I am a brahmin in relationship with a muslim boy

Priya says: October 18, 2012 at 10:43 am

Hi I am a brahmin girl who is in relationship with a muslim boy for past 8 years. I started loving him from my college days. I love him a lot and i have a great belief on my bf that he also loves me a lot. But now i am working in a bank and he is in UAE. First he said about our love to his parents first his father denied but his mother convinced him and now both of them agree to our marriage but my parents do not agree to me. My parents say that it’s not good to marry a muslim boy (sorry if it hurts anyone), they think its dangerous and they are listening to my relatives opinion. They are saying that the boy’s family will convert me into a muslim after marriage and they say that they will spoil my life by doing so. Both my father and my mother does’nt agree for my marriage. I am suffering like anything. So please tell me some good suggestions.

Admin says:

Priya, there is enough said on this web site. No two cases are same. However, what ever your parents are saying is not necessarily wrong, but may not be true in all cases. Your statement “boy’s family will convert me into a muslim after marriage” is true in most cases, why you do think it is not? Do you really want to remain a Brahmin-Hindu in a Muslim family and community?

Most critical will be the religion of your children. What will you teach your children about who is the God? Who are Allah, Rama and Krishna? Does your boyfriend agree to all these teachings?

Please read the Hindu Girl article and ask your bf to read Muslim Boy. Let us know what do you think. Be open and honest to both parents for your wishes and planned type marriage, never hide facts from them.

If you are both financially independent, it will make it easy….go to a court and get married and hope the rest will follow.

What do other consultants of this web site recommend to Priya?


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77 Responses to “I am a brahmin in relationship with a muslim boy”

  1. Aadil says:

    My Ex-GF named Neha Singh proposed me nd suduce me to hv physical relationship
    but i denied bcz QURAN says ,
    Physical relationship is elligal only legal with Ur Wife.
    Who are commenting on Muslim status
    checkout my story !
    U don’t know about Muslims
    Still commenting shit !

    I hv screenshots too. where she propose me to hv sex.

    Problem is from ur side not others so repair it.
    well u should be thankful to God
    Coz i’m not a bad guy
    i’m opposing these type of girls
    nd claim after all this and make a story and give a title
    “Love Jihad”

    Fuckkoff these type of Girls.

    • mac says:

      Salute you man. Ya Islam and Quran is more important than sleeping with a hindu girl.

    • waqas mukhlis says:

      Definitely….muslim men including me should respect Hindu women

      • Admin says:

        What dose this mean, “respect Hindu women”? Lets say you are in relationship with a Hindu, would you not ask her to convert to Islam and respect her as she is, a Hindu?

    • Hanah Khan says:

      Arre wah! What magnanimity? Some lunatic woman sends lewd messages and this ‘Mahatma’ takes screen shots and boasts that because of faith he didn’t commit adultery, ELSE…..????????? An atheist who stands his ground against the advances of a tempting woman is honourable or a ‘devout’ rogue who brags about his ‘proofs’ and faith in such an issue?
      Lowly creature!

  2. Aadil says:

    Hi ! Everyone .
    I’m muslim nd proud to be a Muslim .
    I’m 19 years Old nd got so many proposals from Hindu Girls but i’m not interested coz i know
    different religion cause serious problems in relationships.
    Now, I hv a Muslim GF nd i really want to marry her.
    Coz i don’t want to be a part of any controversy & Politics too.

    We all are Humans, we are from same God
    So, religion doesn’t matters.

    Some Hindu guyz suggest :
    Don’t trust Muslims etc. etc.
    So there is a reply Bro. we are not following them
    They following Muslim guyz coz they found charming & Kind hearted
    nd I suggest uh 😝
    if u are a Girl then ur BF is also a Muslim 😂😂😂

  3. Raj says:

    Guys.We all are made human beings first. God created only man and man created religions. We all have same soul. Love is above all. Please come out of this narrow mindedness.

  4. samyu says:

    hmmmm,there is so much discussion on conversion to Islam.. how did Akbar marry Jodha and she remained as “herself”. Islam allowed Akbar the ruler?? its allowed for kings only not for normal humans?

    There is something thats kind of being rubbed the wrong way…

    any religion doesn’t really necessarily tell you ‘you have to be this’ yes there are basic principles laid if you follow you are follower. you follow for the heck of it but dont believe you are actually not one! you can’t call yourself hindu/muslim/christian/buddhist/zorastrian whatever whatever if you do not believe and follow the culture.

    you might be anyone – you believe and follow whats truly the principle then you are that!

    the principle that is being told today for any religion are interpretations of some humans who probably believed their version to be true. There are some illogical stuff out in most religions including hinduism that people follow blindly….not understanding why.

    example: hinduism has so many caste – all caste were basically on peoples business or job. a brahmin was to be a teacher and a vaishya to do business and khastriya to fight. If a brahmin does not teach does business – is he still one? by birth – yeah but not he is not one. a vaishya in politics isn’t actually vaishya he is probably khastriya? a khastriya born might teach or be a CEO, COO who knows…
    following caste system does help only breeding the genes in pureline and keeping their tradition/ cultural practices like following some rituals, pooja, food etc (most are actually going to the root tied to their caste by profession and the need).

    A brahmin doesn’t eat meat – according to gita they say it helps develop saatvik characters (i dont complete believe as such yet some of the scentific facts does imply may i am okay 30 % on this)….meat gives the energy and protein needed for army … so brahmin by birth and at army or navy — does he manage? probably yes but mostly they need that energy people tend to start eating meat in company and drinking merry in company. But a brahmin who is doing a vedic stuff, teaching or preaching or at temples wont touch it doesn’t help his profession.

    Makes somewhat sensible logic to me…

    again my question if Akbar married Jodhabai and she remained herself why not Priya, Neha, Nupur, Angelina, Nisha, Shruthi, Namritha or anyone?!

  5. pvv says:

    Does any body found a Muslim girl loving Brahmin boy…it is a trash…trap…they r trapping these soft sensitive loved cute girls..girls…we like u..we love you…don’t go other ways…u r our future…our passion..we live for you

  6. robin says:

    my advise is to – please do not trust MUSLIM blindly. they are crazy for sex and will cheat you and then it would be impossible for you to get married Hindu GUY AS HE is not gonna accept this fact what ever be an case.




