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One of objectives of this web site is to help youths in love to make an “informed” decision for their long lasting happy married life, even that is an inter- or within- faith marriage. Further, we wish to define IM-WE (Interfaith Marriage With Equality).

Like you readers, we have no desire for money or fame out of this effort (read admin). Further, we wish to be fair to ALL. Your positive comments are certainly assuring us that we are on a right track. Thank you for your kind words and well wishes.

This is what readers have to say:

Shaniza (Muslim): It is always comforting to see that there are individuals that promote love and respect of all religions. You and your co-authors are really doing something amazing. So congratulations and thank you for the support!

Sofie (Christian): Yeah, sounds fair. That was a beautiful advice admin. Im so thankful that I found this website. I’ll follow both your advice.

B (a Parsi): Thanks Admin. Really appreciate it.

Seema: I don’t know how to express my gratitude for you ‘Admin’ & all others who got time to reply me.

Mimie (Christian): Thank you for this. This is what I was looking for. Thank you (Admin), it means a great deal to me.

Swami NikhilanandSwami Nikhilanand: On the video: Very well done. A nice informative, balanced approached which encourages both parents and kids to examine the reality of interfaith marriage before making a decision.

Bittu: Thank you for your questions and inputs- they got my head clearer because I was able to think aloud.

SD: I’m really thankful to Lord Shiva, interfaithshaadi.com, admin and satyen and all the others who stood by me in this bad phase. I learnt another lesson about unconditional support and the core concept of humanity. None of us know each other yet we have an unkown bond.

Shubham: Dear Admin- I salute you. Who ever you are. Please keep on.

Victor: I really like the mission of the website in that it is not about making decisions FOR young people, but rather providing information so that others can make more informed choices…

Student: ….find the articles therein to be extremely well written and thought out.

DIS: ..I think this is a great tool for folks to expand their horizon..

RR: I am a Unitarian Universalist. I think everything written about the bible quotations in the Christianity section is true..I really hope my kids don’t end up with any Abrahamic religious zealouts!

Dr. Vishwanath Ayengar: I am wholeheartedly with you in your efforts. “Vijayi bhava”.

Farah (Muslim):Thanks to this site for enlightening our muslim girls to break the evils shackles of Mullahs and Imams.

Zyrah: I have become addicted to this website

Narendra: 100% agree with your speeches on Massage to Parents.

Satyen: I are indebted to the Admin for giving a platform to propagate the truth so that the predators may not victimise the innocents.

Raziya Sultana: InterfaithShaadi.org is doing great job to change the worse status of muslim girls in Islam and fighting to give us equal right like men. Though you people spread hate but InterfaithShaadi.org is teaching to love each other within or outside our community. Their work is governed by allah…

Tanya: Thank you for taking out time to reply, even the fact that someone out there is taking time out to help me brings joy to my heart.

Tejas: Dear Admin, thank you for giving me confidence to do the right thing.

Kaveri: This website has opnd my eyes. Thank you.

Tamanna: Thank you so much for making me realize what horrible mistake I was going to commit….

Hinu: I appreciate for your reply and your precious time for giving me such a good suggestion. This website is really good source of knowldge and you are doing good.

Kartic: Thank you Admin for your advice! …I was so confused with this matter too! Because I don’t want to convert. And now, I got some ideas because of you. Thank you very much Admin, really appreciated!

Hareesh, Admin. You have brought up such an educative and informative piece which is really very appreciative and both men and women of the world should inculcate the message ingrained in it.

Prabha: You’ve created a safe platform for people to express their worries and problems.. and confront each other intelligently. Its amazing, really!

Hareesh: This website is very unique and useful. It presents facts without any bias and prejudices. Nowhere is it evident that it is tilted towards a particular religion, on the contrary, it publishes everything whether good or bad irrespective of religions. I find the objective of this website very humanitarian and conducive to social awakening.

Tamanna: Thank you so much admin, for holding on to me… and asking me to come back….thank you….for making me feel like a family…, loads of good wishes to all…

Sum (a Muslim): …voicing my thoughts here on this forum is a good idea to understand some challenges and benefits I would experience in an interfaith marriage.

Rahul: I am very happy that I found this website to share my problem about my love.

Geet: Thanks a lot to this website. God bless you admin, I got so much strength from this site.

Aisha: I m done ..I understood his true color what he wanted … thank u sooooo much.

Anushka: I wish i found this site earlier. Thank you (Admin) so much for all your motivation.

Maria: I feel extremely happy that I happend to visit this site at this right moment.

Alex: This is a very interesting website and thank you for your articles.

Joseph: I do like your (Admin’s) philosophy and train of thought.

Zyrah says: Dear Admin, thanks for your advice and thoughts that you shared. Thanks a ton anyway.

Maria: Special thanks to Admin, your inputs gave me the courage to take my stand …

Sanah says: I just wanted to thank you for your support over the years.

Amritesh: I read almost every post and blogs on this site…my feelings…i just cant express in words……

Sarah: Thank you very much. You were a good help.

Adi: Thanks for getting back to me admin. As i was writing to you, it became clear to me that i had to pick my parents….

Chit: Dear admin, I would you say thanks for creating such a platform. I got overwhelming responses of my post. Thank you very much.

Smita: Thanks folks and admin who actually took interest in my problem and not in religious fights.

Samselvin: I agreed to your professional reply and liked it.

