Muslim Girl – Hindu Boy Relationships

If you are a Muslim girl in relationship with a Hindu, Sikh, Jain, or Buddhist guy, you are not alone. We have collected a wealth of information on this page that should help you. [If you are not a Muslim girl, visit Hindu girl, Hindu boy, Muslim boy for more relevant message for you]

Can you share love?

First, you are in a very difficult situation. As you know, in Islam, rules are very strict for girls vs. for boys. For a Muslim girl to marry a Hindu is absolutely no no. Are you ready to go against your parents, brother, sister, relatives, guardians (see video), imams and Koranic teachings? Further, are you familiar with the honour killing practice? Are all these issues worth facing to marry an idol-worshipper kafir Hindu lover? Read a great advice by Mr. Muhammad Mujtaba. Read why Sasha married to a Muslim after dating a Hindu.

We are not hear to discourage you from an interfaith marriage. You have rights to believe in what you want to believe and do what you wish, however it is important to understand realities of life.

By nature girls are innocent and emotional, whosoever respects them (even falsely), they get trapped. There are so many anti social elements in the society who are disguised as gentlemen but internally conspirator” –Abida

Lady God?

Are you really ready to marry a Hindu and be a part of a Hindu family? Are you going to be comfortable being a part of Hindu wedding ceremony where multiple idols (deities) are being worshipped? Someday, your new Hindu family will have a Satya Narayan Katha or Diwali pooja, are you going to keep at distance from those family activities? If you don’t be a part of such pooja and sit in a different room, how will you expect your Hindu relatives to respect you? Some day you will have to take your kids to a Hindu mandir to pray to multiple forms of Allah (God in Arabic), are you going to be comfortable giving God’s status to a lady and bowing to her?

Alternatively, are you going to decline all these deity pooja and keep insisting that God is only in (the direction of) Saudi Arabia, His (cannot be Her!) name is only Allah (not Isvar; God in Sanskrit) and further all Hindus (and Christians) are going to get Hell Fire on the Judgment Day? If you believe that all Hindus are Kaafir, why will you want to associate with them? So first make up your mind whether you want (this) or [that]. Are you ready to be like Nigar, Shamim, Seema, Salman and Shah Rukh Khan? Are you sure you will never turn out like Dee’s wife?

We are not pro- or against- interfaith marriages, but wish to help you make fully informed decision. Let’s do some more analyses of your situation.

Why the Hindu guy is great for you? One reason could be that Hindus are pluralist, meaning they believe in Isval Allah tero nam (Isvar and Allah are God’s names). If you marry to a Hindu, it is possible that “Hindu” husband may allow you to pray to Allah five times a day, join you for Ramadan fast, will join you for your Mosque visits (if Mosque allowed him to), and teach children from the Koran. There is nothing that stops a Hindu from doing all above; they are free to do what they wish. Holy Gita or other Hindu scriptures do not forbid praying to Allah and Jesus, or consider them the “other” gods.

Why not stick to Islam?

Why the Hindu is not good for you? As much as you like all above listed pluralistic characteristic in a boy friend, it is not what you will want in a husband. First, to please your parents, you will ask the Hindu to convert to Islam and take Shahadah oath before your Nikaah. You will stop him from singing Isvar Allah tero nam, and instead want him to chant “Only Allah tero nam” (meaning uttering Isvar or Jesus as a Son God is sin). Even though he will allow you to be 100% Muslim in his Hindu home, you will not be able to tolerate all their idol worships to their multiple gods in their own home. Though you will be happy for him to join you for Ramadan fast, you will not join him for Diwali pooja of multiple idols. Further, you will be happy that he teaches to your kids from the Koran, but you will not want to touch the Holy Gita. You will be happy to see him at your Mosque with a face covered, but you will be hesitant in wearing a sari and bindi and proudly go to a Hindu temple. May be you are open-minded and do all these behind the doors, but will feel shame to do in public, is it true?

Basically, your Islam is a monotheist exclusivist supremacist religion and a pluralist has no place in it. Then, why you are dating a pluralist?

Fake-conversion? If you are the ones who are hoping that your bf will convert to Islam by Shahadah before your Islamic Nikaah, you are nothing but a love-Jihadi. Do not ask a Hindu to convert to Islam for the heck of it! Do not try to love-proselytize him to make him a Muslim. How could you trust someone who can give up his religion as easily as changing his hat (read Vikas)? Those kinds of marriages involving religious conversion under lies, deceptions and love-pressure are not going to be happy on a long run.

Why not be proud of your traditions?

Is Islam everything for you? If yes, do not marry outside your faith. This Hindu may fake-convert just to get you, but after marriage he may hurt you in the end (read Madiha, Dee, Nirmla, Anita, Roma Roy, and many more). Do not try to convert a carnation into rose; instead go for a real rose. If you wish to remain a pure Muslim and please Allah, find a God fearing good Muslim boy who is praying 5 times a day, plenty around you.

We know you take pride in conversion of a Hindu, but you should also know of some other practical considerations. If after conversion to Islam, what if this former Hindu exercises all new Islamic perks; meaning, what if he lines up 3 other younger girls along with you and later gives you a taalak-taalak-taalak? Instead of that, if you are smart, marry a Hindu without converting; so legally a Hindu husband cannot marry to a second girl or give you an easy divorce.

So, first look into yourself for who are you? Are you a real open-minded, progressive thinker and want to see this world full of respect and toleration for each other? If so, don’t (fake) convert Hindu bf. Instead, marry him “exactly as he is”. Take Shamim as your role model (now she is pregnant with Rahul and happy!).

If you believe that only Islam is a true religion, why will you want to dilute it by adding an un-pure Hindu? Why not marry a real Muslim? On the Judgment Day, your Allah will give you paradise, while Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Barak Obama and rest of non-Muslims will get Hell-Fire. So, why are you concerned for hell in THIS life, when you are guaranteed an eternal happiness in the AFTER-life? If you have brain, courage and believe in THIS life, then start analyzing what “I’m Muslim girl” means to you.

There’s dogma and there’s life, it is time to pick one.

If you are 18-25 years old, the best option is – you both get good education and get good paying jobs, then move out to a different city and get married in a court. This is a more difficult and a long road, but in long run you both will be happy. Best wishes.

Please read the following posts and cross references in it:

For newer comments received in 2013, visit here.

Girl Details Conversion?* Status?*
Sadaf I was forcefully married to a Muslim guy Yes 🙁
Ara Convert to Islam for the heck of it! Yes? ?
Sasha Failed lover or a smart move? Dated a Hindu but married to a Muslim n/a 🙂
Mubina He (a Hindu) finds me beautiful in burqa ? ?
Firooza I can’t prefer my love over my (Islam) religion Yes ?
Fauziya I wish I could marry my Hindu bf than marry my own cousin n/a 🙁
Fathima LOVE verses ARRANGED marriage? ? ?
Shabiya i love a hindu guy tooooo much Yes ?
Ayesha i dont too much believe in quran… it is not for woman No ?
Husna I (Muslim) am in love with a Hindu boy No 🙂
Veena Malik I have been tortured, insulted, defamed, when I started modeling ? ?
Suzanne Muslim: I fell in love with a Hindu boy No ?
Khurshida Muslim: I shall marry him (Hindu) only No 🙂
Noorjahan Muslim: greatly impressed with my Hindu BF and discussed with him Hindu rituals No 🙂
Tabbasum Several stains of blood appeared on the bed sheet which were examined No 🙂
Eram Faridi I love a Hindu boy No 🙂
Bilquis A big difference in behavior of Hindu guys ? ?
Seema I salute a Muslim No 🙂
Shamim A Muslim Girl: My Boyfriend is a Hindu…….Rahul or Javed? …now Shamim is pregnant with Rahul and happy! No 🙂
Sabana In Muslim community women are treated very badly No 🙂
Anees Ibrahim My father and brother threaten to kill me… No 🙂
Jamila 90% Muslim girls are marrying Christian, Hindus, Buddhist ? 🙂
Nigar I was already in touch with a Hindu Marathi boy No 🙂
Chand Osmani Women are exploited and tortured in Islam No? 🙂
Sabia The islamic rules are cruel and barbaric for women No 🙂
Rauf hindus .. are peace lovers and good citizen ? 🙂
Gauhar Pakistani now settled in Canada with Hindu husband Civil 🙂
Mumtaz Why inhumane treatment is resorted against women in Islam? No 🙂
Afreen Iranian Girl: I am married with a Hindu No 🙂
Haifa Muslim: I am too married with a Hindu guy No 🙂
Fa How can I convince my Muslim parents that this is not going against Islam? ? ?
Nargis Religion is a man made system of belief whereas the love is the creation of God No ?
Aleshia Im a Muslim woman married to a very religious Sikh ? 🙂
Salma Agha Due to religious pressure, married to a Muslim guy Moslem-Moslem 🙁

* These expectation of conversion and status of the blogger is arbitrary based on limited information provided. It is highly recommended to read individual full story to make your own assessment.

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121 Responses to “Muslim Girl – Hindu Boy Relationships”

  1. sandeep says:

    I have no gf
    I like Muslim girls

  2. Aysha Rajpoot says:

    Im muslim girl and im not intrested hmgm any hindu guy

  3. Aysha Rajpoot says:

    Hindu guy?
    Hahaha listen all hindu boys we are innocent but not fool,we love muslim guys they are so caring and handsome and some muslim uneducated girls saw indian dramas so they get idiot actualy they are not good muslim

    • Momeen says:

      I’m stunned at some of the ‘Islamic’ surnames: Patel, Rajput, Tripathi, Naik, Biswas, Manjhi, Bhat, Mattu, Rao…..
      Just wonder why these people have not even changed their Hindu surnames and uncringingly scream as if they are direct descendants of Arabs.

      These cult-addicts are highly intelligent that they consider their Hindu ancestry is imaginary!!!

      Go to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf nations, you will be treated as dirt by your Islamic masters!

  4. Heeren says:

    Hi..its good to love Hindu and marry with them to be happy for rest of life.

  5. avinash says:

    I am avinash. I am a hindu. I love a muslim girl. She loves me too..we would like to marry.. My family has no problem for marrying a muslim girl..but her family is not accepting .. And now she is forcefully getting married .. Help me plz…give me an advice…

    • avinash says:

      Plzz adimin… I am in a critical situation…living without her is kind of a hell…whenever i had a problem she was there for giving me full kind of support…

    • admin says:

      Hi Avinash,

      Generally Muslim-Hindu marriages are difficult. It all depend what is your situation. Are you financially independent? Which country are you from? Lets us know and we will work with you step wise.

  6. Shah says:


    I was wondering why Muslims are so good in fertility rate? Contrary to general populous blame to Muslims for rise of population(which is not much deviated from world wide population growth rate), Hindus failed to see big social issues and imbalance created due to killing of non-preferred gender women.

    As per 2011 census child female sex ratio per 1000 boy:
    National = 918
    Hindus = 913 (well below national figure)
    Jains = 889 (well below national figure)
    Sikhs = 828 (well below national figure)
    Muslims = 943 (huge above national figure).

    Thus, for every 1000 boys, Muslims have 115 more girls than Sikhs, 54 more girls than Jains, 30 girls more than Hindus.

    Means 30 Hindu girls r killed for every 1000 boys. Combining Hindus+Sikhs+Jains, 199 girls r killed for every 3000 boys.

    Means 28,434,000 (24.434 millions) Hindu girls killed for total Hindu population of 94.28 crore(942.8 millions). Imagine the generations & further reproductions which can be produced by 28,434,000 mothers have been killed. Imagine how many girls & their millions reproductions are killed if Hindus+Sikhs+Jains are combined.