  7. mun ahmed says:

    why Brahmin girls likes Muslim boys, cz I have my girlfriend belongs from Brahmin family, But I don’t know the reason! why they both likes each other for making relationship?

    Reply at http://www.interfaithshaadi.org/blog/?p=9788

  8. preethi says:

    i am tamil brahmin girl wanting to marry a rajasthani bohra muslim guy
    Is it possible?
    Will the head priest/syedna allow n agree for this marriage or will the bohra people organise a social boycot n trouble the family of my guy?
    Will i have to undergo FMG to marry him? As it happens all the bohra girls? People pls respond

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  9. Prasad says:

    Muslim guy will satisfy your needs (hot) like anything. You will enjoy daily. Leave your parents and join him. He will make you extremely happy by deep sex. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  10. Hareesh says:

    When I see adherents of different faiths indulging in mutual dialogues justifying their respective faiths and pointing out ambiguities of alien faiths, it makes me feel that this is also a way of God to cause closeness of his devotees , though not in agreement with one another. However it is a good thing that at least such persons are taking their time off to have a view of spectrum of alien faiths and learn about their nitty gritty in a subtle manner. What happens in such a situation that on account of such a constant reciprocity, people allow the impressions of alien faiths into their minds indirectly. When such stuff finds it’s entry into someone’s mind, the mind habitually ponders over it and tries to arrive at conclusions/ overall assessment of all that. If such stuff is strong and striking enough, it leaves an impact and such a person carries it in his/her subconscious mind. It is a kind of seed , if neglected for a very long time without any thought or attention, it withers away, otherwise it starts to grow and it may be that one day it becomes a full grown tree. So what I intend to convey that whenever we seek out a dialogue with somebody, even if that be our adversary, it happens due to our own collusion/ willingness/consent, our mind playing a big trickster. It is such a psychological phenomenon that we do not remain aware of it but it cannot be denied that whenever we feel any urge of making any kind of connection with somebody, we are kind of under a subtle attraction of his/her ideology and want to be sure of whether that ideology has some substance or it is devoid of it ? A man may deem him/her as non fallible and very intelligent but the real master is his/her mind, mind will do which it wishes to do and will draw all kind of influences, good or bad. I am convinced of this concept that whenever two people communicate, it is not a worthless exercise , rather this is a kind of mutual attraction between two of them, though visibly both may express facade of mutual dislike. So friends, never feel that you are not under a very mysterious deception when you exchange words. Only God knows what it wants to get us do something or not to do also, that is why God is called Great and Exalted.

  11. Hareesh says:

    When I see adherents of different faiths indulging in mutual dialogues justifying their respective faiths and pointing out ambiguities of alien faiths, it makes me feel that this is also a way of God to cause closeness of his devotees , though not in agreement with one another. However it is a good thing that at least such persons are taking their time off to have a view of spectrum of alien faiths and learn about their nitty gritty in a subtle manner. What happens in such a situation that on account of such a constant reciprocity, people allow the impressions of alien faiths into their minds indirectly. When such stuff finds it’s entry into someone’s mind, the mind habitually ponders over it and tries to arrive at conclusions/ overall assessment of all that. If such stuff is strong and striking enough, it leaves an impact and such a person carries it in his/her subconscious mind. It is a kind of seed , if neglected for a very long time without any thought or attention, it withers away, otherwise it starts to grow and it may be that one day it becomes a full grown tree. So what I intend to convey that whenever we seek out a dialogue with somebody, even if that be our adversary, it happens due to our own collusion/ willingness/consent, our mind playing a big trickster. It is such a psychological phenomenon that we do no remain aware of it but it cannot be denied that whenever we feel any urge of making any kind of connection with somebody, we are kind of under a subtle attraction of his/her ideology and want to be sure of whether that ideology has some substance or it is devoid of it ? A man may deem him/her as non fallible and very intelligent but the real master is his/her mind, mind will do which it wishes doing and will draw all kind of influences, good or bad. I am convinced of this concept that whenever two people communicate, it is not a worthless exercise , rather this is a kind of mutual attraction between two of them, though visibly both may express facade of mutual dislike. So friends, never feel that you are not under a very mysterious deception when you exchange words. Only God knows what it wants to get us do something or not to do also, that is why God is called Great and Exalted.

  12. wish says:

    the girls and boys…who wants to spoil their lives…go ahead with inter cast marriage…beyond ur religion…but just think….the guy/girl….who is not loyal with his religion….not loyal with their parents …because of them they are standing by their own..will they be honest to u???? think on it….. girls who r vegitarian… do u imagine to prepare/cut meat for ur family??… boys..are u ready to be vegitarian for your wife?? though it is said that love is blind… i prefer to love after marriage… and if u want to loive blindly love ur parents, love ur religion….and love ur future??

  13. shahjahan says:

    I am Shah Jahan..
    I am a Converted Christian..
    I am in love with a Brahmin Girl…
    i have been loving her from my first year engineering and i complete my final year now…
    she loves me too but she is afraid to put this proposal in her home…
    I told my parents about this but they are good and had no problem with her coming into my life..
    But the girl parents have a little information about my crush on her and they told her not to be close with me what to do…
    I am just mad about her… i don’t know what to do..

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  14. Saif says:

    saif says: March 20, 2013 at 12:09 am
    u wont believe me if i say our story is same to same, im a muslim guy i love a brahmin girl her name is priya too oh ALLAH i dont believe this, we have a same story, i love priya so much i tried so hard to marry her but til now nothing happn plz pray for me, may be 1 day il leave this world n walk away frm her life

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    • admin says:

      Hi Saif,
      Muslim Boy – Brahmin Girl is a common story here, some reason there is a good chemistry.
      Now are you going to ask Priya to convert to Islam before your Nikaah?
      Are you going to demand that the children have only Arabic names, have circumcision and raised as Muslim only?
      Give us more details of your story and we could help.

