From Riyadh: My BF is a black Christian from Uganda

Mahajabeen says: February 24, 2013 at 9:21 am

I lost my virginity a year ago , I had sex with my bf. I’m sexually active since then.

Myself 25 years old from Riyadh and parents insisting for marriage with a Saudi guy.

My BF is a black Christian from Uganda.

What should I do?
I don’t think surgery is an option.

How can I fake it?

Please don’t talk about my morals because none of you know what happened. I’m asking for help and you only should be helpful and nothing else. If you can’t help then don’t answer.



Admin says:

Hi Mahajabeen,

We do not know enough about Saudi Arabia. Can you tell us what would happen if your Christian-Muslim love information become public knowledge, will local police take any steps? Can that black Christian be in legal trouble? Why surgery is not an option? Read other tips from the post Hymen Replacement Surgery, it may help you. Is marrying to the Christian black an option? If you are educated and could work, moving out of Saudi Arabian an option for you? Please get back to us with other details. Thanks.


Mahajabeen says: February 25, 2013 at 9:35 am
Hi Admn.

Myself from a high status family and came to Hongkong on a job training. Presently I am there and met with my BF in Hongkong.

It is true, if I had been in Saudi Arabia, BF would have been in deep trouble. I have one more year of stay here and wish to settle my life outside Saudi Arabia. Thinking deeply feeling to marry BF only so that no need to fake virginity. -Mhajabeen.


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  1. Samina says:

    Hi Mahjbeen i myself is in same state as you are in I am from Pakistan belong to high class family i came to Kenya on my business trip and met a guy who was native of this city he was black and non muslim he belongs to a poor family he escort me in different place of his city we talk more with each other we came close because of his poor family background he always feel shy but one day i broke ice and kissed him when we were on beach and it is needless to say yeah i was wearing bikni with him just to show him my white colored pakistani boyd and soon he placed his hand on me that night he took away my virginity and after that i and he never thought to break up he loves me alot and i do so soon i returned to pakistan and called him here where i has given him a house to stay and ofcourse some money too every weekend i go to his place and allow him every wish with my white body and now days i am pregenet but idon care about pakistani soceity to have black baby

    Reply at

  2. Yasser says:

    I live in riyadh now I belive there is fake stories in this web site

  3. suma says:

    only non muslim nations will protect muslim women from the archaic and oppressive laws of muslims. See the example below.So you must stay away from muslim nations and enjoy freedom.

    Cities » Hyderabad , India, March 2, 2013
    Sudanese national held for marrying minor -Police bust contract marriage racket in Old City; girl’s parents taken into custody.
    A Sudanese national was taken into custody by the police for marrying a minor girl against her wishes. The girl’s parents were also taken into custody. Following a complaint by the girl, the police busted a contract marriage racket in the Old City.
    According to details, Osama Karar Eltahir alias Osama Ibrahim (45) came to the capital on a 40-day tourist visa on February 19. He contacted his colleague Ahmed Yafai, who was married to a girl from the Old City. Yafai gave him the contact number of one Mumtaz Begum, who had performed several contract marriages.
    At Ibrahim’s request, she paraded four girls out of whom he selected the 15-year-old girl school dropout from Moghalpura. Mumtaz Begum later lured the girl’s parents Yousuf and Ayesha Begum into contract marriage under the guise of ‘Nikah’ after which they would get Rs. 2 lakh.
    Without the girl’s consent, her parents performed the marriage on February 21 at their residence. The Qazi, however, refused to give the ‘nikahnama’ saying that the girl was a minor and suggested that they get a new birth certificate declaring the girl as a major.
    Parents threaten child
    The parents sought to send her with the 45-year-old and threatened to kill her if she refused. They even permitted the bridegroom to rape their daughter if she failed to cooperate with him, the police said. However, the girl raised a hue and cry on noticing the police near her house, which had Ibrahim getting scared and leaving abruptly.
    Two days later, the family approached a broker at the GHMC office near Charminar to get a new birth certificate declaring the girl as a major.
    Girl escapes
    However, the girl, with the help of friends, managed to escape and approached the Moghalpura police who registered a case against Ibrahim and arrested him. He was working as a project manager in the Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company Limited at Khartoum, Sudan. A hunt was on to trace the Qazi, Mumtaz Begum and her associates.
    Moghalpura Inspector P. Vijay Kumar said a petition would be filed in a local court with a request to permit them to send the girl to State Home as she refused to return home.
    He said a report was already sent to Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs and Embassy of Republic of Sudan in New Delhi explaining about Ibrahim’s arrest.

  4. Hariss says:

    Hi Mahajabeen,

    You merry your BF in Hongkong and no need for looking hymen repair surgery and using artificial hymen kit.

    your BF knows that you lost virginity with him only and so no problem to prove your virginity in wedding night, as happens in muslim community, where they show bed sheet with blood stains before the family members.