    This gender imbalance is not only causing huge impact in Hindu population and it has become a national issue of unable to find bride.

    “India’s craving for boy babies leads to bride shortage”:

    Issue is so serious that It has become Election portfolio for many political parties instead of development agenda.

    “BJP leader promises brides from Bihar for Haryana youths”


    Another reason for decline in Hindu population growth is mistreatment of people based on caste & calling them “lower & untouchable” which force them to leave Hinduism:

  7. Abdul says says:

    And also the table you present blow also show that, there are maximum fields in which girls merry with hindu guy but not converted but even then they are happy because it is just the matter of understanding to each other problems will be create or not it is only and only depends to him/her if they love each other then they will be never ever make an issue on religion and there will be any igo or something else in one of them mind then it’ll creates problem.

  8. Abdul says:

    Hello my dear brother and sister rather you are a muslim or a hindu. I have read all your comments from top to bottom, so thats why i want to clearfy that i’ll not message on the block by different different name and account as as ADMIN said some one previously.

    So I am talking logically but it’s not meant that i am not a muslim, i have read kuran and gita as well. So at the end of the day i have understand that every religion of this word have a messages of love and respect and mercy, but in some fects it becomes the matter of understanding in ISLAM.
    Let’s talk about the marriage of hindu and muslim guy. So to think about every thing there are two way one is good and one is bad and they have equal chances, that result may be good or may be bad. First let’s talk about the hindus and their religions. so they people are have number of stories and no of Scriptures but some of them are miss guided it is not the fault of the generation it is the fault of the parents who don’t make them understand that if we doing some rituals then why we are doing them what is the reason and what is the purpose but they all know that god is one. Not even in a single stanza in gita says that the people who is follow the other religion or worship god or any other thing that is not pointed out any single person rather it teach us that however a person worship me in any we he is my adorer. no matter through which reincarnation god told but that is truly the voice of god, in gita not specified that in which form you should worship me of accept me that is teach us only and the only thing that the god is one and that is only the superior that is other thing that because of which thing people worship him in idols and something else in chapter no-6 in gita Krishna says to Arjuna that

    “Kaamaistaistairhritajnaanaah prapadyante’nyadevataah;
    Tam tam niyamamaasthaaya prakrityaa niyataah swayaa.”

    Means:-Those whose wisdom has been rent away by this or that desire, go to other gods,following this or that rite, led by their own nature.

    So there is some people who are following against their religion and scriptures and some people who are following their scriptures and religion currectily so such kind of cases are also present in our islam also where Islam says that one god but even than a large number of people goes to mazar and darghah to worship the one who would have been like us and the muslim brothers and sister offers the “forfood” on mazar like hindus as they offer to their god called “prashad” as hindus are misguids as well as the muslims are misguides we such categories of people is in every religion so the behalf of some people we can’t say wrong to each other because the all 5 fingers of a hand are not same. It is possible that there is a hindu who respect the muslim religion but is it necessary that he should be become a proper muslim like accept islam to follow the rule of islam and it is also possible that there may be a muslim who batter understand the hindu religion so over all it is just the metter of our understanding that in which thing our sole is being with us and in which thing we feel happy.
    I say that we muslims are not follow our religion properly too, because in our religion it is also mention that never borrow the money on intrest and never take intrest but what about that muslim brother who’s business or his or her bread is depend on the intrest money, in today’s time is it possible that any body does not put his/her money in the bank for savings and every body knows that bank always gives the intrest on the amount which you put in bank then do you not use that money because of that have interest. yes we do because we have to do because it is now become the demand of time.
    In the time of Muhammad (PBUM) the conditions are different muhammad gave the instruction about the interest money because at that time no of rich men misbehave with the poor people who borrow the money to him and the rich men takeover all there property of the poor people in the behalf of the amount+interest amount so in this manner interest was wrong but as far as questions is concern about the banks then it is right.
    Ok, now talk about the children, kuran says that, “you can have as many kids don’t bother about that because he is the one to feed everyone” so now a days if any muslim brother follow this thing and he is belong to a poor family then how he can feed and give them proper nourishment and education(if it matter for the father) different matter about the illiterate muslim families because they never focus to the child education, but now a days it is a big matter for the families who is living in metro cities it is really difficult to them to educate and nourishment of the kids if they are more then two. So by the time we set our own rules according to the religion on not according to the religion because life does’t runs on the myths and stories it runs on the practical facts.
    So we never thought that every hindu is the same, it’ll be wrong if you get married with a hindu guy or muslim girl. To be right or wrong it is the matter of our mentality if i feels comfortable with a hindu girl and i respect to her and her religion then we can live together happily and if a girl feel comfortable with a muslim guy or a muslim guy then they can live happily. So who are we to judge them and there relation according to hindu and muslim. God is always make a men (nor hindu nor muslim) with a religion and the first religion that is Humanity not hindusim and islam.
    So please trap out your self if the only one god is as great as he create the entire world then even he is as greate to accept all his children wether he/she comes from any religion.

    Reply at

    • shampa says:

      I salute your great thought which I believe too. In this world no one properly follow the relgious books.there is a only one God whom we can feel and worship him. We should thankful to him that he discover this galore in colourful universe and world too,where we are the part to enjoy this beautiful nature.Besides,I would like to share the concept of God/Ishwar/Allah.I beilve that God/Ishwar/Allah live in each and every good soul,if God permits us to joint two soul in a one soul with lots of love then which relgion has dare to stop these meeting up of loveable soul? So, friends I think if we love one by soul then there shouldn’t be any questions mark and shouldn’t force them to convert true religion,if you people love each other by heart by soul then doesn’t matter with which religion you belong to.we have only one religion that is HUMANITY. Actually I love a Muslim boy so much he proposed me one day and committed me that he will make paradise for me,but unfortunately that love was for a while ,because for some reasons he left me by saying ‘ l love u so much,you r the one I wrote the name every night in my diary’ and I believe too that he loves me lot . Now we love each other from far away without explaining ,without any intention,without expectation. So I am very unlucky that I have not succeed in my real love story, but who has fortune please listen your sound of soul not religion .

      Reply at

  9. M says:


  10. ravi says:

    humanity is god for human

  11. Bhav says:

    I was in love with a muslim girl , we both still love each other a lot , parents married her to her cousin , she said she cannot go against her parents or they will kill both of us and other reason me being a Hindu problems will be enormous . She sacrificed her love fr her parents . But we still love each other a lot , sometimes I think isnt it improper when the parents force their daughters to marry Their own relatives? ,females are never safe as one of her cousins can b her future husband u never know . Its lyk my lyf is stuck with memories and her love … I love u baby

    Reply at



    rss hindu u change u r think in royal islam….MUSLIM GUY WAITING FOR FINISH U…DA…..BUT IOVE HINDU BUT I HATE RSS …..



  13. Harman says:

    I cannot believe. How can Muslims be so blind. How can they ignore the fact that their prophet had 11 wives. And his youngest wife Ayesha was 7 yr old child. What kind of man would sleep w a child. It’s written that Mohammed also slept w one of the slaves for one of his wives. U can google it and please if I am wrong. I would like to know the truth.
    It’s documented in Quran how Mohammed had sexual prowess of 30 men and he would visit all 11 wives in one night.
    Now if you are following Islam please elaborate and understand if this man was enlightened and if Quran has messages from the angel Gabriel. Wasn’t Gabriel was a Christian angel.
    Also it’s noted that the black rock in Mecca was a shivlinga. A hindu idol. And that Mecca was a hindu temple built by vikramadittya.

    Please guys read and understand. You guys are all made fools by this guy Muhammad. Who
    O used his sword t convert rather than a choice. Mostly all Pakistani and afghani were either hindu or Buddhists before Mughals forcefully converted them.

  14. Abdul Shukoor says:

    very very few muslims are marrying more than one and the fact is that muslims women really enjoying the relationsship with their religiuos husband..but one cannot trust any hindu boy because hindu boys enjoying sex with many women before and after all hindu friends had sex with many girls..if you have doubt in this regard you personally ask hindu boys they will tell you their sotries..

  15. Abdul Shukoor says:

    if you want know how real muslim girls are happy with their ask to them. i have four sisters all are very religious and married religious boys..they are exteremely happy with their husband and they will enjoy their life in jannah(Paradaise) also..if you find any real muslim men you can trust him 100 percent..u ppl talking about a lot about hindu boys by saying that they are not marrying 4..but you go through the senses 90 percent hindu married couples have extra marital relationship they have objection in doing fornication/adultry with any women before or after marriage and they doing that if you have doubt in this you just personally ask any hindu boy he will tell you how many girls he enjoyed in sex and also think 99 muslims marrying onli one girl very few married two or three.and if you find any very religious muslimboyand ask how he keeping pure his mind and body for one who coming in his a very religious boy trust am not even looking any pics of any women my mind and body is only for one who coming in my life..

    • admin says:

      Can you give reference for “90 percent hindu married couples have extra marital relationship “. If you cooked up this as truth, any one could make such statement for any one. Please provide us authentic source where you found this truth.

      • Abdul Shukoor says:

        Dear admin am a research scholar.. you will give your email id i will send all detailed study that my hindu friends conducted study in extra marital relationsship in india among diferrent religion as the part of therir research..recently one of my close hindu firnd from mumbai he is psyscatist and doing counselling shared me that in mumbai alsomt every hindu married couples have extra marital relationship..because of people coming for counselling in regards to marital problem he too conducted study about this recently i will send his study details also to you..if you are able you publish that study in your website

        • admin says:

          Yes, we would love to publish it.

          It is good that you are a research scholar, thus you know how to conduct credible research. You got to have good sample size, proper sample collection method, strategy to minimize bias and disclose all pitfalls in your research. Laymen will not understand but you are a research scholar so we do not have to explain it to you. Please post all your information right below. We are waiting. Thanks.

  16. Muslim girl says:

    plz dear Muslims ……..My only request to all of u is to respect all religions and love all religions………
    u r making really beautiful religion…….
    bt its time to make beautiful world by loving each other………
    there is only n only one reality and i.e Human beings or living beings…
    and relationship among all of them with us is humanity….

  17. larif says:


  18. abi says:


    • vijay singh chauhan says:

      Hello abi first thing I want to tell you our most of hindu is misguided by puran, vedas is our true religion book, there is only one god,who is omnipresent, birthless, supremepower I cant define all the qualities.your religion also have some illustrations like allah lives on 7th floor.its mean he is limited n we believe he is endless so he can control all the things so easily to do so he has to present everywhere

  19. kader says:


    • muslim girl says:

      thats not true dude, if u thnk dat allah is one, den who the hell r u to make diffrence between hindu & muslim………..
      Sorry but u r wrong……..
      I am not in relationship with anyone……..
      bt i want 2 be in a relationship with hindu guy………..
      bcoz we creates difference (i.e a human being) not allah nor ishwar nor god nor bhagwan makes difference…….

      • Abdul Shukoor says:

        Dear dont know nothing about islam..islam preaching to worship one who created you and this whole universe. one who worship other than his creator is mushrik and muslims are not allowed marry them..this whole life is so short and one will die and there is a judgment day after death,..we have no problem to whom you love but you have to acount for your own deeds on the day of judgment..i agree u talking about human being but just think is any one stoping any human beaing to worship his creator? no one stopping non muslim intentionally worshiping everything without any basis…the one who created you in arabic whom we call Allah..if you want about Allah you wil get it from internet only..