  15. Asha says:

    I am also in same situation we loved each other alot i am brahman nd he is khan.. His family have no prblm in marriage if i ll bcme muslim.even I have no problem to cnvrt my slf as muslim. Bt he nevr force me to chnge my religion he can accept me as i m n

    Reply at http://www.interfaithshaadi.org/blog/?p=4689

    • krish says:

      Not acceptable at any sense. I even feel shame about this. Life after marriage is entirely different and living a practical life is still more difficult with different religion husband. One day you may come to realize the wrong decision if you ready to go by your way.

  16. Santa says:

    When it comes to interfaith marriages we do have a lot of problems, either with parents decisions, religious aspects, relatives or the society. Many sacrifices have to be made in order to live together as mentioned by many of us before. Same goes here with me.

    I’m a Muslim (bohra) guy who is in love with a brahmin girl. We have been struggling for years thinking what do we need to do to be together. It’s impossible for us to talk to our parents as we know the consequences, so we thought we need to do some sacrifices to be together.

    So we are searching a similar couple where guy is brahmin and girl is Muslim (bohra), where the muslim girl and guy can get married and similarly brahmin girl and guy can get married. Once married, all four of us can plan on staying far from our family members in same house and be together with our loved ones. By doing this we won’t hurt our parents nor anyone of us have to get converted and this will keep the balance in the society.

    If you truly want to live your life with the loved ones, we feel this is one of the best solution. Please do give responses to let us know if this would be the right thing to do and would people be ready to do this. Hope to hear from you people.

    • poorsoul says:

      hey santa
      I m a brahmin girl in love witha muslim bohra boy ..same like ur story .. I m very horrified by female genital mutilation that happens in bohra sect compulsary for all girls , i m also terrified by the fact that maulis or priests of bohra religion will continuously interfere in household of a bohra family .. Is this all avoidable after marriage .. Please advice more on this .. Need help

  17. Lagta haih aap loog islaam kay baray maih kuch nahin jaantay haii isliya aap yeh bakwaas kar rahain hoon.agar aap ko islaam ki sachi taleem janee haih to aap google search kar sakta haih k which is the fast growing religion in the world.shyed aap ko maalum nahin america aur europe maih sab say tezz fahlnay wala wazzhab islaam haih aur sab say zyaada islam ko accept karnay walley women haih.shaih yeh aap loogoon k liya sabak hogaa jo islaam k baray maih galat baatain fah la rahin haih.

  18. agnotist says:


    I am a brahmin girl too. I live in US, and was in Canada for a lot of my life. I did like a pakistani guy for a bit. He was broad minded, undergrad in Computer Science, and having a good job.

    When the topic of marriage came up, it was very tempting. His family lives abroad too, and hence are a lot more tolerant I would assume than muslim families living in a traditional environment. There were a lot of things though which were uncomfortable though:

    1. I am a strict vegetarian. In fact after coming to America, Ive adopted veganism. They can’t not eat meat on any given day. It was really hard for me to even see them cutting goat on eid, etc. I was afraid that in the future, I would have to touch meat and cut it, etc.

    2. In the later stage of our relationship, he disclosed that his kids would have to be muslim. But I could be what I want.
    This was not reasonable to me. I think if your having an inter religious marriage you should be tolerant to your partners beliefs. I wanted my kids to be aware of both hindu and muslim traditions, grow up broad minded, and he as much hindu with my family as they are muslim with his. He couldn’t understand the concept of pluralism.

    3. I didn’t think he would be ok with me having a pooja room in my home. For me, it’s important. I’m fine with visiting a mosque, but I also want to visit a temple.

    Anyway, my bf was very honest. He didn’t try to manipulate me. He told me the truth in b;ack and white, and asked me to make a decision knowing all the facts. After thinking through it, we decided to split up.

    Yes, the 1st few months were horrible. But I feel happy that we split. For the prolonged happiness of 2 people its very imp to retain your individuality and personality. You should not be ever stripped of your identity.

    I am as opposed to muslims converting to hinduism for marriage as I am hindus converting to Islam. I think Conversion is a social evil.

    Regarding your story:
    1. If he is from a conservative family, leave him now. No matter how much he loves you, he always loves his family more. All of us love our family more. And this will influence him when he has to eventually choose your religion and culture over blocking you from following them.
    If he is from a broad minded, non religious family, then maybe its fine. But these dont exist unless he’s got a link to bollywood or something 😉
    2. As a brahmin (are you tambrahm?), you probably are pure vegetarian. And even if not religious, want to go to the temple on your b’day, diwali, pongal , etc. This is the way we bond too. He might not support you in any of this. It’s not his fault but the difference in culture. Your kids will hardly spend time with your parents, and eventually you will not either.
    3. If you still want to be with this guy, do the following.
    a) wait till your professionally and financially stable. If things go wrong you will need a safety net. This way you will be a bit older and more mature.
    b) Don’t do it till your late 20s. I dont think people are sufficiently un biased and mature at 23. How old are you?
    c) I know i shouldnt say this, but I will. PLEASE don’t get tempted or encourage any physical relationship. In plain words, no sexual relationship. Once this happens, all of a sudden the power and dominance is with the guy and not with the girl. This will emotionally and mentally condition you, and will make you want to be with him no matter what, without thinking of the repurcussions.
    Always better to be calm, and not too attached before making a decision.

    Further info about myself:
    I’m 28, currently in a PhD program in US, and have been living in America since 17. Did my schooling in Mumbai and Mysore.
    So I am a little mature (so I think 😉 ) and I REALLY don’t believe that love is enough to sustain a marriage. Once frustration crops in, love will go outside of the window.

