversion?* Status?*
Sadaf I was forcefully married to a Muslim guy Yes 🙁
Ara Convert to Islam for the heck of it! Yes? ?
Sasha Failed lover or a smart move? Dated a Hindu but married to a Muslim n/a 🙂
Mubina He (a Hindu) finds me beautiful in burqa ? ?
Firooza I can’t prefer my love over my (Islam) religion Yes ?
Fauziya I wish I could marry my Hindu bf than marry my own cousin n/a 🙁
Fathima LOVE verses ARRANGED marriage? ? ?
Shabiya i love a hindu guy tooooo much Yes ?
Ayesha i dont too much believe in quran… it is not for woman No ?
Husna I (Muslim) am in love with a Hindu boy No 🙂
Veena Malik I have been tortured, insulted, defamed, when I started modeling ? ?
Suzanne Muslim: I fell in love with a Hindu boy No ?
Khurshida Muslim: I shall marry him (Hindu) only No 🙂
Noorjahan Muslim: greatly impressed with my Hindu BF and discussed with him Hindu rituals No 🙂
Tabbasum Several stains of blood appeared on the bed sheet which were examined No 🙂
Eram Faridi I love a Hindu boy No 🙂
Bilquis A big difference in behavior of Hindu guys ? ?
Seema I salute a Muslim No 🙂
Shamim A Muslim Girl: My Boyfriend is a Hindu…….Rahul or Javed? …now Shamim is pregnant with Rahul and happy! No 🙂
Sabana In Muslim community women are treated very badly No 🙂
Anees Ibrahim My father and brother threaten to kill me… No 🙂
Jamila 90% Muslim girls are marrying Christian, Hindus, Buddhist ? 🙂
Nigar I was already in touch with a Hindu Marathi boy No 🙂
Chand Osmani Women are exploited and tortured in Islam No? 🙂
Sabia The islamic rules are cruel and barbaric for women No 🙂
Rauf hindus .. are peace lovers and good citizen ? 🙂
Gauhar Pakistani now settled in Canada with Hindu husband Civil 🙂
Mumtaz Why inhumane treatment is resorted against women in Islam? No 🙂
Afreen Iranian Girl: I am married with a Hindu No 🙂
Haifa Muslim: I am too married with a Hindu guy No 🙂
Fa How can I convince my Muslim parents that this is not going against Islam? ? ?
Nargis Religion is a man made system of belief whereas the love is the creation of God No ?
Aleshia Im a Muslim woman married to a very religious Sikh ? 🙂
Salma Agha Due to religious pressure, married to a Muslim guy Moslem-Moslem 🙁

* These expectation of conversion and status of the blogger is arbitrary based on limited information provided. It is highly recommended to read individual full story to make your own assessment.

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  1. Aditya says:

    Dear admin , after reading both and , I must say I m really disappointed.. Though it was stated that u don’t speak either in favour or against of these marriges but I found the text of somewhat other meaning…
    In the Hindu Boy – Muslim Girl page , u mentioned what will happen if u convert n stated the advantages , all the gud points …. But on the contrary on the Muslim Girl -Hindu Boy page , it dominantly came across like the text is violating ur policy to not in against or favour..
    By going through text , it clearly warns women n keep haunting them that this will happen n that will happen if u marry a hindu boy.. It barely had anything on the advantages side..
    But on the contrary such negative points were not even mentioned on the Hindu Boy-Muslim Girl page…

    Dear admin , I strongly bileave that u r not a religion chauvinist.. n not trying to favour a particular religion.. so I request u to personally amend the changes..It’s clearly a mistake..
    N changes changes has to b done on the both pages.. Disadvantages n the other side of the picture on the Hindu Boy – Muslim Girl Page… N advantages n a non aggressive type of content on Muslim Girl – Hindu Boy Page..
    Dear Admin ,let’s b fair..To every religion to every person.. that is a purpose of this site right?? I hope u will pay some serious thought to the situation..
    Thank u

    • admin says:

      Good point, Aditya. Can you suggest 5 additional points that we may have missed quoting and we will amend it. Hope to hear from you soon. We hope your (Hindu’s) dream of–marrying a Muslim girl and bring her as a true Muslim in a Hindu joint family–will come true. Best wishes.

      Have you thought about converting to Islam? Why not?

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