      • narendra says:

        Good Write Up.Keep It Up.”BRAVO” 🙂

  20. ravi says:


  21. RAJA says:


  22. TJ says:

    Dear all muslim guys n girls on this forum,
    DO not worry for God is with us n if every story on this forum is true then each one wronging will hav to answer the Most High if not even one is true the perpretors will answer so dont despair Allah has said abt these people that they are so engrossed in fighting the believers that they forget God himself, when they point a finger at muslims their own finger points at them too

    Ignorance is bliss for them so they dont know but we know that the day of account is coming so lets just concentrate on correcting our deeds n prepare for the day when every soul will be asked of they used to do n every denier will despair at the sight of what they denied. Read the verses most of these love to ignore…because Allah will nvr let injustice touch any of the humans not even the deniers

    • Sabina says:

      Love see no religion, no matter how much you suppress Muslim girls, by way of quranic verses or giving “gyan” every Muslim girl is allowed to marry any guy of her choice, be it a Christian,Hindu whatever…you folks are such a hypocrite. Why are you superimposing your views on other Muslims, whatever you wrote, do you think only you know. You Sunnis are like this…spreading hate, singling out Muslims, and against love.

      • narendra says:

        Bravo Sabina!!!!!

        Well said.Are you married or going to marry? Who is that

        Lucky Person,whom you married or going to marry? It is your personal matter.Nobody,specially so called muslim “Intellectuals”(Really ?)should poke their nose in any Muslim Girl’s personal matter.Bad Habit (Sudhar Jao).

        By the way GOD bless you Happy & Prosperous Life. Be Happy 🙂

      • Muslim girl says:

        really bravo sabina…….
        i am with you………..
        sorry guys my english was not s good…..
        bt i still want to share my thoughts with you all…….

      • ashok says:

        very fact, courageous girl.

    • Zara says:

      Dear Sabina,
      nothing is said about marriage in the above post, I really don’t get why you are so hyper on each n every muslim’s post? Plus there is no superimposive view, its just a simple view which all muslims follow whether shia or sunni, to boost the morale of muslims. Why are you being so frustrated on every post of a muslim like it personally is forcing you to do something, everything is perfect for you right now so whats the reason of this frustration, no one told you to not marry that guy then why are you so concerned with what other ppl say when your own parents are agreeing and happy. What more do you want??

  23. Sabina says:


    I have reviewed all off your writings, you are not a female. You are brainwashed. You do not represent secular thinking of Islam. I m guessing you just evil minded khala who always thinks evil for others, I had phuphu just like yours. You must not even be with a job, that’s why you think other religion are bad. You are giving bad name to Islam. No one can correct you now, I pity your thinking, you will always be sad, frustrated and looser all your life, that’s why you don’t even have a life partner, may be you have a husband but he doesn’t love you.

    Allah give you good sirat, I m shia and I m proud to be not Sunni narrow minded like you.

    • Zara says:

      LOLzzzzzzzzz, seriously??? Pls stopping spoiling the name of “educated muslim girls” you are supposed to be representing!! They would be really sad to see your replies like name calling and insulting.
      It doesn’t hurt me what you think of me, that doesnot change the truth, and lol and whats with getting so personal??? Chillax, cant imagine a girl who got everything right happening for her would harbor so much bitterness, being so happy I thought you will atleast pray for others “who are nott so happy” But this is the opposite you are toh insulting me like I have wronged you personally tch tch tch, some secular muslim you are

      • tenali says:

        Sabina – You have no right to represent the category ‘educated muslim girl’. That right belongs to only Zara. Pls don’t abuse her by occupying her space.

      • Sabina says:

        See this is what I m saying, you write nonsense. Who allowed you on internet.

        • Zara says:

          I tricked the internet police then intruded on this highly guarded site which gives only highly regarded invitation only writers like you to put their views across so mere mortals like us could read ur lovely.views. 🙂

    • Rabiya says:

      Sunni-narrow minded
      really? -.-
      but still

      even i am educated
      and agrees what osama said 🙂

  24. Zara says:

    Also I haven’t posted anything abt other religions. I hv simply asked questions and raised certain doubt in a proper manner unlike aome other posters here bt yet hvnt got any answers

    • tenali says:

      You are such a nice and innocent girl who never abuses anyone 🙂 !! LOL…

      • Zara says:

        Lol show me one abuse I have hurled at someone, whatever I have spoke is after observing the comments here, nothing based on my pre assumptions like you and most people here.
        You dont need to get personal but being a “HINDU ATHEIST” can you pls answer the questions I asked you to about hinduism so I may be enlightened or is it too hard to answer because I have been asking this for long but all are busy in painting the town green black

  25. tenali says:

    Zara wrote – “Haha did I touch a soft spot there..ouch!! I hv been called worse here just bcos I m a muslim who defends her faith also you cant use the same key for every lock. Can you tenali”

    Haha… Since you were mistreated by some one, you can show that frustration by making personal remarks on me. Right? What an idea Madamjee!!

    You never look into the mirror before you blame others that they are making offensive comments against Islam. You are no different than them since you also post such comments against other religions or beliefs.

    • Zara says:

      Lol..u r back at it then…mistreated is an understatement. Every muslim here has been abused to no extent but that’s nothing new I hv ignired most of the prrsonal remarks but whats peculiar is how fast u r to catch d fact that I’m pointing fingers so I m no better
      Where do u keep this same sense when ppl including u point fingers at muslims forgetting that it doesn’t make u any better either
      Smell a rat full of bias??? I do.

      • tenali says:

        So you expect me to react when someone is abusing Islam? We have modern day prophets like Zara, GIG etc are working full time here for defending it. Even in this post, you could make a personal remark about me. That shows your culture and upbringing!

        • Zara says:

          No I expect u to restrain frm accusing islam blindly, then not extracting verses without knowing in what conditions and when it were revealed n to whom it applies also want u to stop pin pointing islam for what muslims do or how they practice it
 dear tenali I still dnt understand how u can only clearly see a muslims culture in their commments but not any one elses when they make vulgar or gross comments. Cuz this site is not short of such comments from hindus..pls remove the blindfold of injustice lol

          • tenali says:

            Read my comment again. I commented against your upbringing and culture. I did not comment on Muslim’s culture. I have many Muslim friends and you don’t need to teach me what Muslim culture is.

            Comments about the verses need to countered with solid arguments for and against them. You can never win an argument by making personal comments.

          • Zara says:

            Say whatever you want, it has the same communal tint like all of your comments where you blame the whole muslim community for anything one person does. Now you came down to my upbringing the you will talk abt my mother and father and so on
            It hurts right when someone shows you what level you are by coming sown at the same level. Again ouch!

          • tenali says:

            If there is a practice that is supported by a religious text, it is obvious that it is going to get attributed to community. That is true for not only Muslims but Hindus, Christians, jains also. If the person asking the question is ignorant, the person with knowledge should explain with patience. Just abusing each other will not work.

            Also, I never brought up family into the comments. It is you who is bringing them into discussion. I can’t help if you pinch yourself and then start crying :)..

  26. osama says:

    Requested to all muslim girls that plz dont change ur religion..
    coz islam is a truth religion
    so plz left ur other religion boy friend.
    and obey ur peraint coz they have many dreams take to u in his eyes
    Plz dont go any were left ISLAM a truth religion…
    All religioN is nice

    • Sabina says:

      You need mental treatment, you can only think like that,people like you are disgrace to man kind. We Muslim girls are educated and have right to choose any life partner of any religion,look how happy Sanjay darts wife is, how love ritik roshan keeps his wife. You are just here to spread hatred against Muslim and Hindus, keep your bloody mouth shut. I m an educated Muslim girl and I m going to marry my love, he is not a Muslim. My family is open minded and have no objections, he is educated, middle class, good earner and loves me a lot, and by the way who gave you rights to speak for women. People like you give bad name to Islam religion. You are fundamentalists, we Muslims must boycott these people.

      Reply at:

      • Zara says:

        Even im an educated muslim girl n agree with osama.if u domt agree its ok but u dont have to be so aggressive osama is only advicing as per quran if you dont want to follow ot its ur choice spking abt hatred frm ur comment u r d one sprding hatred clearly and pls dont spk on behalf of all muslim girls bcos there r sm of us who give God d preference n love our religion pls stop spking as if u r the voice of muslim girls who r ao called oppressed lol..also admin n satyen u also stop behaving like this type of girls r d voice of all muslim girls by. Ignoring me GIG chahaat ana n many more

        • tenali says:

          Here Sabina is very agressive towards Osama. But you are so sweet and soft in our conversation that I was lovingly called “frustrated, confused, mentally ill, looser, low level guy” 🙂 LOL!!

          • Zara says:

            Haha did I touch a soft spot there..ouch!! I hv been called worse here just bcos I m a muslim who defends her faith also you cant use the same key for every lock. Can you tenali

        • Sabina says:


          what education thought to me was every religion is equal. So I’m as an Indian free to marry anyone, as long as my parents and I love that person. And people like you who support osama’s thinking spread hate for non Muslims, when they don’t hate us. I m not hating Qur’an, you just decided on your own. I am surprised to see instead of supporting correct things for Muslim women you choose to support narrow minded Muslim thinking, none of my non Muslim friends thinks like you or Osama do? I doubt if you are even a girl. I don’t identified as a Muslim girl or Hindu girl, religion is guidance for human, not a step by step guide. I follow what is in favor of all others too, if we follow just Islam strictly there would be no peace, where is democracy then, country cannot run like this, every religion will then practice there religions practice strictly, which is recipe for war.

          you are not open minded and secular thinking. Marriage is between two people of any religion, people like you have made it difficult for Muslims girls who are killed or burned, because parents have your type of thinking. Ultimately that Muslim girl is killed because of your thoughts, you are responsible for this killing and hatred, Allah never wanted that. I believe all gods are equal, my father tells me how young guys are being fought extreme version of Qur’an. I m proud that my father is not a like other Muslims.

          • tenali says:

            Sabina – You are an educated girl and have wisdom to take the right decisions. You also have family support. There will always be some people who discourage you and some others who encourage you. Pls donot worry about these comments. Do what is best for your life. All the best!!

          • Zara says:

            Hello dear,
            You can do whatever the hell you want cos as a raised muslim you must well know that you aint gonna be answerable to me or anyone else but God, I never said that you hate Quran or said anything abt non musliim lol (dont know where you ppl even get this narcisstic idea to make it all about yourself)
            You are the kind of ppl who if Quran says disbeliever, thousands will stand saying Quran wants “HINDUS” killed. Oh please don’t be so flattered to make it abt yourselves
            About killing and burning lol lol lolzzzzzz as if hindus and christians and sikhs easily allow their daughter to marry someone else.
            You said your parents are happy with your choice lol that itself proves how supportive muslim parents can get, it contradicts your own statement. Pls go and make up your mind what you really wanna say and pls make it believable
            I only said if you dont agree its ok but dont get all aggressive and anyways why r u upset with Islam, you dont seem to have any problem right?? Or are you a social activist lol
            Hard to believe a muslim girl for whom everything is right her family her partner would still be so bitter against the same religion her family is living.
            Dunno which school teaches religion that you became so religiously educated lol and you are even accusing me of killings, some secularism there is lol
            Amazing how ppl here sing tunes of secularism but are against only Islam, guess they are jealous that they are excluded so created their own exclusvist secularism

        • Soni says:

          I truly agree with zara 🙂

  27. Vrati says:

    I am a hindu girl living in Mumbai, and I am in love with a muslim boy. I am 19 and he is 28, we want to marry. What options do we have?

    Reply at

    • proloy says:

      Vrati, If your love is pure, you may proceed. One thing I like to mention is that, don’t change your religion, as you are the proud descendent of the great civilized people of our ancient Indian civilization. Islam is a foreign religion came from Arab . Islam is the religion of uncivilized barbaric Arabian tribes. It has not built any civilization but destroyed the great ones alover the world including our’s also. They are doing it till today. Just see around. Our country is a predominantly Hindu country and Muslims are planning to convert Hindu girls by marriage, which is called ” Love Jihad. ” Pl. remember it and tell your boy friend to convert in to the religion of his fore fathers , i.e.Hinduism. If he is not agreed, leave him.