    This said, I am NOT averse to muslims. Lot of my close circle of friends comprise of them. I just believe in accurately clarifying expectations before you decide to marry. And, being firm in your principles, and maintaining your self respect.
    Also, this bs that once you fall in love, everything else does not matter is false. You’ll be surprised at how fast feelings change with time.
    Also, you’ll be surprised at how many times you’ll appreciate someone and fall in love all your life. The nature of love changes, but it doesn’t go away. Just because I broke up when I was 24, doesn’t mean I’ll be single forever. And, after all these years, we are still good friends 🙂

    Reply to agnostic at http://www.interfaithshaadi.org/blog/?p=3339

    • Aryan says:

      Tell you something? Muslims are not suppose to even look at other religion women as you and i are kafir, they are not suppose to go to temple, or have any idol, even they shouldn’t be buying from non Muslims. Plus They must convert the non muslim partner to islam, as per there islam, in short he was looking to convert you. Do you think these guys say that at the beginning, no coz else you know what they want. Imagine what they do when the girl is muslim and guy is hindu or other faith. They would, as per there religion kill there girl. You are brave and got yourself out of the trouble, hats off to your intelligence. BTW i m married to a muslim girl, only she and i know what hell Muslims created for stopping our marriage, she is still a muslim, and i still a hindu. But i donno if you have ever been to city center in Michigan, you would be shocked to know what these idiots are upto there. But we kafirs are way too tolerant towards them,( assuming how tolerant they are for our religion)

  19. prabhu says:

    To step in to Sex life,, People r talking too much

  20. Veena Malik says:

    Before their wedding ceremony begins in rural Afghanistan, a 40-year-old man sits to be photographed with his 11-year-old bride. The girl tells the photographer that she is sad to be engaged because she had hoped to become a teacher. Her favorite class was Dari, the local language, before she had to leave her studies to get married.

    She is one of the 51 million child brides around the world today. And it’s not just Muslims; it happens across many cultures and regions.

    Photographer Stephanie Sinclair has traveled the world taking pictures, like the one of the Afghan couple, to document the phenomenon. Christiane Amanpour spoke with Sinclair about a book which features her photographs called, “Questions without Answers: The World in Pictures by the Photographers of VII.”

    Faiz, 40, and Ghulam, 11, sit in her home prior to their wedding in rural Afghanistan in 2005.

    Amanpour asked Sinclair if the 11-year-old Afghan girl married in 2005, and others like her, consummate their marriages at such an early age. Sinclair says while many Afghans told her the men would wait until puberty, women pulled her aside to tell her that indeed the men do have sex with the prepubescent brides.

    Sinclair has been working on the project for nearly a decade. She goes into the areas with help from people in these communities who want the practice to stop, because they see the harmful repercussions.

    “Whenever I saw him, I hid. I hated to see him,” Tehani (in pink) recalls of the early days of her marriage to Majed, when she was 6 and he was 25. The young wife posed for this portrait with former classmate Ghada, also a child bride, outside their mountain home in Yemen.

    In Yemen, a similar picture. Tehani and Ghada are sisters-in-law photographed with their husbands, who are both members of the military. Like most of the girls, Tehani didn’t even know she was getting married, until the wedding night. She was six years old.

    Tehani describes how she entered the marriage, “They were decorating my hands, but I didn’t know they were going to marry me off. Then my mother came in and said, ‘Come on my daughter.’ They were dressing me up and I was asking, ‘Where are you taking me?’”

  21. Satyen says:

    Hello Priya,

    I found a few comments at this website itself for a Brahmin girl (Nupur) exactly in the same situation as you are. Though he is in Mumbai, his network is everywhere in India, even to small towns. I am reproducing the write up for you below and your parents or you can contact him directly:

    Hey Nupur, there is no need to worry. I’m zonal chief of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) Goregaon, MUMBAI. If ur Partner is ready to convert to Hindu we can help u. Recently we arranged marriage of brahmin girl n Muslim guy on 17th June 2012 where the Muslim guy accepted Hinduism, similiarly we arranged marriage of 6 Muslim girls where all girls converted to Hindu last month. Can contact me on 09967474411.

  22. Satyen says:

    Every body has a right to follow his/her religion or change it if he/she feels. It’s nobody’s business to stop them. Followers of Muhammad think that no Muslim can leave Islam but people in hoards are leaving Islam in non-Islamic countries. Quitting Islam even in Islamic countries is also taking place (of course not publicly) especially in Iran. Followers of Muhammad are trying their best to stem this trend by threat and misinformation but Truth is out and this love between people and Allah/God cannot be manipulated by the middlemen such as Muhammad. Allah is all powerful and he/she will steer the faithful away from the clutches of the army of Muhammad. It’s the pleasant dawn and daylight is so close when the whole world will reverberate with love and compassion free of hate mongers. Let’s welcome the day when there is free flow of communicatiton uninterruptedly between the devotees and Allah. The clouds of ignorance (Jahiliyat) will no more cover the Sun of wisdom where everything is crystal clear visible in broad sunlight. The darkness will be nowhere and fear unknown to humanity. Brothers/sisters/mothers/daughters belonging to Islam, Christianity, Hinduism come forward for this service of Allah/God and fear non as Allah/God/Ishwar is all powerful and nobody can harm you. See, so called the army of Muhammad or terrorists couldn’t hurt even a 15 year old innocent girl Malala! So be brave and go ahead.

  23. Priya says:

    Thanks for your opinions.But my father is asking to convert my bf to hinduism and he agrees to him without his parents permission but my friends saying that my bf vl face serious troubles if he gets converted.Will that be any problem.Can anyone assure me that he wont face any problem if he converts from the islamic heads.Is that a serious trouble

  24. Amir says:

    A muslim must obey all recommendation of faith.
    Islam is a way of life.

    there are muslims who don’t practice Islam correctly and are misguided, but they are still muslims. They will get severe punishment from God, and it is not Joke.

    afterLife is never ending.

    But kafir ( one who rejects ) will get severe punishment which has no end, only God ( if wishes ) can relieve them.

    And biggest sin in God’s sight is not to believe in him and his oneness.

  25. Amir says:

    So, a hindu can become muslim and his faith does not object to it.

    muslim can not leave his faith.

    to be a muslim is to believe in two principles –

    1. One God, unseen, unparalleled. no God other than him.

    2. Muhammad is last messenger of God.

    If you say there are other Gods, you are not muslim. if you say Muhammad is not his messanger, you are not muslim.

    If anybody does not believe in two principles, he is presumed to be leaving faith.

    “you are lost, you are lost for ever”
    this line make better sense if said –
    “once you are guided you are guided forever”
    Who want to go astray after being guided 🙂

    • Admin says:

      Only difference between Amir and your boyfriend is… Amir is honest, while your boyfriend may be telling you all lies about Islam.

      Priya, are you ready to embrace Islam? If not, walk away from that guy if he is a true Muslim.

