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Do I have to BBS?

Exclusivist Abrahamic religions (Christian, Islam and Judaism) believe that there is only one way to the God, and that is mine! Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father except through me." In this respect, there is a limited tolerance for Dharmics (Hindu, Jain, Buddhist and Sikh) in their married life. Though today’s most Abrahamics are open-minded and tolerant, it is important to ask….

         Do I have to BBS?

BBS = Religious labeling: Baptism/Christening – Bris/Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah – Shahadah/Sunat/Khitan/Khafd.

         What if I say .. NO BBS?


Gurumaa: It (religious conversion for marriage practices) is a very ugly nexus of politicians and priest class where people will be brandished and labelized...... 

Gadar movie: Sikh-Muslim marriage. Being a good husband is not enough, a Sikh must convert to Islam for the marriage.


 Namastey London movie: A non-Christian is asekd to be Baptized and change name as a precondition for marriage. Basic message here is....don’t tolerate someone’s intolerance for what you are. 

Jodhaa Akbar movie: Jodhaa bai asked King Akbar for two conditions for marriage: 1) she is a Hindu and will not convert to Islam and 2) she will keep her God, Lord Krishna, with her. The King respected her beliefs. If a Muslim king was open minded 500 years ago, why your intended spouse can't do that for you today? 

 Is your intended spouse ignorant like MOLLY?


  Unintended BBS could be a legal nightmare later.  


  Something to gain from the BBS.


Your views? Is it okay for a “proud” Dharmic (and/or for their children) to take the BBS (Religious Labelings: Baptism/Bris/Shahadah-Sunat) oath to please the intended Abrahamic spouse or his/her family? Does the BBS means you are giving up more than 200 generations of your Dharmic heritage? Or, the BBS is just one of rituals devoid of any meaning, and is an easy way to please new in-laws? Is the BBS a DOWRY of your pride religion? Your thoughts? * * * Express your views/experiences here * * *

What you said:

Salman: "I will never ask my wife to do something which I know I could not do. If I cannot change my faith, who am I to ask her to do the same? That’s hypocrisy. She is Sikh and will remain Sikh and I am still Muslim."

Diva: "....why was it necessary to convert or accept any other faith and become Christian!!! Does god accepts this that you fall in love and later don’t agree to marry if the girl doesnt change!! This is just not justified."

Kalpesh: For me, baptizing the child who doesn't even know what is happening is giving a label to the child. Religious labels are like names. They stick with one throughout life. As one loves one's name and completely identifies with it, so does one accept religion. This makes our growth limited and we are unable to expand beyond the prevailing mind-set of the religion of our birth. A wall of division always exists and it is difficult to break.

More to come....stay tuned!

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