    • Muslim girl says:

      Hi dear…….
      sorry i am late 2 comment u……
      bt all the very very best 4 ur future……bt its my suggestion to u think twice b4 making any decision and dont change ur religion 4 any one coz its ur belief…….
      all the best again…..

  28. Zara says:

    Hahahah the jokes on this website keep getting funnier. To tell you frankly I come here for entertainment as I know this is total BS.

    LOL And I also sometimes laugh at my own self for coming here. (Just addicted to a hearty laugh)

    Keep up the BS admins. Just hope if there are any real stories on this website those “non muslim dames in muslim distress” will get some sense pretty soon and go to real counselors or genuine sites.


    One can really make out the qualities of advices in here. Really sad to see alleged non muslims can be so mentally messed up to run such a site and then claim to be “a great source for help”

    Kind of ulta chor kotwal ko datte…LOL LOL and some more LOL

    I’ll keep coming back to have some more laughs meanwhile thankyou for the humor dose

  29. Shabasta says:

    Islam do not preach hatred ,islam spread peace ,u must understand quran as it says …..Moghals ruled india 800 years dont forget that

    • Tenali says:

      Mughals ruled India for 800 years? This is as true as ‘Islam is a religion of peace and the violence in Islamic societies is a conspiracy by non-believers’. All the authentic history books mention that Mughals ruled from 1526 till 1857 ( i.e. 330 years ). If you eliminate passive rulers, they ruled only till 1707 which means they really ruled for 180 years.

      Even if we assume they ruled for 800 years, what is your point?

  30. Shabasta says:

    Am open minded muslim gal from reserved family
    i dont agree with many here ,islam respect women and uplift
    what ever islam says is from god
    mor than muslims hindus have more than one wife …..pls dont blame islam and prophet


  31. rajeev says:

    Rubbish marry the one you love or will love you for the rest of your life…by praying to allah you are doing what a human should towards a god(no one has seen or know him) and by praying to krishna,you are again doing what a human should towards a god(no one has seen or know him.

    All this godly science is man made…since the beginning….don’t beleives in names like Mahavira, Allah,gurunanak, Krishna, Jesus,and way of praying namaaz,arti,prayer,etc… believe in GOd(power. Seriously who made sun,moon,earth and sky…can you claim allah or krishna or mahavir or gurunanak or jesus….? You marry a human not religion or faith.

  32. saan says:

    mohammed, who had around 20 wife.and and most of them were the daughter of his follower itself..
    that is the system of marrige in islam.

    source -wikipedia

  33. sameer says:

    this is fake site…made by some extremist muslim,

  34. Zakia Ali says:

    i am young college going muslim girl and know very well what is right and wrong. you know I am the owner of my body and it is my own property, how to use and how to play with it is is my business not for others. I have deep physical relations with my class mate and by the way he is Hindu and I feel pleasure with his company. I and he love much more of each.what is harm in it i do not know why others are feeling otherwise about cast and create, we are running in 22th centry and our that is old.I do not think this is good.Every mature girls have full right to enjoy her life with her own wish and desires no any one take the gaurantee of my entire life either he is my mother, father or brothers.You know shortly we are going to marry with a non muslim boy with my hide physical relations through court.

    Reply at

    • Muhammed says:

      This website is full of EVIL talks…. the one who have faith in ALLAH will never go against Allah (swt) teachings through Quran and Authentic Hadith of Messenger of Allah, Muhammed (PBUH)… marrying a NON-MUSLIM who is idol worshiper is HARAM, A true Muslimah practicing will never ever won’t do that, request Muslim sisters don’t do stupidity under the EVIl talks, this life is an Exam for hereafter, practice Islam and know what is Islam, before taking any bad step which leads u to hell…. MAY Allah (swt) guide us on the right path of Islam with the teachings of Quran and sunnah of our beloved prophet Muhammed (PBUH)….

      • Admin says:

        We agree with you 100%. Muslims should remain Muslims the way Koran and Hadith wanted them to be. All of them should perform namaz five times a day and 100% follow what those two books are telling them to do. Further, Muslim boys and girls should not ever even look at Hindu boys and girls and forget about getting into relationships.

        Above message is only for those who are not true Muslims and now in deep relationship with a Hindu.

      • Ron says:

        I thin you muslims are mad because you people think that hindu religion is totally about idol worship where as its not true like your religion there are also two type of communities one who worship idol & the other who did not as if you go into the depth of hindu religion you will find that it is not about worshiping idols, so it would be better that you should go into its depth before commenting on it. And I would also like to tell you people in sikh religion also idol worship is not permitted.
        And actually what you people need is the change in your point of view. You people need to understand that human are not meant for the religions but religions are meant for human. As they are just a mode of living your life in a better way or you can compare it with a book of set of rules which tells you how to survive your life that to made by human itself & not by the god.

  35. amit gil says:

    muslims guys r just lik a pigs but muslims girls r innocent all muslims girls can enjoy wid hindu guys dnt worry v vil marry u

  36. SHIHAB says:


  37. SHIHAB says:


  38. Sulatna says:

    Hello readers,another evil of islamic relgion against women?

    VEILED CRIMES Some victims have been subjected to Halala an excruciating two to eight times. Sometimes a close friend of the husband or even the brother obliges.

    Holding a placard that says ‘Halala is nothing but the vilest of rapes’, the frail and waif-like Rubaiya Ahmad shudders as she recalls the darkest night in 35 years of her life – when she allowed another man into her bed.

    “I felt totally numb and dead inside. But that was the only option left to reclaim my two sons, “she says.”Moreover, the Maulvi sahib had warned me that no one would participate in my funeral procession and my family would be ostracised if I flouted the Shari’a’s command. ”

    Jalal, Rubiya’s “husband” for one night, was not particularly bothered about her turmoil. He was there for a purpose – to help his close friend salvage his marriage. A night after the Nikah and the mandatory consummation, he divorced Rubaiya without a fuss.

    It has been seven years since Rubaiya got back with her first husband, but the horror of Halala has stayed on. “I feel as if the man I married died the day someone else defiled my body,” she declares with vehemence. Her only concern now is to ensure somehow that her sons never get to know about the humiliation their mother faced, for “it would shatter them, or worse, they may blame me for the episode”.

    Last week’s meeting held by the Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan (BMMA) proved to be a catharsis of sorts for two dozen-odd victims of mental violence – namely Halala and triple Talaq. “Many who went through this could not gather enough courage to come out and face the world,” says BMMA president Naish Hasan.

    Last week, Naish created ripples in conservative Lucknow by dashing off a letter to the octogenarian president of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board. Pressing for inclusion of women’s issues on the agenda in its next executive meeting, it pointedly demanded a ban on Halala and triple Talaq, apart from recommending a codification of the Sharia to escape misinterpretation. “The response from AIMPLB, was as anticipated – nil, ” says Naish.

    In her letter, Naish mentioned seven victims who were subjected to Halala an excruciating two to eight times. One of them is Zainab Rubaiya whose husband literally turned her into a prostitute “He would pronounce ‘Talaq Talaq Talaq’ when drunk, when annoyed, when fired from his job, when clubbed by the beat constable or when I stopped his mother from hitting me with a ladle, ” she says. “Any occasion was good enough to boot me out. ”

    Zainab recollects that after every Halala, her husband would weep, standing alongside their children. “I bore Halala seven times. It’s a terrible feeling to walk down the road, knowing that everyone in the Mohalla keeps a count of your moles and curves, “she says, teary-eyed. For women like Munni, whose brother-in-law volunteered for Halala, the situation is even more humiliating. “Imagine facing him every day and pretending to be normal, ” she says.

    Contrary to the popular belief that Halala is confined to the rural belt, Naish claims that she has listed 11 such cases in the last two months in Lucknow alone. “However, women in the city are turning rebellious, “she says. “Some of them have walked out of the marriage after Halala was ordered – in fact, one woman begs in the Imambara as she believes that begging is more respectable than getting raped every sixth months. ”

    The number of Halalas is on the rise, confirms Kamal Khan, a Lucknow-based journalist. Interestingly, Halala is also fraught with risks for the men now – there are instances where the second husband has violated the terms of a fixed Halala and refused to part with the woman, often because she was prettier than his own wife. “So caution is the key word now, ” claims Kamal, who is making a documentary on the practice and has even recorded details of a Halala service run by Maulvis in Ghazipur and Faizabad. “The cleric in Akbarpur has inherited a lucrative business from his father. He conducts the marriage and divorce ceremonies. The business is growing, “he says.

    According to Khan, Halala-fixing is nowhere mentioned in Islam. The provision is made for “ittifaqan Talaq” by the second husband – meaning the woman can remarry the first husband if the second husband genuinely divorces her and the move is not carried out under a well-calculated strategy. The way it is followed today, the practice is totally against the spirit of Islam, ” he says.

    Zainab has a suggestion that she is too timid to air publicly. “If a man divorces his wife and then wants her back, let him be flogged, skinned or even sodomised,” she says. Why should the poor woman be made to suffer instead? What kind of justice is this? Even animals don’t mate on order. ”


    “After pronouncing Talaq, the wife becomes haram for the husband. If he wants to remarry the same woman, the rules are set – once the mandatory Iddat period of three months and 13 days gets over, the woman has to get married to someone else. This marriage has to be consummated. After the second husband divorces the woman, the first husband is free to marry her once again after three months and 13 days. However, Halala-fixing is strictly prohibited in Islam. “Maulana Khalid Rashid Firangimahali

  39. Aamira says:

    No more worry about losing your virginity. With this product, you can have your first night back anytime. Insert this artificial hymen into your vagina carefully. It will expand a little and make you feel tight. When your lover penetrates, it will ooze out a liquid that looks like blood, not too much but just the right amount. Add in a few moans and groans, you will pass through undetectable. It’s easy to use, clinically proven non-toxic to humans and has no side effects, no pain to use and no allergic reaction.

    When I first saw the product, I assumed it was a toy for couples to use if they want to act out a fantasy that requires the woman to be a virgin, and I’m sure that’s what a lot of people use it for. But the description itself seems to imply that women could also use it to fool an unknowing partner into thinking they are virgins, which puts a different spin on it.

    The other thing that’s interesting is the way in which this constructs virginity: as a purely physical state, rather than a mental or spiritual one. It’s sort of the flipside of the “re-virginization” ceremonies some evangelical groups in the U.S. have, where people are defined as virgins again due to perceived spiritual cleansing and recommitment to religious ideals and abstinence.

    You might pair this with a discussion of the chapter “The Disappearance of Virginity” in Joan Jacobs Blumberg’s book The Body Project. She looks at how perceptions about virginity, and specifically the hymen, have changed since the Victorian Era. In the Victorian period, parents would sometimes take their daughters to doctors to certify their virginity; virginity was defined by the presence of the hymen. Of course, this is a ridiculous way to decide whether a woman is a virgin, since many women tear their hymens long before they have sex and it’s possible to have sex and still leave the hymen at least partially attached (not to mention that even intact hymens vary widely, with some almost entirely covering the vaginal opening and others barely visible). Blumberg traces changing ideas about the importance of the hymen, as well as the patient-doctor relationship. Today it would be difficult to find a doctor who would agree to “certify” a girl’s virginity or report her sexual status to her parents, due to increased acceptance of the privacy of information patients provide to doctors. But parents are also increasingly unconcerned about the status of their daughters’ hymens, regardless. Hymens simply aren’t the obsession they once were, the sign of a young woman’s moral worth.