    • Aryan says:

      Hi brainwashed person,

      All you do is talk like a lawyer, using wrong source, wrong motivation and wrong objectives. Just listen one thing clearly, you cannot convert hindus or any non Muslim to Muslim using you home made “facts”. Fact is Muslims like you are the most hated on this planet, all because You think your religion is true, all others are fool gods. From china to india to us to Russia to Europe all hate muslims like you, because you cause problems for other humans. India would never be a Islamic country, but will be secular. Yes secular means everyone except muslims

      Now you can either think about why you guys are hated or can write another non sensical thing as a reply, which usually is creepy.
      Come out of your brainwashed mentality and see the sun, which is the real, truth. This is not matrix where you will return( as per you the “real life”) to source once you die here.

  26. Satyen says:

    A striking difference between Islam and Hinduism has been pointed out that “To a muslim, he/she can not leave his/her religion.
    Totally against Islam so don’t ask them to leave their faith, if you respect them.”

    So, it’s very important to note before embracing Islam that there is no exit in Islam! Once you are lost, you are lost for ever as if in a deseert where you cannot find the way out even though you are dying for water. Only mirages are there in deserts, rarely any oasis.

    In other words, one have to pay a price to accept the lifestyle of Muhammad by losing one’s freedom.

  27. Amir says:

    To a muslim, he/she can not leave his/her religion.
    Totally against Islam so don’t ask them to leave their faith, if you respect them.

    For other religions, no such condition so they can leave their religion and their faith does not mind it.

    • admin says:

      Dear all,
      Amir made a good point here that “a muslim, he/she can not leave his/her religion.”

      Before converting to Islam, make 100% sure that you wish to be an “obedient” Muslim wife and wishes follow all Islamic rules. Conversion to Islam is a one-way street. Conversion out of Islam is almost impossible, even after your divorce, and punishment could be STONED TO DEATH.

      For above reason, DO NOT TOY with Islam. Never ever “fake” convert just to please in-laws.

      Amir, can you confirm if above is true?

    • believer in God says:

      amir first of all other religions also dont allow to embrace non birth religions.n fyi if u stayn in India then i guess u r a fool to never have understood the power of so called deities as ‘just idols’ by u.have u ever been to Tirupati?obviously u havent done so many good deeds that u will ever gt a chance to go there.nobody has the guts to harm the temple in ne way.because its not just an idol.its ‘sakshat’ lord vishnu.n atleast till Kaliyug ends he is the only saviour.’stfu’ right now.n if u dont read history of Indian culture then Lord Ram,Krishna are avatars of Lord Vishnu.And yes God has the right and power to take birth as human to kill the devils from the earth.Again lord will be reborn as Human when devils try to destroy this earth.Didnt u hear (or read) if perhaps u have a patient reading or hearing sense about the powers of Lord Ram,Lord Krishna ; Lord Ganesha ;lord shiva and the various Goddess?they all existed at the start of this world .and they still exist in heaven.and this isnt the only planet where they are worshipped ok.there are many planets where life exists.in ne case u wont be getting a ticket to heaven even if u follow so called heaven giving religion.how can ur god be so cruel?sick it is.m lucky to not believe in allah.a god who creates fear,terror and inequality of humans and genders.neither ur holy book is from God.it writing proves it.ur mUslim brothers and sisters who have left islam have felt the reality as well.we can say our religion of Hindu will remain highest.go check with a pyschopath.

  28. Satyen says:

    Fate of exactly the same case as Priya and Neha are in:


    Hindu girl married a muslim boy but not interested to convert my religion.Now his family forcing me to convert?
    I was in love with a muslim boy for 8 years and we got married 6months ago with both parents’ permission. First it was a hindu marriage followed by Nikkah. We were in a mutual understanding that we will not expect each other to convert our religions. Before marriage, he said that I can follow my own religion but when I visit their home, I should adjust a little. He too agreed the same to do with my family. His family is big with mom, dad, bro, 2 sisters all married and he is the youngest. Before marriage he said that his family is informed on me being in my own religion. But now, the entire family is asking me to convert to islam and they say that, they thought I will convert to islam after marriage and they were not informed on me being in my religion. He didn’t even utter a word to support me but he said he also expects the same from me and he thought he could change me later after marriage. I was so clear before marriage that I cannot convert for any reason and he said he was okay but I really don’t have an idea how he could think that I will convert later. I don’t know what to do now for I’m sure I cannot convert my religion for any reason. But I love him so much and he also does the same to me. I want my individuality and want them to accept me as I am in the way I did. If not his family, at least he should. After so much struggle we got married and he is so caring. Please help me to move on as I have fought with my family a lot to marry him. Now i cant digest that my love is drowning.

    • admin says:

      I am confused, “First it was a hindu marriage followed by Nikkah”… Nikkah cannot be between a Muslim and non-Muslim, both MUST be Muslims. The Hindu girl must have Shahadah conversion before their nikkah, except that she may not have realized this.

  29. Satyen says:


    Are you giving a company to Priya or consoling her that she is not alone to be a Hindu begam of the follower of Muhammad? What’s guarantee that the would be husband will keep all his promises even after marriage (when the girl’s fate has already has been sealed in a Muslim lifestyle) against all his family members, festivals and community leaders? Do you think that he will stop the Qurbani (killing animals on Bakr-id) and none of his family members will object to it? Do you know that the Qurbani practice is part and parcel of the Muslims?

    It is allowed in Islam to tell lies to Kafirs (non-Muslims) if it benefit the Muslims or helps spreading Islam. This is called Taqiya.
    If you don’t believe me go to the following site:


    • Srinivas says:

      @ satyen,

      “It is allowed in Islam to tell lies to Kafirs (non-Muslims) if it benefit the Muslims or helps spreading Islam. This is called Taqiya.”

      You are 100% right.

      Good to see you giving the hyperlink also.

      I am sorry if I hurt you last time.

      Have you ever heard of the concept of ‘meme’? Google it. It is all about how ideas and beliefs spread, some call it informal communication.

      In the verse 3:110, Koran tells Muslims are the best of mankind. In 98:06, Allah tells Non-Muslims are the worst of his entire creation. In 98:07, he says Muslims are the best of entire creation. Then in the verse 2:228, Koran says men are a degree above.