Kumar: Thanks a lot, admin.

Emily: Thank you so much!! You have been a great help and encouragement!

Jainab: Dear admin, you are 100% right and your suggestions are very much useful to me.

Tanisha: Dear Admin, I am very excited and at peace now with all that has happened. I thank you for all help.

Geet: Admin once again after two years, I want to say u a big THANKs. I am glad I chose a right path. I am very happy, infact alone but very happy. This site is very helpful.

Shekhar: Admin thank u so much for kind support.

Hindu: I look forward to working with you on this most important project of my life. Thank you for all your help and support.

Kushagra: Admin, if you’re a guy, I love you bro. If you’re a woman, you’re freaking awesome and hell yeah you rock.

Syeda: I really loved the response of the admin, kudos. Couldn’t think of any better suggestion than what you have given. Discussing the pros and cons, you’ve reiterated the point that at the end it is his decision what he wants and what is his priority. This world needs to think in aspects of humanity more than religion.

Aishwarya: I now understand well what the video is trying to say. I wish I had watched this video earlier in life. Maybe 3-4 years back… This website is doing a very good job educating people, if only its message could reach youngsters at the age of 17-21 so that they know what they are getting into, before and not after so many years into the relationship, when it involves so much pain to both sides.

jainab seikh says: Dear admin, asslam. First of all appreciate your courage and honesty. You always comment very wisely and your response on different blames is accurate. You are doing a noble job. I hope you will continue your work for guiding people like me inspire of all hurdles. Thanks a lot. Khuda Hafiz.

Sanket: I am so depressed (Sept 19, 2016) … now i am feeling so positive, your advises help me a lot (Sept 22, 2016).

PSingh: Thanks again for your deep insight into the matter.

Angel, Dear admin, Yeah I can understand your all points.Thank you for guidance.

Riya: I’m grateful to you for your constant support.

Tara: Your guidance helped me to decide well… i am so so so happy that i found you her because you helped me a lot.God bless you. I wish best rewards from God for you.

James says: Loved your Answer: “Why not follow Jesus, and ignore these intolerant churches?” I am a Christian and I know that most of the Church is not following what is written in the Bible.

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9 Responses to “Endorsements of InterfaithShaadi”

  1. rana says:

    hi frndz
    i m muslim girl educated n well bst cook 5’4inch tall fair enough looking for hindu guy who understand my feeling n accept me as i m
    single parent my mom only she hlp me in study n all i m fedup frm muslim guys n his families vry orthodox n vry narrow minded i want tht guy who luv me n respect my feelings

    • admin says:

      Do you know that if you marry to a Hindu, Sikh, etc, he will have to convert to Islam? Why will you want them to be Muslim when you don’t like many things in Islam? Why you said “i m fedup frm muslim guys n his families vry orthodox n vry narrow minded”? We are sure there are good Muslim guys there, look for them.

      Sorry, we are not a match making site.

    • Rahul says:

      Well, what’s your problem? At least let me know. May I solve your problem.

  2. Padma says:

    Team Interfaithshaadi,

    I would want to begin by expressing my appreciation towards your fight against the cause of inter-faith problems that seems to have very limited redressal platforms.
    Someone very important to me, once had to discontinue his relationship with his partner because of an inter-faith conflict.
    I found it extremely sad and disappointing that that someone in my generation would still give away to such pressures. There was nothing i could do to help him or his partner. I felt powerless, this is not what i want the world to be. Being in love means to be happy and accept each other regardless of gender,religion,caste or creed.
    I will fight the cause that he refused to fight, i want to bring change i want to make a difference, i want to be able to help people realise that religion is a personal choice and should only help make an individual in particular and the society at large a better place and not break hearts.

    I seek to find a solution to a very old problem.I will fight for a world with national and one day global integration. I will fight against cultural or religious discrimination.

    Reply at http://www.interfaithshaadi.org/blog/?p=11523

  3. Amihindu says:

    Dear Admin, I am a hindu boy from Bangladesh, and very interested to join with your forum/ discussion. I have a bad story in my life, i want to share with all of you and expecting valuable comments on it.

    In my teen age I loved a hindu girl of my village, good love of both sides, once we had take sex ( I was not so expert in that age)but one older man was followed us at the time of sex, he entered and threat us and touch my lover. I protested then he leave the place with me. After that to till she didn’t talk with me. May be for revenge, she starts love with my Muslim friend. I have shocked and thinking it as for my punishment. Now I am 30 yrs, I cannot forgot it, why she did it. At last my ex lover marry a hindu boy.

    • admin says:

      Dear Amihindu,

      If this is an old story, it is good to forget and get on your new life. It is hard to speculate what is going on her mind. Now she is already married, so rest the case.

  4. Mony Lyer says:

    i am muslim boy but love with hindu girl. i get the marriage with my love right now.

    • admin says:

      Hi Mony,
      Which country are you from? If you are in West or India, yes you could marry with a Hindu. Are you expecting her to convert to Islam (we hope not!)?

    • Amihindu says:

      Dear Mony Lyer, You did not say what is the problem to get marriage at this time,if no problem then wishing a happy marriage life. Provably, you should upset with the money matters, because it is so cheap process and may be least possibility to gain gifts from both sides, it can be made you a little beat upset to continue your family. After a few days, you could be very depended with your parents, and may be they make pressure to marry a Muslim girl for your bright future.

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