  40. Shakeela says:

    The Artificial Hymen Kit is exactly what it sounds like: Sealed in silver packages and nestled in a bed of pink satin in a small wooden box, the kit contains two “prosthetic membranes.” They will “restore your virginity in five minutes with this new technologically advanced product. Kiss your deep dark secret goodbye and marry in confidence,” says the advertisement at For 30 dollars, Hymen Shop ships from Hong Kong to just about anywhere in the world. Simply click, buy, insert, and voilà: virginity restored.

    In nations where virginity can be a literal issue of life and death, the Artificial Hymen Kit is controversial: Egyptian lawmakers attempted to restrict access after a blogger imported a kit from China. But its origin is less dire. Invented in the early nineties by a Japanese kinesiologist, distributors say the kits are popular in the fetish, porn, and sex industries. (The manufacturer credits “prostitutes in nightclubs on the gulf of Thailand” for popularizing it.) Among the first to market the product internationally, Hymen Shop now sells thousands of units each year, primarily to the United States.

    When I broke my first, real hymen in my teens — during an over-the-jeans dry-humping session with Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King playing in the background — I wasn’t even aware it was happening. So test-driving the Artificial Hymen Kit was an opportunity to lose my virginity all over again.

    After sacrificing one hymen to The Cut’s photo lab, I arrive at my boyfriend’s house with three “prosthetic membranes” in my purse. Despite a request that I wine and dine him in exchange for participation, I find he has cooked dinner and is drinking wine while playing video games with intense focus. He can do whatever he wants tonight because he’s lending his penis to science, journalism, and, worst of all, to the Internet, where his mother and seventh grade math teacher will have access to it.

    The directions on my Artificial Hymen Kit (color: “Joan of Arc Red”) are printed in Chinese on the inside lid of the box. Translated into English for my benefit, they explain there is a fifteen-minute window after the fake hymen has been inserted to have sex. This vagina will self-destruct in fifteen minutes. After a brief bedroom warm-up session with my boyfriend, I excuse myself to the bathroom, kit and instructions in hand.

    I open the first packet and take out what looks like a clear plastic Listerine strip folded into eighths. There is a gruesome amount of bright red liquid inside the folds. I “completely unfold the hymen,” as step No. 4 in the instructions indicates. Some dried-up flakes of red fall from the plastic. I don’t remember red dust at my original hymen-loss, but maybe every hymen-loss is a snowflake unto itself: a tiny and unique horror story floating in the wintertime of our innocence.

    “Using an index finger, insert the artificial hymen into the vagina.” Before I can decipher whether the hymen should go in blood-side up or blood-side down— rolled up like a joint? crumpled into a ball?— the film dissolves in my hands. I am covered in bright red dye. I am down one hymen. There is red on every surface of the sink. CSI: New York will need the whole hour to solve this one.

    I tear open the next packet, panicked that the clamminess of my hands will ruin my second fake hymen. Dissolve once, shame on me. Dissolve twice, and — oh God, what am I doing with my life?

    With some prodding, I stuff it in my vagina like decorative tissue paper in a fancy gift bag, blood-side down. The film clings to my finger, now the color of a red-velvet cupcake. As I Lady Macbeth my hands in the sink, I start to laugh maniacally. Nothing is funny. Fearing laughter will shake my hymen loose, I sprint back to the bedroom in search of a horizontal position.

    I discover my boyfriend has spread a red and white beach towel beside him on the bed. It says PUERTO RICO. He got it on vacation with his family, he tells me.

    Missionary is the only option here. During the delicate deflowering process there is no need for the Funny Business. As soon as he’s in, I shriek-yodel question after question: Can you feel it? Is it gross? Does it hurt? Should we stop? Are we breaking up? Are you mad at me? What are you thinking about? What about now? Can you feel it? What about now? I sound like a squawking turkey.

    My boyfriend answers all of the questions in the order they are received: He can’t feel it. Everything feels normal. He’s not mad. We’re not breaking up. Mostly he’s just thinking about sex. Still can’t feel it. No, not even now.

    I can’t feel that slimy piece of plastic, either. I worry it has been pushed further inside me, but after seeing how quickly the first one melted, I know it must be gone.

    Soon our banter has dissolved like the fake hymen in my vagina, and we are quiet. Me because I am imagining the Magic School Bus journey my liquefied hymen is making through my body, and him because he is just having regular sex with me, and we generally don’t “riff” when we’re doing that.

    Then we are done. Our crotches look like the inside of a lava lamp.

    Red Medical Food Dye (the official term, according to Hymen Shop Support staff) is smeared everywhere: his genitals, my genitals, the towel, our hands, and somehow on a T-shirt on the floor. He tells me there is a red thumbprint on my butt. We go to the bathroom to clean ourselves. While scrubbing, we discuss and process what just happened.

    First, we conclude, the “hymen” part of this device is besides the point. What’s to break? It dissolved instantly. But does that matter? I don’t know anyone who’s actually felt a hymen break mid-intercourse, and suspect that those utilizing the artificial hymen in earnest don’t, either. (Except for the fetish stars, maybe. But I doubt they mind illusion.) My e-mail buddy at Hymen Shop explains, “The first and foremost purpose of the artificial hymen kit is to provide the visual effect human being blood coming out of the vagina as a proof of virginity. The ‘breaking’ sensation in the intercourse is a second priority, and it’s an elusive one since it is very subjective with the individual man and the construct of the female hymen.”

    My boyfriend and I agree, however, that enjoyable sex is still possible, even when both parties are covered in fake blood the color of cherry Kool-Aid.

    The next morning, other than the fact that I am still peeing bioluminescent cake dye, nothing unusual is going on. (Except, yikes, that is extremely unusual. I vow to drink a lot of water.) In a fit of curiosity, I load myself with the final remaining hymen and ride a bike. Kool-Aid for everywhere. I can only assume the same is true for horseback riding, pogo sticks, and every other hymen-breaking activity from the Judy Blume canon.

    Later that afternoon, I get a text with the following: “My bathroom is covered in red dye. It’s all over the floor and the rug and shower. There must have been a huge blob of it somewhere that we smeared everywhere.”

    I respond, “New phone, who is this?”

  41. gaurav says:

    Its ridiculous that those who are born in a muslim family dont need to follow any ritual , but if a hindu boy wants to marry a muslim girl then he is expected to read quran like a parrot and its so ironic that 99% of non arabic muslims are unable to understand a word from it but a hindu boy is expected to read it like a course book.
    Its also ridiculous that an indian born near ganga and jamuna is forced to follow a culture which has nothing to do with quran or prophet mohammad eg. beard is an arabic culture while no arab wears salwar kurta which is indian culture.
    Its so ironic that if an indian born near river indus has to imitate a culture which has nothing to do with hindustani culture just to look like a muslim and if you wont have a beard or have an arabic name then you are not a muslim according to foolish indian muslims and it displays their self imposed second class status considering arabic to be purer race.
    I can understand the frustration of those who are engaged with a muslim girl including myself and believe me that i am a phd in this subject but when subcontinent people consider themselves to be inferior then nothing can be done to change their mindset.
    Its ridiculous that educated youth (even doctors ,engineers CA etc.) have to listen to madarsa educated high school fail imaams who have not read a siingle book in all their life and they behave like a scholar,my foot ,i think this topic is endless so will stop it here only so mail me or reply if you feel like ,bye

  42. Yasmeen says:

    Hello sisters,

    Dont worry about high cost of hymen repair surgery.

    THE CHINESE people enjoy a good reputation as inventors of the newest creations. The invention of gun powder and the paper, among other things, goes to their credit. The famous Chinese silk adorned the body and the bedroom of the high and the mighty like Julius Caesar and his successors in Rome and pretty women like Cleopatra in Egypt who travelled to Rome to display her best and win hearts of Romans.

    Now in the 21st century, the Chinese have come out with a new fangled device dear to hearts of girls who enjoy pre-marital sex and yet gladden their husbands on nuptial night with an intact hymen. The Chinese invented device costs just US $ 30. It is indeed worth buying.

    The artificial virginity kit is marketed by Gigimo, a Chinese company. When inserted, it emits a blood like fluid that the husbands believe to be the proof of virginity before copulating with the bride. In a conservative society like the ones in the Orient and the Middle East, the artificial virginity kit is likely to be sold like hot cakes among the fair sex who now feel sexually liberated.

    Nowadays, many women like to experiment in bed with a boy friend or, in some cases in a one night stand. Their virginity, however, is lost and the broken hymen bears testimony to it. The conservative males are not yet prepared to accept a bride on a nuptial night who had had pre-marital sex. The new kit is an answer to this vexing question.

    The male-dominated society in the Middle-east has, however, raised a hue and cry against the Chinese invented kit. The opinions expressed by them and carried by the Arabic press pointedly say that the new device will increase promiscuity in the conservative society. Thus the traditional values will go down the drain.

    They claim that wives who get used to playing deception on husbands may enlarge the area of cheating on their husbands. Where will the moral values go? The female lobby has not yet openly favoured the freedom to buy or not to buy the aforesaid kit. Should they do so, they are likely to be pointed as women of loose morals. Generally speaking, the male lobby is vociferous and the female defence is too feeble to withstand this male onslaught.

    Is the male who becomes the bridegroom as pure as fresh snow? You never can tell. In this respect, our Maker did not put a physical device to test the virginity of a man. Thus the male, after committing a thousand sins goes scot free. No stigma is attached to him and no proof lingers on to bother him except his own conscience, if he has one.

    The male society may be educated on the subject so that they practise perfect equality between men and women in matters of pre-marital sex. It will be dream come true. The Chinese inventors will, however, lament the thought of equality of this kind permeating the fabric of a conservative society. Then their business of such kits will bomb and the conservative world will laugh at them.

  43. Rossella Khatoon says:

    A ten-year-old girl was brutally raped on Saturday in Chittagong by Mohammad Moinuddin, the imam of the Chittagong Government Muslim High School. The 42-year-old man said that Satan led him to commit the deed at his shop at Yakubnagar in Firingibazar. The girl was taken to Chittagong’s Medical College Hospital for tests.

    Kotwali Police Chief Abul Kalam Azad told AsiaNews that around 6 pm, the imam called the girl as she walked home from school. He then took her to a quiet place where he raped her.

    The girl ran home bleeding and told everything to her parents. Her father ran to the place of the crime to apprehend the rapist, who was arrested right after police was informed of the incident.

    “My daughter is just ten-years-old,” the father said. “Every time I pray, I cannot but think about what happened. I cannot believe that an imam, a man who learnt from the holy religion of Islam, a man who teaches others, is the same man who raped by daughter. I want justice.”

    Deputy police inspector Naznin Sultana Juthee said that the girl’s mother has already filed rape charges against the imam.

    • proloy says:

      Rossella Khatun, Inspite of that, you people believe and trust these religious people? Come out from the prison of religion and live in the sea of humanity where no one will be identified as Hindu/Muslim/ Buddhist etc. Make a world of good people and hate the bad people irrespective of any religiuos identity.

    • M says:


  44. Zainab says:

    Nazneen says:

    January 3, 2013 at 5:13 am

    Hello Admn.

    I am attempting to reply your points raised for discussion in the beginning?

    1. Premarital sex is a crime or not, it all depends on the situation. If an innocent girl is raped or forced to sexual favour due to her some miserable situation, how it could be a crime. In the muslim community raping a slave girl or non muslim is not a crime. In todays free environment hardly 2% girls will not be virgin before wedding night atleast in western countries or talibani dominated areas, where rape is a matter of routine events.

    2.Mailes are not required to prove their virginity because of male dominated society almost every where, and the sexual organ having different shapes and sizes. In muslim community atleast male does not need to prove it because of privileges given in Koran, to marry 4 wives or give them talak, if not satisfied. Males have complete freedom in islam treating them just like a sex dolls.