      In the verses 9:33, 48:28 and 61:09, Allah says Islam prevails over all other religions.

      Muslim men are very conscious of these basics of their faith even if they have not read Koran because these are consistently discussed in mosques and students groups.

      With that superiority feeling, sub-consciously aware of need for spreading faith – what can be a better way than marrying infidel women and producing Muslim offspring? More over when it satisfies their greater ego.

      However you hate me for writing this, from the feminist side, women are the center of pro-creation and survival of any civilization, real fact is that it has double effect of increasing Muslim population at the expanse of infidels. Because, you might hate this – but you all have to do is read how some Hindu girls themselves commented here, in the existing social context it is woman who goes to the house of husband. In the long term, Islamic law (and belief too) allowing Muslim guys to marry infidel women and prohibiting Muslim women from marrying Non-Muslim guys slowly makes other cultures insignificant demographically.

      This is the hall mark of Islamic sacred law.

      In Hidaya, Sharia law (Islamic sacred law) literally tells purpose of taking infidel women as sex slaves: For sexual gratification and producing Muslim offspring.

      So, at the end it does not matter whether if Hindu girl converts to Islam or not when her offspring are going to be Muslims, something that offended ‘agnotist’ as mere marriage serves the purpose.

      (Here I can talk about some existing Hindu social practices, like, I was told this, a Hindu girl even after marriage is very much connected to her parents home. In the times of difficulty, their children are not sent to relatives from father’s side but to mother’s brothers or parents.)

      Now, as you might think there is kinder version of Islam by removing Mohammad and Hadith, but the harsher truth is there is only one Islam, which comes from Koran, and which can never co-exist with others in harmony.

      This you can feel it if you read about demographic trends of population of Non-Muslims in Islamic countries.

      Ok…I have to go now. I will complete this later.

  30. neha says:

    I read the article ‘Hindu Girl’. it may be true in most of the cases but i am very happy because i already discussed all those things with my bf and we both are agreed with each other and find the ways which will not hurt the feelings of both of us and i know him since 8 years. no one knows us better than each other. After reading this article i feel so relaxed and so confident to marry with my Muslim love.

    Thank you so much….:)

    Reply to Neha at http://www.interfaithshaadi.org/blog/?p=3236

  31. neha says:

    hi priya…
    i am also in same situation as you. I am a Jain girl and i love a Muslim boy from the past 8 years. He also loves me a lot and can do anything for me. we have decided to tell my parents about our relationship after one-two years. He always says that he is with me, whatever be the situations he never let me alone. At present, the biggest issue for me is “non-veg”. I am not able to even think about that but he says that his family and even he never will force me to do this and he promises me that non-veg will never enter in our home. i have complete trust on him but i always used to afraid about my children. I know, in my future life with him, he will never put any boundation on me as he always encourage me to achieve my goals and to do the things which i like. i feel so comfortable with him and hope things will be the same in future also.
    i know it is bit difficult to adjust in a Muslim family for us but do you think that if you will marry a Hindu boy and he doesn’t love you then it will be easy for you? and no one has guarantee about future…and i strongly believe a line
    “whatever is written in our destiny, we have to face it”
    i suggest you to go with your love and try to understand his feelings and make him understand about your feelings with love. If he truly loves you then he will definitely understand you and your feelings.
    8 years is not a short period…. you will never be able to give his place in your heart to anyone and even if you marry someone with someone else it really spoils three life and it is totally unfair with that guy who thinks that you are his wife and you only love him by heart….

    one more thing i would like to say…according to me ‘nothing is greater than love’. definitely you have to adjust a lot but if you both try to understand each other then everything will become easy and then religion doesn’t matter.

    Reply to Neha at http://www.interfaithshaadi.org/blog/?p=3236

  32. Nigar Bano says:

    According to Islam, women must provide at least two male witnesses if they are to take any case to court. Should a woman in the Muslim countries which judge according to Sharia thus have the guts to report a rape, it would be impossible to win the case, as any possible male witnesses to the rape would most likely have been involved in the assault themselves.

    In reality, a large part of the world’s almost 700 million Muslim women are thus without any real source of protection against sexual assaults by family members or other men in the surrounding environment. Only too often, this is exploited by Muslim men. When it comes to considering the actual wishes and desires of the women, the fact that a woman has any desire at all is frowned upon in many Muslim countries, even to the point of cutting off the erogenous parts of the female genitals preferably before puberty is reached. The New York Times thus related in the article ‘A cutting Tradition’ on the 20th of January, that 96 percent of all girls in the world’s most heavily populated Muslim country, Indonesia, are circumcised before they turn 14. Disgusting!

    So much cruelty with facts have been described, still the evils of Prophet,a rapist, murderer,who did not spare 9year old innocent girl.Really your close female relatives of 9 years need to meet same sexual assault are favoured.

  33. Nigar Bano says:

    Hi sister,

    see from the below cruelty of Iranian revolutinary law:

    Under Revolutionary law, young girls who were sentenced to

    death could not be executed if they were still virgins.

    Thus, they were “married off” to Revolutionary Guards and

    prison officials in temporary marriages and then raped before

    their execution, to prevent them going to heaven. The Mullahs

    believed that these women were ungodly and did not deserve

    paradise in the next life and that if they were deprived of their

    virginity, it would ensure that they went to hell. Therefore, on

    the night prior to execution, the condemned girl was injected

    witha tranquilliser and then raped by her guard(s). After the

    execution,the religious judge at the prison would write out a

    marriage certificateand send it to the victim’s family along with

    a box of sweets.

    The back cover is of 3 gays murdered by Iranian justice

    according to the holy teachings of Islam.

    This book exposes the evil of Islam and very grave

    danger Islamic ideology poses to all freedom

    loving peoples everywhere.

    The issues raised by the recent revivalism of Islam are of

    life and death to the democratic world. Islam is one of the

    most serious threats freedom loving people have ever faced.

    It is the greatest threat that western women have faced to their

    hard won freedoms and legal protection of their basic rights.

    Islam is one of the most diabolical ideologies ever created. You

    must understand what Islam truly represents and participate

    in the fight against this very evil ideology.