    Morever, you will be enjoying blissful life and dignified life.

  5. SUNNY says:


    • womental says:

      Muslims do not have to “display” virginity, but the bride may be publically disgraced n divorced the next day. Muslim women cannot marry non muslims — not in Saudi and not anywhere else. It has to do with the faith not the place.Many replies, I am sorry to say, reflect misunderstanding, overgeneralization or plain ignorance.

  6. Mike says:

    For Muslims We are not Allah’s Children we are hes Slaves.

    According to Islam, being a Muslim is by belief and not by name. Just by saying Shahadah or being born with a muslim name he/she will never be a Muslim. He/she is a muslim only if they truly believe in Ones of God.

    Just converting for your love means he/she doesn’t believe in it. For a muslim it is the world after is important than this one. If a girl convert to Islam to marry her boy friend. She will be considered a hindu by God as God can see what was in her heart when she converted to Islam.

    This goes to the boys too. Remember one thing we can fool people not God. No one cannot judge God. There are hindus who think like a real muslim who believes in ones of God. They might by considered as a muslim by God even if they die as as hindu with a hindu name.

    Hinduism is not a religion it is a way of life. It was made a religion by the british. So that it is easy for them to divide the people of India. And all the hindus see muslims as a cast. They think Allah is another God and Muslim only believe in Allah. But the truth is Muslim believe in oneness of God(Not a God by the Name Allah, for Muslim they have many names for the God and the common one is Allah).

    Being a muslim he is bound by the duties of a believer to God (it doesn’t mean only praying and fasting it also means doing good and taking right path even when the wrong path is what you desire). For a muslim what ever he/she do, will be questioned by God of his/her actions. Heaven and hell what he/she gets based on the action he/she does.

    Instead of asking others opinion learn both the religions and then take the decision. I would say most of the muslim are hindus by belief as they don’t know their religion (taking partners with God- When you ask someone who has died. This is another form of hinduism in Islam a true muslim will know how wrong it is). So to both muslims and hindus I ask both of them to learn each others religion and then decide which is right. To learn about a religion you can use the internet itself to know what a religion teaches.

    Inter religious marriages are considered a big sin in Islam.
    For a muslim the love is in this order-
    1. God
    2. Prophet
    3. last oneself.

    Forgive me if I am wrong and if i have hurt anyone. May God guide us in the right Path.

    • SUNNY says:

      It’s a sin if someone merry a boy/girl who believe in many God’s ….
      if ur future partner believe in one GOD (and belong to cristian/jews religions ) it’s possibile …and i think it will be much easy to live togather…

  7. Mahajabeen says:

    Hi Admn.

    Myself from a high status family and came to Hongkong on a job training. Presently I am there and met with my BF in Hongkong.
    It is true,if I had been in Saudi Arabia, BF would have been in deep trouble.I have one more year of stay here and wish to settle my life outside Saudi Arabia. Thinking deeply feeling to marry BF only so that
    no need to fake virginity.

    • admin says:


      Saudi men are most prejudiced people. They think they are superb creature from Allah and rest are dirt bags. Unfortunately, they also don’t treat Muslim women with equality. If you never come out of Saudi Arabia, you will not be able to see it; but now you could see that the rest of world is lots tolerant and open minded to other’s faith and color.

      We are all Allah’s children, why HE will be partial to some and not to others? If Allah did not like Christians, Jews, Buddhists and others, HE would not have even given birth to them. HE would have created only Sia men, not even Sunnis!!

      This World don’t need another Osama Bin Laden, but people like you who could see this world differently.

      As a women, it is good to settle outside Saudi Arabia, even you will have to go through financial difficulties or work hard to make a professional career.

      Now you are a FREE lady to make your own decision for life, no one could stop you. However, this freedom comes with a heavy price. Know that there are many con-artists out there to fool you just for sex. Divorce rates are high. The boy may have sex with many many other girls while you are inexperienced in picking a life mate on your own. Please read all that is shared by others.

      Some tips for the boyfriend:
      Is he highly educated?
      coming from a healthy family (without divorces)?
      was his father alcoholic?
      if you get pregnant can he support you for at least basic needs?
      is he a religious fanatic and will ask you (or your children) to be baptized?

      Now you have to pick a life mate on your own, make sure he is most competible in many respects. You do not have to marry to the first person who ever touched you.

      On your point, “marry BF only so that no need to fake virginity”, this is a wrong logic. Actually it should be “marry any non-Muslim only so that no need to fake virginity”. This virginity display is only Islamic thing, not heard in any other culture.

      If you see any compatibility issue with your BF, look for others. Do not rush to marry. Keep us posted for how it goes.

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