    But such discrimination cannot be permitted in the eyes of Lord, who have created both male and female. Inspite of so much cruelty, discrimination, violence sexual assault no body dares to speak against Islam.

    3. Hymen bleeding is not a 100% proof of virginity now a days due to option of hymen repair surgery available in all countries. Even if bleeding occurs, even then wives are given divorce in search of another women for sex. In muslim community restrictions are so much, that sense of insecurity among wives are prevailing. Regarding sports to the girls, it cannot be stopped. Girls are recruited in army and police too, doing drill and physical exercises even in muslim countries, leading to breaking of hymen at times. Girls are participating in international tournaments of all types, so principle of equality does not permit to deny their rightful privileges.

    4.The blood stains are considered to be proof of virginity in a girl, who has not indulged in a sex prior to marriage and she is pure.
    Only due to this factor, the girls who can afford to go for surgery, they choose to do so and please their husband about her purity. But the poor girls who cannot afford it, they adopt other methods, like secretly sprinkling red ink or other red liquid on the bed sheet on the wedding night, as one of our sisters had pointed putting animal blood stains on the bed sheet. In muslim countries the business of hymen repair surgery is flourishing manifold, as the girls are not able to be keep their hymen intact prior to marriage due to one or other reasons.

    5. This practice is more prevalent in muslim community being the mind set of males and Koran. Even Jihadies are offered to get 72 virgins in the heaven. Muslim males want their wives to be virgin and self indulging sexual games with hundreds of other women. It is all evils of islamic religion, where women have no say, they are just fields, to be ploughed like any thing. Mullas and Maulvies/Imams are the most curel and corrupt elements of the muslim society preaching male domination and indulging sexual favours with any female, whom they like.

    6.For all evils in Islam, Koran, Prophet Mohammad and Sharia laws are responsible, who proclaim the orders of Allah? Can a God be so cruel against females? Imam/Mullas/Maulvies always interpret laws which suits to the males. Females in the islamic community has to lead a very miserable life under restrictions, torture, domestic violence and separation at any time. Islam is a relgion of blood shed, violence, murder, rape, looting, killing, kidnapping in the name of religion for thousand of years. Now Talibani, Al Quaida and other terrorists factions insisting for islamic rules in the world, so that they can enjoy sexual pleasure freely and commit attrocities on the females.

    7. Solution for these evils lies on the muslim women by:-

    (i) raising their voice against cruelties,
    (ii) take support from non muslim women,
    (iii) mass education programme for muslim girls,
    (iv) openly resist implementation of inhuman practices like circumcision among females, talak procedue to be made more rational and not at the will of the male.
    (v) Hymen repair surgery equally good for women, if the males can cheat the females, why not females to react in the same pattern?
    (vi) representation of women in all forums to voice their concern?

    May kindly give your views also.

    Also ask Aamir and other like minded persons, who are keeping silent for some time, to give their comments on this issue.



    Muslim women says:

    January 2, 2013 at 10:47 am

    The benefit of hymen repair,namely, the protection of innocent women fromsanctions, against the negative aspects of theoperation. First, he considers hymen reconstructionto be a potential fraud against the futurehusband. Although this is not explicitly statedby Tamimi, Yasin’s and’s papers (below)make clear that the problem at hand is ultimatelyframed as a matter of legal contracts and transactions,with hymen repair harming an implicit oreven explicit condition of the marriage contract.Secondly, Tamimi argues that hymen reconstructionwould lead to an increase of zina now freedfrom the fear of societal sanctions. Similarly hesees a slippery slope leading to abortions basedon the same arguments. Tamimi concludes that the expected negative outcomes exceed the benefit,and that hymen reconstruction is not permissible.The harm of false accusations against girlsand women, as a matter of principle, could not be
    remedied by causing harm to someone else.Yasin takes a different approach. He explains that Sharia accepts only two kinds of proof for zina, eitherconfession or four eyewitnesses, and that it imposes
    harsh punishments for false accusationsof zina. Thus, in his view, to conclude from a dilated hymen that a girl or woman has had illicit sex is against theregulations and spirit of Sharia. Contemporary
    Muslim societies have goneastray, accordingly, because they make
    judgments and punish without the required proof. Hymen reconstruction
    is actually a means to protect women and girls from false accusation and has an educational influence on society. Although only a temporary measure which would cease to be of any use in an ideal Muslim society, hymen repair can currently help to achieve general goals of Sharia, among which is sexual equality. Yasin discusses the positive and negative effects of hymen reconstructions in various scenarios, deeming it permissible and even advisory in cases where girls did not commit zina or committed zina just once.Only for those women commonly known as prostitutes or accused of zina by four eyewitnesses, can hymen reconstruction be forbidden.

    During the discussion that followed the presentation of all three papers at the IOMS conference, Yasin’s paper was severely criticized whereas Tamimi’s presentation received only minor attention. One argument stood out rhetorically in this legal discussion, because it introduced personal and public opinion into a debate of abstract legal rules: would the doctor want to marry a girl that had hymen repair without him knowing?This argument is based on a hadith laying out the general moral principle to not do to others what one does not want done to oneself. Though already touched upon in Tamimi’s paper, it was only during the discussion that it gained a prominent role and incited a rather emotional outburst.

    The final recommendations issued at the end of the meeting stated that
    any alteration of the human body aiming at deceit should be forbidden.
    The internet filter In order to assess the subsequent importance of these texts, we analyzed the public debate on hymen repair on the internet. The plan at the outset was simple: we looked for reference to, or traces of the IOMS texts in the internet discussion about hymen repair. To get a sample of this discussion,we made queries with popular search machines.2 We limited our close reading to the first twenty hits on Google, and later compared these to the top ten of Yahoo!, looking for overt citations, unmarked quotes,or paraphrases and lines of argument. The outcome was surprising: out of Google’s top twenty hits for hymen repair, only three texts were independent
    and unrelated to the IOMS texts. The rest were either copying,
    quoting and/or paraphrasing these texts, or drawing heavily from pages
    that did so. For the first ten hits of the Yahoo! query, only a single page proved unrelated. As to the degree of relations, the web-pages were mostly paraphrases and citations not otherwise indicated or in any other way discernible—the only exception being an online version of a published book with regular footnotes. Seven of the web-pages were mere copies of texts found on other pages listed in our search result. Fahmi’s medical study is the most widely used text. Although the many references to Fahmi formally makes his treatise the central text in this discussion,one has to keep in mind that it does not state an opinion—it is mainly laying out medical facts and the options doctors have in dealing with hymen repair. Opinions, or rather rulings according to the Sharia, are the domain of Yasin’s and Tamimi’s texts.
    Tamimi clearly dominates the online discussion with four pages related
    to his arguments, among those one finds the important islam online,
    which is copied and pasted in three other pages. Islam online is also the only page referring to Yasin’s arguments, though it rebukes them outright.


    Paki_girl says:

    January 2, 2013 at 8:20 am


    Hymenoplasty in Saudi Arabia section, includes general infrmation about Hymenoplasty Procedure, Hymenoplasty Saudi Arabia Local News, Hymenoplasty Saudi Arabia Surgeon Locator and other Hymenoplasty related material.

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    Hymenoplasty is one of the three major areas of cosmetic vaginal surgeries.
    The procedure aims to correct dysfunctions and improve the woman`s hidden aesthetics.

    The way a woman feels about the look and sensation in her vagina and pubic areas has a major impact on her self-esteem, her sexual desire, and her intimate relationship.

    There are three major areas of Cosmetic Vaginal Surgeries, aimed to rejuvenate a woman’s sexual feeling:
    • Hymenoplasty (hymen reconstruction, “bringing back to virginity”)
    • Vaginal reconstruction and rejuvenation (vaginoplasty, mainly vaginal tightening)
    • Labia surgery (labiaplasty, labia reduction and look improvement, correcting the size and shape of the inner and outer lips)

    Hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to repair or reconstruct the ring-like skin membrane partially covering the opening of the vagina (the “hymen”). Bleeding occurs when the hymen tears, which is typically the result of a woman’s first experience with intercourse. The Hymenoplasty surgery will pull the tissue back together to restore a “virgin-like” quality.

    Quite rarely, a female can unknowingly tear her hymen by inserting a tampon. It may also happen during sports (e.g. – bicycles or horseback riding).

    The biological function of the hymen is still uncertain, however, its social function is popularly regarded as a mythical symbol in many cultures. Therefore, qualified plastic surgeons perform Hymenoplasty at the request of women who need the surgery for ethnic, cultural, or religious reasons.

    There is a growing number of patients who desire higher sexual satisfaction by undergoing the Hymenoplasty procedure, not for religious or similar reasons, but because the vaginal walls are tightened.

    Hymenoplasty generally takes about one to two hours, with patients able to return to work the next day. Restoration of the hymen is done on an outpatient basis, under local anesthesia or sedation. Prior to surgery, patients are required to have a pre-surgical consultation and thorough gynecological examination. During this time, she should communicate her needs and expectations to the doctor, and in turn, will learn of the possible risks and benefits to hymenoplasty.

    Vaginal physiological state significantly affects a woman’s physiological state. Structure reconstruction of the vagina may well bring back the younger feel, and contribute the sexual life and self esteem improvement a woman is looking for.

    Some surgeons perform procedures involving laser surgery, where others use methods such as radiosurgical techniques or scalpel techniques.

    Depending on the choice of doctor and geographic location Hymenoplasty prices may range between $2,000 and $5,000.

    Your doctor / surgeon will explain how long the surgery will take, the amount of time and care necessary for a full recovery, and exactly when after surgery it would be safe to resume sexual intercourse and enjoy better sensation and orgasm naturally with full satisfaction by both partners.


    Jafreen says:

    January 2, 2013 at 7:40 am

    Hymen reconstruction, a surgery that repairs a hymen that is no longer intact, is controversial but that doesn’t stop more and more women from having it done.

    The hymen is a tissue in vagina that tears and bleeds when one has sex for the first time. The hymen can also be “broken” by strenuous exercise, the use of tampons and other activity can cause the membrane to tear.

    So what does it matter? Who cares if the hymen is intact or not? Well, in some cultures, men do. In cultures where virginity is highly prized, it matters a great deal if the hymen is intact and if there is bleeding on the wedding night. It may be an old fashioned way of thinking, but some men expect their bride to be a virgin and there can be extreme consequences in some countries.

    Rather than stay a virgin, women are opting to experience sex before marriage, then have the hymen reconstructed. The surgery isn’t terribly expensive, around $800 in China, where it is becoming more common. Muslim countries also have a large number of women seeking the procedure.

    More about hymen reconstruction surgery, and one man’s explaination of why women are “like cell phones” and why his future wife should be a virgin, could get more discussed by inviting more writers.


    Sayeeda says:

    January 2, 2013 at 7:31 am

    Hymen repair is a surgical practice in which the remains of a purportedly formerly intact hymen are tied together.
    The operation was first developed primarily for customers with Muslim backgrounds, whose hymen had been torn and who were about to get married. In countries of pre-dominantly Muslim populations (among others), the dilation of the hymen of an unmarried woman is widely regarded as proof of her having had premarital sex, and these women
    sometimes fear serious consequences once their state is discovered.