  34. stuck up says:

    @Amir:cow is considered holy as per our scriptures.its the ‘vahan’ of god.thats y in India cow slaughter is frowned upon.n mind you the number of cows u kill will just pile up your bad sins.n u will habe to repent for it in dis birth or next birth.the human birth cycle continues till all bad karmas are wiped out.thats a hard fact for u to digest.bcz as per u all non believers will go to hell fire.right?what do u mean by believers?define it.who kill,rape ,torture,terrorise,beat their wifes,kill the freedom of women in name of religion,consider women as 2nd grade to men and as of having a child’s mind etc.the list is quite long.u think they can get ‘heaven and so called virgins’?i dont understand y is it writen in ur book that a women has less brains than men?dont u forget that a women has the greatest strength and mind on dis earth.because she gives birth to a child.and handles him as well.which males cant do.so Ur so called god said all dis rubbish right for women and brains?have u ever visited an Iskon temple in India?u will find many foreigners there.completely busy in devotion.whats it that drives so many foreigners to this religion where people are ultimately gonna get hell fire as per ur sick thoughts?u sick minded people should stop preaching to the world what is God and what he does.because we all know who he is except fools in ur religion.ur forefathers were hindus and so basically u r also dat.people all over the world have Hindu forefathers.and dis sick conversion process and terrorising people was brought in by people of ur religion(sic).so better stop doing dat.We have our protector Lord Vishnu to guide us.and we r on the right path.u need to change ur path not we.ask the historians.they will tell the truth about arabia.

    • Amir says:

      Cow killing is even found in Mahabharata.
      there are hindu scriptures that does not prohibit killing cow or non-veg.

      • Aryan says:

        So what’s your problem with clean pig, you can eat that right? Islam scripture says pigs are dirty hence must not be eaten, so that means if you get a clean pig you can eat pork, just like goat or camel.

        • Amir says:

          Pig is a dirty animal by nature. Zakir Naik has given good answer over it why it is prohibited. Quran says not to eat pig.

          While cow killing and non-veg is justified by vedas and Mahabharat.
          I don’t say you believe my words but you must believe Hindu books if you consider yourself to be a Hindu. right?

          • Aryan says:

            So you are now comparing your allah with Zakir naik ? What a shame on your religion. Do you read AND understand or what? Did you read WHY pig is not allowed, so if you remove that conditions you CAN eat pig, dont manipulate.

            And show some proof, and double check yourself weather you fully under the context of what you are saying for Hinduism. You are a hindu hater so i can expect a copy paste from you from a hindu hate site, but get me the proof and i will show you what it Actually means.

      • Dr Vishnuguptha says:

        This is wrong information can you quote, dont give false info

  35. Satyen says:

    Some people don’t see any pro in my suggestion to Priya. For them I copy paste the pro part of Islam:

    “But take an informative decision so that you may not repent later. The best way is to read the complete biography of Muhammad as he is considered the role model of Muslims”.

    It could be considered the best part of the followers of Muhammad as he is considered the role model for them.

  36. Satyen says:

    @ Amir,

    “Circumcision is a custom adopted by half world.”

    For your information, only 30% or less of the world male population practices circumcision and it has been fast decreasing as the people are being more knowledgeable. All Europe, Non Muslim Asia, Canada, Australia and whole of South American countries have less than 15% males circumcised. In USA, the percentage has decreased from 90% in 1960 to 45% in 2011 and is fast decreasing.

    And the advantages of circumcision? See below:



    • admin says:

      Read what we have to say for the circumcision.

    • Amir says:

      World population consist 6 billion.
      more than 25% are muslims.
      so male ratio would be according to this.
      Jews and christians also do same.
      Even if i agree that not all are doing but still it is sufficient to make half of world male population.

      There are many more links conveying advantages, but i don’t like pasting a link or youtube video in my response, rather i like put valid points. so your referance have no importance. Keep valid points rather than links.

  37. Aisha says:

    My suggession to Priya is: There are two paths in front of you.
    1. one is converting to Islam and marry your loved one.AND the other is
    2. remaining a Hindu and marry Hindu boy.
    I think any of it will help you to avoid ‘a lot’ complexities.

    As a muslim woman I suggest you to choose the 1st path. you may study Islam.It is absolutely a middle path, a true path. U will b able to know your Creator, the Creator and Controller of the universe Allah Subhana wa taala. u will find u a more respected and protected guy.
    I suggest you to visit this: ‘blog-Islamic learning materials’ . no doubt u’ll find a lot about Islam in it, Inshallah.So Sister, decide yourself. May Allah guide you. Ameen.

    • kris says:

      Hi Aisha!

      I suggest you to marry a non muslim person, so that you shall study other religions as well. That will help you to reach middle & true path & to understand god almighty in a broader way

      Believe me & try it.

    • sophia says:

      oh so u being a muslim women advising her to convert to islam, why don’t u give a 3 suggestion to ask the muslim boy to convert to hinduism? How partiallity cheap

  38. Amir says:

    So finally satyen revealed his hatred towards muslims.. after longly pretending an all-respecting liar.

    1. “he may marry with a more charming and fascinating younger girl.”
    An idiot can only think your way.
    Even a Hindu can marry second time.. after divorcing spouse.
    Concern is How a person is?
    A good person will not marry again without need, ( and charm is not need ).

    2. “your husband’s family members will shun them sooner or later.”
    I don’t find muslims treating bad other communities. you will give example of pakistan,etc.. but see truth around with own eyes ,rather than with eyes of media as their sole motive is to disregard Islam.
    Islam does not prohibit treating others justly and goodly.

    3. One God, is something where muslim don’t compromise. I advice the girl not to marry since she may worship many Gods.
    A muslim worshipping someone other than God ( unseen, unparalleled) is not muslim.

    4. Circumcision is a custom adopted by half world. what is wrong in it?
    Some theories even suggest its advantages.
    Idol worshipping is not for muslims. Not allowed in Islam.
    An idol worshipper must not marry a muslim.

    5. Jihadi.. Terrorist … good going. It all shows why a muslim also hate you. Satyen You are brain-washed. If you want debate on this topic be frank. I can explain more.
    You hate someone with no reason.. you are terrorist.

    6. Food is choice. there is no such compulsion to eat non-veg in Islam.
    You can be good muslim by eating only veg food. so change your infected mentality.