    Opposing views

    Hymen repair operations are offered in Middle Eastern countries, as
    well as in Europe and North America, where they are used primarily by
    Middle Eastern women who are about to get married. However, in the US,
    women from South American origins, as well as from conservative Christian milieus where virgin marriages are increasingly valued, are reportedly making use of this operation in rising numbers.1
    The issue of the permissibility of hymen repair operations was discussed for the first time in the 1987 meeting of the Islamic Organization of Medical Sciences (IOMS) in Kuwait. The Egyptian medical doctor, Kamal Fahmi, submitted a short study describing several medical practice situations in which doctors might be asked for a hymen repair operation. In response to Fahmi’s incentive, two further studies by religious scholars were submitted. The first by Muhammad Nai‘m Yasin argued for the permissibility of the operation, while the second by Izz al-Din al-Tamimi argued against it. Both scholars recognized that there are causes for hymen dilation other than illicit sexual intercourse (zina), which Middle Eastern society generally assumes must have taken place. Consequently, girls and women suffer from communal sanctions regardless of the cause of the dilation—a problem for which hymen repair could be a possible solution. Both considered the protection of innocent girls from sanctions to be a form of sitr, a legal principle calling to refrain from exposing somebody’s weaknesses or faults unless necessary.


    Zeenat says:

    January 2, 2013 at 7:22 am

    Hello Muslim sisters,

    Dont worry about loss of virginity before wedding night.

    Hymenoplasty in Thailand is a viable option for women who wish to appear chaste before marriage or want to recapture the first intercourse experience. Those who want to save considerably and remain discreet about their hymen repair should consider virginity surgery in Thailand.

    Hymen repair surgery in Thailand is available at a lower price than in First World countries, such as the US, the UK, and Australia, because of the lower cost of living. However, the affordable prices of cosmetic surgeries such as sex change and laser vaginal rejuvenation in Thailand does in no way imply compromising the quality of the surgery you will be receiving—the reputable Bangkok plastic surgeons have undergone rigorous medical training and are compassionate to the needs of medical tourists.

    Besides the low prices and quality surgery, the popularity of Thailand’s tourist activities also attracts numerous foreign patients from all over the world. According to the article “The effects of medical tourism: Thailand’s experience,” by Anchana NaRanong and Viroj NaRanong published in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization on September 22nd, 2009, Thailand provided medical services to as many as 1.4 million foreign patients in 2007.

    Hymen Repair – How It’s Done?

    During the procedure, your surgeon will numb the area with a local anesthetic. The edges of the previously torn hymen will be brought together to re-form the small ring as it was originally.
    The surgery is not recommended for women who have had vaginal deliveries or who have been pregnant.
    After the surgery, the “revirginized” hymen will bleed and tear during sexual intercourse as it would prior to any sexual relations.
    Hymenoplasty takes about one hour to perform.
    The recovery period typically takes about two months. Patients should not exercise or do any strenuous activities (including sexual intercourse) for the first couple of weeks after the surgery. Patients can usually go back to work after one week.

    Advantages of Hymenoplasty in Thailand

    One does not have to worry about going over his/her budget, as the hymen repair cost in Thailand is much lower than in the United States, the Middle East, the United Kingdom and other European countries and Australia.
    With medical tourism in Thailand on the rise, the country’s doctors and hospital staff know how to make foreign patients feel welcome. The leading plastic surgery hospitals in Bangkok are replete with all the modern facilities and equipment. Additionally, English-speaking hospital staff and multilingual translators make communication between the patient and the doctor a breeze.
    Getting hymen reconstruction surgery in Thailand allows you to be discreet about your hymen repair. You can simply tell friends and family members that you are flying out for a vacation so they will not know you will be undergoing hymen repair in Thailand.
    You will be in good hands during your virginity restoration surgery in Thailand, as there are numerous JCI-accredited hospitals in the Southeast Asian country.
    If you have been considering other aesthetic procedures besides hymen repair surgery in Bangkok, now is the time to do it. Obtaining procedures such as a nose job or fat transfer in Thailand along with your hymenoplasty will help you save considerably.

    Things to Consider Before Undergoing Revirgination in Thailand

    While an affordable hymenoplasty cost in Thailand is important, patients should take care not to let price be the only factor in their decision. Making sure that the hospital is reputable and the surgeon is board-certified is crucial to getting the desired results.
    When considering hymenorrhaphy in Thailand, it is important to plan out your mode of transportation.
    Whether obtaining hymenoplasty or buttock implants in Thailand, it is important that you research your doctor and hospital of choice thoroughly before traveling to Thailand. You may want to look at before and after pictures, patient feedback, and online forums.
    The best time to visit Thailand is November through February.

    Undergoing a hymenoplasty in Thailand is a great way to save on costs while obtaining high quality surgery. And during your stay to avail hymenoplasty in Bangkok, you would love being able to indulge in the city’s various sightseeing activities as you recover.


    Zarina says:

    January 2, 2013 at 7:15 am


    How do you prove the blushing bride is a virgin on her wedding day? Look for blood on the sheets the morning after. At least that’s the case in some Islamic and Hindu communities – an intact hymen is ultimate proof of pre-marital virginity. The need to be seen as a virgin compels some young women to go through hymen reconstruction. But new Dutch research shows that hymenoplasty doesn’t cause the desired bleeding during nuptial night intercourse. According to the researchers, it’s better to educate and empower women on the topic.

    One of the researchers involved in the study is psychologist-sexologist Bianca van Moorst at Sint Lucas Andreas Hospital in Amsterdam. “My colleague from the Amsterdam Medical Centre and I were both amazed by the way that requests for hymen reconstruction surgery were handled,” says Ms van Moorst.

    “Some gynaecologists say: ‘No problem, we’ll perform the operation.’ While others say: ‘No, that’s unethical and contributes to the oppression of women.’ Moreover, nobody was even certain whether hymen reconstruction actually works. That’s why we set up the study.”

    The study
    Nearly 90 women were followed over a two-year period at two different hospitals in the Netherlands. The women were closely monitored and supported through the decision-making surrounding hymenoplasty. The researchers offered education and counselling in an effort to banish a number of myths surrounding virginity.

    “People believe that women should bleed on their wedding night, but, in truth, only about half of women bleed when they lose their virginity.”

    Cast out
    After extensive conversations with the gynaecologist-sexologist, about half the women decided not to proceed with hymen reconstruction. According to Ms van Moorst, those who ultimately decided to have hymenoplasty were motivated by emotions. “They then felt as though they had done everything possible to restore virginity.”

    A woman seen in the RNW video below this article tells why women sometimes have no other option. According to Karima:

    “In my culture, you can’t tell your parents or your family that you lost your virginity before you got married. My mother could not live with that. I would bring shame on my family and I’d be cast out.”

    No blood
    Ms van Moorst asked the women who chose to have the surgery if it brought the desired bleeding. “Our research revealed that the reconstructions don’t work,” she says. “It was very remarkable, and I’m glad because it this is yet another reason to advise women not to have the operation.”

    Further education seems to be a better option than surgery.
    “It’s now policy at my hospital to send those requesting hymenoplasty to a psychologist-sexologist first. We have more or less required women to look at their own vaginas during a gynaecological exam. That was an extraordinary step; you can educate women with pictures, but they have a preconceived notion about what their own vagina looks. One by one, they said: ‘Wow, it’s so small, I can’t even see the hole.’ It was very enriching for the women.”

    Buying virginity online
    But between education and surgery, there’s a gamut of alternatives for a restaged virginity. In the video, gynaecologist Ineke van Seumeren talks about a pill that imitates the bleeding caused by a ruptured hymen. Websites sell plastic membranes that produce red fluid when touched. Yet the safety of most of these products is unknown. “Education is thus the best way forward,” says Ms van Moorst.

    Karima finally chose to have the surgery. As she put it:
    “I had my hymen repaired so I could get married. Everyone would think that I was still a virgin and I could just get on with my life. Life looks really good right now. I have a really sweet husband… we’re very happy together. But the operation is a secret that I’ll always carry with me.”


    Golbahar says:

    January 2, 2013 at 6:03 am

    Hello readers,

    In my opinion, when both male and female are creation of almighty, if the male can enjoy premarital sex with out proving their virginity for marriage, if the females enjoy premarital sex and get their hymen repaired for wedding night, what is the harm? Females have right to equally satisfy their physical requirement at a time, when they need from the male whom they prefer.

    It is really a boon for females to get their hymen repaired for marriage to teach lessons to the males. Due to present libral environment and socail net working sites including sexual chattings, the courage for early sex has arisen among teenagers and they enjoy many times before being married. The cases of hymen repair surgeries through out the world particularly among muslim females have increased many times and such center and clinics are earning a lot.


    Farzana says:

    January 2, 2013 at 5:45 am

    Hi every body,

    I am Frazana from Holland.

    According to Islamic culture Muslim girls must be virgin when they enter a marriage. For girls who had not succeeded in doing so, the wedding night hangs like the sword of Damocles above their head. A hymen repairs operation offers a way out. “I’ll do everything, if only I’ll bleed.”

    “I was greatly relieved when I was after it.” Yasmina (22) from Rotterdam sits on a bench in Zuiderpark. She wears jeans with a leather jacket and big silver earrings hang from her ears. After thinking and weighing it for a long time, Yamina had finally promised to talk about one of the great taboos in the Islamic community: the hymen repair operation.

    Yasmina: “I was 19 and head over heels in love with with a boy at school. He was also Muslim and when he heard from my girlfriends that I though he was nice, we started talking. My girlfriends warned me that I should still look out because he was known as a player, but I was too in love to listen. More than that he told me I was the one. Exactly three months after I went out with him it happened. He swore to stay by me, but when I called him up the following day he broke it off.”

    At that moment Yasmina realized that she would never be a virgin when she married. “I felt terrible. Not being a virgin before marriage is one of the greatest sins in Islam. My mother always told me in the past that girls who gave away their virginity will never marry. I really wanted to get married and out of fear kept silent.” Three years later, when Yasmina was ready to get married, the panic began anew. “My fiance made no secret of the fact that he thought it very important that I was still a virgin. I was then also terrified of what he would do if I didn’t bleed. Probably he would immediately separate from me. By chance I happened on the internet on a clinic that offered hymen repair operations. At that moment it seemed to me the perfect solution. A couple of days ago I had the operation and next week I’ll be married. I know that I can’t erase the past, but the hymen repair operation made me in any case a virgin again.”

    Yasmina is one of the hundreds of girls in the Netherlands who go through a hymen repair operation annually. The operation is especially popular by Muslim girls of Turkish, Moroccan and Hindu origins. In this group there’s often enormous obscurity about the hymen. The girls are raised with the idea that the hymen is a type of glass membrane that closes the vagina and which only lets the menstrual blood flow through. During the wedding night this membrane is perforated and the girl bleeds. In many North-African countries it is even usual on the following day to show the bloodied sheets to the family. When a girl is no longer a virgin, she is repudiated according to tradition. In the Netherlands, despite the present time, this tradition is persistently held on to. Girls who lose their virginity without marriage go into complete panic.

    Wies Obdeijn- Van Welij, doctor and sexologist, gets 50 girls a year who beg for a new hymen. “Most girls who come here still think that they must bleed when they lose their virginity.”

    “In the past maybe it was so that in the Islamic culture certainly 90% of the girls bled during the wedding night. But this happened mainly because they married very young and through marrying off still barely knew their partner. Because of the nerves there wasn’t a state of arousal and that resulted in bleeding. Today certainly 40% of the girls don’t bleed during the first time. Also the hymen is not a film that must be pierced but barely a bordering tissue.”

    However many girls decide to go through the repair operation. Obdeijn- Van Welij: “The idea of bleeding is often held so deeply that they barely believe anything else. They just want most of all to bleed during the wedding night. As the tradition prescribes. An operation can take care of that. During the operation we pull the edges of the hymen more tightly so that the girl almost certainly will bleed. When they’re done with it, they often go home happily. Virginity is strongly connected by these girls to the hymen.” If it’s intact, it means they’re virgins.