  39. Satyen says:

    @ Priya,

    You will reap what you sow. Don’t only see what is visible but also visualize what is not. Our lifestyle is dictated by our philosophy and beliefs. So, before adopting a new lifestyle, you must see the beliefs of that lifestyle. Never exclude anything from the possibilities.

    1. Once your youth and charm spell has faded on your would be husband, he may marry with a more charming and fascinating younger girl. Unfortunately, legal measures won’t come to your rescue as the Muslim marriages is govened by Muslim Personal law.

    2. Your family members will be considered as outcaste (kafirs) and your husband’s family members will shun them sooner or later.

    3. You won’t be allowed to have the photos of lord Shiv, Ram, Krishna or Mata Durga, Lakshmi, Kaali etc. You will not be doing andy Aarti with your husband etc.

    4. Your children will have to undergo circumcision for sure and will have to watch them helplessly (if you have not been brainwashed by that time that it’s prescribed by even the medical practitioners). Moreover, they will be taught Quraan, Hadith, Qurbani (killing animals on Bakr Id)and visiting Mosque but will be asked to keep away from Ramayan, Gita, Idols of Ram, Durga, Shiva, Krishna etc and the Temples, Arti. They will be asked not to accept Prasad etc. Probably they won’t touch your feet and that of your parents (Nana and Nani)!

    5. Though it’s not sure but definitely a possibility that your husband or children may turn Jihadis and become terorists or love Jihadists.

    6. You will have to eat halal non vegetarian food and may be asked even to cook.

    The above are some of the examples for which you should be prepared and your progenies will be Muslims for ever as the present Muslims are (Their forefathers were Hindus but converted to Islam and now their progenies are Muslims).

    So, now you are at a crossroad of your life. You can go either way, it’s your choice. But take an informative decision so that you may not repent later. The best way is to read the complete biography of Muhammad as he is considered the role model of Muslims. Also go faithfreedom.org and agniveer.com to have the other side of Islam.
    Once, you have all the information, you are equipped to take any decision.

    By the way, it’s Navaratri period and I pray Ma Durga to show you the true path.

    • Satyen says:

      Why don’t you read what the Muslim women have to say about the Islam? I think the males and women Muslims have different perception about Islam. So, you can acquaint yourself with Islam with the women perspective. Lastly, what’s about Holi, Diwali, Navratri etc?

  40. stuck up says:

    hey dear m in same situation as you. i dont wana convert. but my partner wants me too. have learned alot from this site about islam. muslim girls themselves admit that its bad religion for girls. i dont understand y is it the hindu partner always who gota convert. y cant simply lov win over dis religion? y r muslims people insane by mind? they never listen to their heart which is human. they behave as if dey wil get trophy by their caste n god. its realy sad. to all hindu guys please never convert. n hindu girls also please dont act foolish. let ur guy stand out if he really has the guts n if he realy is a man for u then. stop this conversion business asap.

    Reply to Stuck Up at http://www.interfaithshaadi.org/blog/?p=3213

    • Amir says:

      “muslim girls themselves admit that its bad religion for girls.”

      Go and verify the truth ,Are they muslim women or hindu man behind.
      Hope u will realise who has more courage to be truthful.

      I see few comments where someone posted with hindu names and those comments also appear fake.

      Infact, there are very less people with courage to be real.
      They even fear to discuss issues.

      • stuck up says:

        post ur photo here Amir.n also ur fb id.lets c how much u r real.n yes people hv seen miracles happen after worshipn the God they wish.for u its idol but for them its the god whom they prey.y the hell u go to mecca also?if ur god is evrywr y the hell these double standards?y to kiss the stone?its jst a lifeless stone.n no need to go to meccca madina.prove u r true muslim by not goin thr.bcz place is nt imp for god nor is any stone as per ur bullshit thots.

        • Amir says:

          I agree to share email-id for voice chat. and go further..

          Muslims don’t pray mecca or stone. it is just respect.
          Respect and worship are totally different.
          You consider both same which is wrong.

          We go there, as it is a custom to show your sacrifice, of money, of time, for God.

          I never said place is not important. if it so why somebody loves his motherland or hometown.

          But praying to lifeless idol , which are created by some potter, you deem them God, place them under tree, every Idol has different shape , all look different, no standard.
          Worshipping all things, what is it?? why you pray cow and not pig??

          • sophia says:

            amir ur email id please fr voice chat

          • Krish says:


            It is not yuor problem, it is yuor islamic tought problem. Why we worship cow, here is the answer.

            1. Whole world survive and healthy due to cow milk, cow milk is cancer preventive and stong calcium and other valuable ingrediants. If you use cow milk from your child hood will never suffer major dieses or less suffer in later phase

            2. Cow urine is now proved a cancer preventive medicine and I personally knows many muslim who suffers such dieses are taking cow urine from Patanjali and they get some benefits.
            Cow dung is used to be germicide, in Hindu ritual, before worship any GOD, we use cow dung to purify it because it has some bacteria which can help to remove toxic and germs. Please google it.

            4. Since cow has given and is a part of our human life, so we believe that cow is our GOD, as you know we worship nature as a GOD as well.

            Now coming to yuor question, you never seen GOD/Allah as he will not seen by human as per islamic view, which is not only wrong but also a false. If there is a GOD, then he/she must be seen by his followers, why can GOD seen?. what is the problem to see him/her?

            Islam is not a religion, but a hypnotism as well. Quran is not a religion/spiritual book. 90% above about rules book, that means do and dont do. If a women wear a veil/burqa then she will go to heaven or else go to hell? what is this?. There is no freedom in Islam, yuor children will suffer and will victim of Islam in future for sure.

            You said Zakir naik but he didnt answer many question and a big lier and runaway from India.

            Islam teaches:

            1. Playing card is haram
            2. playing chess is haram
            3. Girl shouldn’t play
            4. Hate Pet DOG
            5. hate animal like PIG (If allah made PIG, why you hate those innocent animnals)

            6. Bakri EID is a superstitious festival, scores of Goat sacrifice in One day.

            7. Finally ISlam is curse for human being, sooner or later your relgion will be a cult histroy in future because of thanks to GOD is that more muslim are leaving and understand the real face of Islam.

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