    Saida (25), from Amsterdam, had a hymen repair operation two years ago. She sits in a station restaurant in The Hague because she is afraid to be recognized in her own neighborhood. “Though every Muslim knows it happens, nobody talks about it,” she says. “This is the first time that I tell about it. When I was seventeen I lost my virginity. It was a boy from class with whom I had a courtship at that time. Naturally I felt very guilty afterwards, but my fear began just when I was about to be married. At any cost bleed during the wedding night. I didn’t want my husband to be disappointed and also though even as a virgin you don’t have to bleed, my husband would never understand that. Above all, I had no interest in difficult talks during my marriage. It had to be perfect. Therefore I had a hymen repair operation. The wedding night was perfect. I bled and my husband was completely happy.”

    However the operation is disputed. Many gynecologists refuse to perform the operation because it upholds the myth regarding the hymen. Ineke of Seumere is a gynecologist at the UMC in Utrecht and performs the operation only rarely and on exceptional indications. When we support the idea that a virgin must bleed during the wedding night nothing will ever change. Not only do we agree that a virgin must bleed, we also help to keep the tradition. A tradition that according to Seumeren is full of contradictions. Isn’t it strange that a man may have sexual intercourse before marriage but demand a virgin? Therefore I get girls repeatedly that have used anti-conceptions for years, and now they want a quick restoration before their marriage.

    Obdeijn-Van Welij agrees with the gynecologist’s story. “There are even girls who come to me that are yet plainly virgin and want to make sure that they bleed. But I think that it’s not up to use to change the tradition. You shouldn’t forget that these girls are a second generation of guest workers. They are girls that have enormous double feelings. On the one hand they grow up in the free Netherlands. On the other hand they don’t want to disappoint their parents. I think that the situation will change by itself. Till that time, I will attend girls as well as I can. That’s what I’m a doctor for.”

    Yasmina is not worrying anymore about her wedding night. “Through the operation my problem has been solved. My husband will tear my hymen, and I will bleed for him. Precisely as it should and hopefully, finding
    spots on the bed, he will feel proud of his wife, but how long? H e will one day again seek to marry with a virgin to satisfy his sexual desire, as happens mostly in muslim guys.


    Taslima says:

    January 2, 2013 at 5:31 am

    I have never been intimate with any guy but my bf of three years. I was waiting for marriage but my bf finally won my trust at our 2.5 year anniversary. I tested him like no other to make sure he was serious and truley wanted to give me a future with him as his wife. So I let him kiss him and it led to us losing our virginity to eachother, which to us was basically a promise to each tother to stay together forever. But that guy disclosed it to his friends too and they started blackmailing me. I told this to my BF, he said oblige them also, otherwise they will spread the message and soon they also started intercourse with me many times.

    Now I feel regretful because nothing can change that I am a muslim and what i did was a major sin no matter for what reasons I did it. I never would have done it with anyone if I was not so sure that we would end up married. so im not a whore as a human, but as a muslim, althought the reaons for why I was intimate with a guy were not bad (as in just lor lust, good time, etc), am I considered a whore because i still did it? I feel restless and I legitimately think im a whore now because I identify myself with my religion and not as a normal human affected by our culture.

    Any suggestion for me please.


    • Mohd Sadiq says:

      my dear frnd ur going to spoil life by urself dont u wish have good huby to look after u &ur family y dnt u choose a right person by consulting ur parents ur going ruin ur life so plz stop doing this right now go another way ask ur parents plz ask allah talah for watever u have done in past and show me the right way ok godbless u takecare allahaffiz

      • Mohammed says:

        He is a fake person(admin) with the fake name wants to insult islam with the lies but he dont know what will happen to his life

  45. Saimah says:

    Sha Gull says: December 27, 2012 at 9:53 am

    Hello Admin/Sateyn, and muslim sisters,

    Nice to read different comments on different blogs.

    I wish to share that few years back, the press and radios in Britain were abuzz with reports that muslim girls, especially Pakistani muslim girls, UK, were demanding the Hymen Repair Service free on the NHS, Britain. It was reported the demand for this service had gone up many fold in recent years.

    If done privately, the hymen can be repaired for about 4,000 pounds sterling, while if approved, it can be done free of charge on the National Health Service.

    The demand for this service arises from the fact that muslim bridegrooms ask for virgin brides, so muslim girls after this operation pretend to be virgins, while enjoying premarital sexual relationships.

    One wonders if muslim men REALLY need a virgin bride, for on dying a jihadi death, they are guaranteed 72 virgins (plus 30 odd pearly-eyed boys), who revert to being virgins after each sexual intercourse ! In that case, do they really want an ‘earthly’ virgin bride?

    Now coming to my own life history, I have been brought up and studied in a free enviornment of Britian, so don’t hesitate to disclose that I even enjoyed premarital sex many times with boys of different communities, like Hindu, Budhdhists, Christians, like the other girls in the hostels enjoyed.

    I am in relationship with a sikh boy, who has sexual relations with me and wants to marry me, but my parents wants me to marry with a Pakistani boy. If decided to marry with a Pakistani, I have to repair my hymen to restore my virginity. I am also a working woman (28 years), personally don’t want to do that surgery, rather to marry Sikh boy, who does not use turban and works in the same company with me

  46. hastalavista says:

    this is the one of the pathetic website i have ever encountered..what is being a hindu..i want to say that we are more liberal than any person in this world..atleast we are not forced to do anything in the name of religion..we don’t have any fatwa or so so idiotic things..u guys are living in the fear..what the fuck is wrong with love between hindu with muslim or vice versa…from this website i am clear that muslim people suck..they just know how to spread hatred..they are more violent..the whole system is similar to nazism or some dictatorial rule..don’t do this or that…if you really want to do anything good..just stop terrorism from this and let other live..

    • Srinivas says:

      “if you really want to do anything good..just stop terrorism from this world”

      I know you are not coming back as you said good bye. But this is for others who might read your observation.

      What is terrorism? Terrorism is just means (or a way)to achieve political or religious objectives. One can only stop terrorism by understanding Islam completely.

      But this website is not about stopping terrorism or Islam. Its stated purpose is helping people in interfaith marriage.

      But how the hell discussion of Islam comes up here, then?

    • admin says:

      Dear Hastalvista,

      What do you mean by “this is the one of the pathetic website i have ever encountered”? What you did not like about?

      This web site is designed to define IM-WE (Interfaith Marriage with Equality). There are so many youths in love from ALL faiths who do not want to hear any thing against their love for first three years. After that when they start talking about marriage, they realize that there are many irreconcilable issues. That is where we come in picture.

      If we tell these youths that interfaith marriage is bad or people from XYZ religion are bad, they will not like that message at all, and they will move to other site. Instead our approach is to lay all possibilities in front of them and let them make “informed” decision. It is their life and their choice. We are here to provide knowledge, that all.

      Why you think this approach is wrong?

  47. Krishna says:

    Hey my frnds whetevr u r hindu or muslim.
    I have one girlfriend.She ispure muslim.We are best frnd for the last 1year,I love her much.But she is not accepting me bcoz I am a hindu boy,her thought is little bit same about my thought,but her family is pure muslim.We both are a good and intelligent student.I know that India is a secular country and also I am not saying about any region.I believe in allah as well as hindu God.I am not discriminating any religion.What can I do….
    and I also wants to Crack IIT so that in future I will become a good engineer,
    can after sucess her parents accept me???
    please help me…..

    Reply to Krishna at

    • agnostic says:


      1. You mention your trying to crack IIT. I assume your 17-18. Forget about love. What do you know about how you will think 4 years ahead? And IIT is no cake walk. When I was doing it, this was ALL I believed in, ate, slept, and worked on. IIT was like my religion (was much harder being a girl – no peer group). Eitherways, You CANNOT have a relationship like this and hope to crack the IIT. Forget everything and go study – listen to me.

      2. Again, you are VERY young. At this age, your thoughts will change super super quickly. Your future plans might be totally different from hers 4-5 years down the road. Do you want to be in a relationship at the prime of your life at 21, just because you jumped into it w/o thinking? And another thing: you will change a lot during your undergrad, We all do. You will have grown as a person, and will definitely want different things later.

      3. If she is not accepting you, its possibly because she is not ready to go through with the challenges involved. Respect her choice. You should think before you step in to this. It’s NOT an easy road. Unless BOTH of you accept each other and discuss the major points on religion, you should not even step one ahead.
      Also your parents will not even take you seriously at this age. Most hindu parents place a HIGH emphasis on education. Meet those expectations first.

      4. There is a chance that you might have drifted apart during your undergrad from this girl due to rapidly changing personalities and experiences. Give that a chance to happen. Her life may be totally different from yours. You dont want to graduate, have a scholarship from a US school for a PhD, and have this girl bothering you to get married immediately. Its a BAD idea to get into a relationship at your stage.

      • agnostic says:

        Also, if it’s destined you’ll make together it anyway. And will be more convinced and mature to deal with such complicated things later on.

  48. zahid says:

    Those who find islam is cruel for women are idiots first because without knowing laws of Allah(GOD) given in Quran. They get all these rubbish things about islam from media.if islam is cruel for women why western womens accept islam. If you think i am talking lie then go to google search and search western women accepting islam you will get links from most non muslims western people are converting to quran and convert to islam.may Allah show you right path.Ameen

    • Admin says:

      What would you tell a Muslim girl who is (by mistake?) in love with a Hindu/Sikh/Jain? Can you give a direct message to them for what they should and should not. They would appreciate your guidance. You may save someone’s life or stop from making a grave mistake in this life, thanks.

  49. AMIR BAIG says:


    • Arjun Kapoor says:

      Namaste Amir baig- Indian law allows muslim girl to marry Hindu or Christian guy without girl converting to Hinduism or boy converting to islam. All religion are have understood this rule of humanity and secularism, why are you teaching wrong illegal things to muslim girls ?

  50. sheen says:

    Hi I have a hindu bf who is ready to convert to islam. his sis also married to a muslim guy n is nw practising islam n knws Islam perfect n more than I do. My bf also wants to change bt problem is my dad won’t eva agree to this plz help

    • believer in God says:

      i dont undrstn y morons like u exist at all? for u luv is all abt conversion business. the very base of luv is acptn the other as they r. no matr wat cast, creed status. but u muslims have changed its definition n now thr is nothn as luv. y dont u marry a muslim guy wn u so intrstd in islam? u wil cum to know the real face of islam then. sick morons. brainless. shame on u. lier in the name of luv

    • admin says:

      You parents know that these Hindus will “fake” convert to Islam, act like a Muslim in public but inside they have not given up their Hindu faith. If Islam is important to you and wish to raise pure Muslim children, you better marry to someone already a Muslim by birth or Muslim for a several years.

      Some Hindus don’t have problem with conversion because some of them think Allah is one more God among thousands of other Gods they already have. Please ask him to read Hindu Boy article and Koran on Hindus. Ask him if he really understand what Islam is all about. Ask him to convert to Islam and fully practice Islam literally for two years then only you will consider to marry him. If not, like your parents have concern, this guy will put you in a deep trouble later.

      As we have stated before, for practical consideration, marry him as a Hindu, because “If after conversion to Islam, what if this former Hindu exercises all new Islamic perks; meaning, what if he lines up 3 other younger girls along with you and later gives you a taalak-taalak-taalak? Instead of that, if you are smart, marry a Hindu without converting; so legally a Hindu husband cannot marry to a second girl or give you an easy divorce.”

      Please keep us posted how your relationship develop.

    • AMIR BAIG says:


    • Proloy says:

      I would requst all such hindus,not to convert in other religion, rather people of other religion should be converted to Hinduism. Hinduism is the oldest & great religion of the world.Actually, ancestors of all people of this subcontinent were Hindu . So, all citizens of these geographical area should come back to their original great religion of Hinduism.

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